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    A SINGLE mum-of-three has revealed how she feeds her family for just £9.90 each per week. Lynn James, 43, from Hertfordshire, is a money-saving blogger and mum to Dylan, 12, Josh, ten, and Jack, seven - who feeds her family for just £1.42 each per day. 9Lynn James is a single mum to sons Dylan, 12, Josh, ten, and Jack, sevenCredit: Rick Findler Lynn managed to more than slash her £100 weekly shop to in half using meal planning, clever use of leftovers and and picking up bargains from Aldi. Speaking exclusively to Fabulous, Lynn said: "I want to give my children home made balanced meals to give them plenty of energy for their active lives. "My eldest plays academy football for Cambridge United and nutrition is very much drummed into the boys at training sessions. "I also want them to have some treat food, you can’t be good all the time!" Lynn shares her exact weekly meal plan - including Taco Tuesday and a pizza night - and her tips could save your hundreds... Sunday - £5.90...