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A MUM has warned people about buying suitcases secondhand, after her daughter's thrifty purchase got her stopped at airport security.

The woman was at the airport ready to fly to Istanbul when she was pulled over for a search at the security gates.

2The mum's daughter was stopped at airport security after the scanner made an unexpected discoveryCredit: Getty

It turned out that traces of explosives were found on the bag that she had bought from a charity shop.

The parent took to Tiktok, where she shared her words of warning in a video.

Zoe Hoyle (@zoeehoyle) shared footage of her daughter making her way through the airport, using captions to explain what happened.

She wrote: "Take not, don't buy a suitcase from a charity shop. My daughter gets stopped and scanned as the case has evidence of explosive products used for making bombs."

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Zoe said that the security discovery resulted in "a 30 minute search and investigation" before her daughter was ultimately allowed to continue with her trip.

Zoe's video has been seen more than 350,000 times, with other users sharing similar stories of airport mix-ups.

One wrote: "I had the same when I used my lad's old rucksack which he had used to carry fireworks."

Another said: "A lot of moisturisers and sunscreen test positive as explosives, happened to me before and security told me it was my sunscreen."

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A third added: "This happened to me with my daughter's pram handles!"

Contaminated suitcases aside, airport security is expected to get a lot easier within the next 18 months or so.

Airports in the UK are ditching the ban on liquids over 100ml, meaning passengers travelling through UK airports can carry drinks, make up and liquids of any size in their hand luggage for the first time in 16 years.

According to The Times, passengers will be able to keep everything in their bags instead of being asked to remove laptops and ditch liquids over 100ml at screenings.  

Luggage will then pass through special CT scanners which allows airport security to inspect bags from a 3D image, which will be a vast improvement from the 2D images currently used.

Trials of the new technology are already underway at Heathrow and it is expected to be rolled out as a permanent feature at the UK's biggest airports by mid 2024.

The new scanners also mean that travellers will no longer need to place liquids into a clear, plastic bag.

2The daughter was searched at airport security for 30 minutes after the discoveryCredit: TikTok/@zoeehoyle Topics
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Teen Mom fans divided after Cheyenne Floyd claims ‘milk is better than water’ in new breakfast ad with daughter Ryder, 5

TEEN mom fans have been left divided after Cheyenne claimed that "milk is better than water" for a host of reasons in a new ad.

She appeared in the dairy commercial with her older child, sharing the benefits of milk with fans.

5Teen Mom fans were left divided following an ad from Cheyenne Floyd promoting dairyCredit: Instagram/@cheynotshy 5In the ad, the star claimed that milk has more hydration benefits than waterCredit: INSTAGRAM/cheynotshy

Cheyenne, 30, shared a blog-style video showing how she incorporates milk into her morning routine with her daughter.

In the ad, she's seen helping get Ryder ready for school, brushing teeth and hair before sharing a glass of milk and a bowl of cereal.

She alleged in the commercial: "Milk is one of the best beverages for hydration, even better than water."

Fans seemed to disagree, sharing her post on a Teen Mom message board and ripping her claim in a thread.

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While Cheyenne turned off commenting on the post, the original poster was able to get a grab of some of the controversy that played out.

One critic slammed the star, writing: "You should really fact check this. Better than water? Oh god. Remove the post and give them their money back."

Fans on the forum found the ad and the MTV star's claims in it amusing but appeared equally shocked by the backlash she faced.

Several commenters took the time out to address the drama on the thread.

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"Yeah, when I saw the video, she said milk is more hydrating than water and I immediately scrolled away lol I just thought it was funny, nothing to get worked up about. She's getting money," one person wrote.

Another joked: "There's nothing better to drink after a long run than milk to quench my thirst."

"There are so many things to pick on her for but milk is not one of them lol," a third person wrote.

One critic noted; "I'm just cracking up at the child eating fruit loops as breakfast and she's going to tell me about healthy choices."

"I don't agree with the milk being better than water comment BUT the dairy-phobes are definitely going off here," a Cheyenne defender wrote.

Another added: "Don’t care for Cheyenne but DAMN, leave people alone. If you don’t f**k with milk, move along. If you’re gullible enough to think milk is as healthy as water (as the one person said) that’s a YOU problem. People need to Stop letting these little celebs think for them and blame them for everything."

"I didn’t realize that there were still dairy milk advertisements. Weird to see an influencer ad for f**king milk lol'," another comment read.

Someone else wrote: "Who would’ve guessed the post about milk is where she had to shut off her comments."


Meanwhile, fans have been buzzing about Cheyenne's husband Zach Davis, who did not appear in the ad.

On Friday, he was ripped for "bragging" that he snuck a NSFW item past security on an airplane.

Zach and Cheyenne jetted off to a tropical locale earlier this week to enjoy a romantic getaway together.

Zach, 28, took to his Instagram Stories after they arrived to share some highlights from their vacation, including one shocking item he stashed in his suitcase.

The clip began showing the gorgeous ocean view from where they were staying before flashing to a table inside their hotel room.

Laid out on the table was what looked like a cannabis bud, which the father-of-one made a point to comment on. 

"What the f**k is this? Hell, no," Zach remarked while picking it up.

He then panned the camera over to Cheyenne, who was seen standing in the bathroom wearing a black one-piece swimsuit with her back to the camera.

"Chey! What is this?" he called out.

She briefly turned around only to shrug off his question.

"Good thing, me being smart. I threw some in a turkey bag and made it. So we good," Zach explained while showing a separate bag filled with the substance.

The original poster started the discussion with the caption: "WHY IS ZACH BRAGGING ON VIDEO ABOUT SNEAKING WEED ON A PLANE AND GETTING AWAY WITH IT?"

Others in the thread weighed in with one writing: "If my husband and the father of my son were flexing about something like this, I'd get the biggest ick EVER."

Another commented: "Did you post a video about it for the whole world to see while you're on reality TV, on probation, or supposed to be going to jail bragging about bringing weed illegally on the plane to another country where it's illegal? Not sure that's the best move."

A third said: "He’s so corny for posting this," while someone else called Zach's content "inappropriate."


Cheyenne's husband recently served a very short stint in jail in relation to a DUI case.

The Teen Mom OG star was previously ordered to serve time on November 1.

He was initially sentenced to four months in jail.

Zach had opted to follow court orders, according to The Ashley's Reality Roundup.

Per jail records obtained by the outlet, the reality TV dad turned himself in on November 1 at 9:35 AM and was released just 25 hours later on November 2 at 10:16 AM.

In addition to his short jail sentence, the TV personality was ordered to pay a $500 fine and was given 60 months of probation.

The Ashley's added that he also "must complete four days of community labor and participate in an 18-month licensed alcohol education and counseling program."

However, on a recent episode of Cheyenne's podcast, Think Loud Crew, Zach alleged that he is no longer on probation.

He also said that he is now free to travel internationally after court orders forbade him from going outside the country's borders. 

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Zach was found guilty of driving with a Blood Alcohol Content of 0.08% or more back in June 2020.

Just days after his September 2022 wedding to Cheyenne, he changed his plea to "no contest."

5She had to turn off comments on the post amid backlashCredit: Instagram/@cheynotshy 5Her husband Zach Davis has also been taking heat from fansCredit: Instagram/@cheynotshy 5He recently 'bragged' about sneaking weed through TSA after serving jail time for DUICredit: Instagram/cheynotshy Topics
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  • Cheyenne Floyd
  • Zach Davis

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