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Flamengo of Brazil:

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    Flamengo renewed the Brazilian title on Thursday in a last day of vertigo In which they lost 2-1 against Sao Paulo and counted on the impotence of Inter, who drew with Corinthians (0-0) when a victory would have given them the championship. If Internacional had won in their fortress in Porto Alegre, the story would have been different, but their inability to break Corinthians’ defensive bolt ended up giving the title to Flamengo, who arrived on the last day with two points of advantage. Flamengo was not the steamroller of last season, in which they won the national championship and the Copa Libertadores, but still remained the best team in Brazil after the departure of the Portuguese coach Jorge Jesus, a brief phase under the reins of the Spanish Domenec Torrent and finally led by Rogério Ceni. However, it was powerless in the deciding match against a Sao Paulo led by Marcos Vizolli, who is interim at the helm of the team whose reins will be assumed this week by Argentine Hernán Crespo. Defensive fortress Sao Paulo was planted...
    The Mexican coach obtained a better lineup even with the descent of his team in Spain Although it will be difficult to explain this in the future, the descent of Leganés to second division He gave it to “Vasco” Aguirre even better poster than he already had. A hero who is now unemployed and many of us wonder what his future will be? The seven victories, 10 draws and nine defeats with the “pepinero” team They were not enough to save the team but the attitude of the Mexican has once again made the Spanish league fall in love. It is a fact that Aguirre does not go unnoticed by any soccer fan. A guy with a unique personality and whose intensity has conquered the fans of all the teams he has managed: 8 clubs and 3 teams. An old-school technician that any team would want. But now that it is official that he will not continue with Leganés What are the real options for the “Basque” to continue his brilliant career as a coach? A half board team...