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THE vegan diet has influenced many who are looking for ways to feel better about themselves.

From Joaquin Phoenix to Ariana Grande to Billie Eillish — some of the world's biggest names are proudly vegan.

9Music sensation Lizzo is a proud veganCredit: TikTok/lizzo 9She often posts her plant-based meals to TikTokCredit: TikTok/Lizzo

Most notably music sensation Lizzo shared her vegan journey, which started in April 2020.

She often posts videos to her TikTok account showing off her favorite vegan eats.

I personally cannot fathom life without eating meat, but I decided to try it for 48 hours any way and see if it changed my life, too.


Typically, I nix breakfast for drinking lots of water and maybe a coffee in the late morning.

But since I was eating like a celebrity, I woke up and started my day with fresh fruit, just like Lizzo.

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The breakfast was not far off from what I would usually eat if I felt hungry in the morning.

I also snacked on plant-based cauliflower crackers throughout the day, which — like Lizzo — I wasn't sure if I enjoyed or not.

I powered through the day with coffee spiked with vegan protein powder and a dash of cinnamon for taste.

I did feel like protein coffee helped me maintain my energy levels, but I did notice I was drinking more coffee than I usually would on my normal diet.

9I tried vegan sushi with edamame and miso soupCredit: Sara Alhariri/The US Sun 9The edamame was anticlimactic, but I am not a fan of the steamed soy beans in generalCredit: Sara Alhariri/The US Sun 9I felt the hand roll missed a crucial ingredient — fishCredit: Sara Alhariri/The US Sun

By dinner time my appetite returned, so I went for some vegan Japanese food.

I am a sashimi fan, but "vegan sushi" seemed like an oxymoron to me.

Lizzo once ate an avocado cucumber hand roll with edamame and a cup of miso soup in one of her "What I Eat in a Day" TikTok videos, so of course I did the same.

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The avocado cucumber hand roll was refreshing, but I definitely missed the salmon.

I enjoyed the miso soup, which I typically order at Japanese restaurants. However, I couldn't eat more than one edamame because it's just not my taste.

The sparse dinner left me feeling unsatisfied and was anticlimactic. I also felt it was costly to pay $6 for a bit of avocado, a small amount of rice, and some seaweed.


The next day I woke up feeling sluggish and very hungry.

I decided it was time for the big guns. I went with a bigger breakfast of oatmeal and a side of sliced mango.

The meal made me realize why I typically fast in the mornings. I did not enjoy the oats, but the fresh mango made for a welcomed sweet treat.

For late lunch/early dinner I tried a vegan meat substitute patty on a lettuce wrap, following in Lizzo's footsteps. I paired the plant-based burger with a pre-made mango berry smoothie.

One bite of the burger was enough to make me feel immediately sick. I had no choice but to spit out the bite and toss the burger. It smelled terrible and tasted artificial — almost as if it wasn't fit for consumption.

9I tried a vegan lettuce wrap burger with a popular imitation meat pattyCredit: Sara Alhariri/The US Sun 9The vegan patty tasted artificial and extremely disappointingCredit: Sara Alhariri/The US Sun 9The vegan fruit smoothie was good, but I felt I could make a better one at home as it was too sweetCredit: Sara Alhariri/The US Sun

I would have preferred a homemade burger patty using familiar foods such as beans, sweet potato, or portabello mushrooms instead of what I felt was franken-food.

I looked forward to the fruit smoothie but was shocked to find that it had added refined sugar, despite being full of fructose.

The sweetness overload from the sugary beverage made my already disturbed stomach feel even worse.

I also experienced a sugar crash later in the day, which left me feeling lethargic.


Lizzo's plant-based diet did not convince me to go vegan whatsoever. Many of the vegan foods were processed and left me feeling unsatisfied, weak, and inflamed.

Despite being unable to finish most of the foods, I felt a strange combination of feeling like a bottomless pit, yet unable to eat due to feeling so sick.

I found myself experiencing an intense headache by day two and an inability to meaningfully reach my daily fitness goals.

I typically exercise six to seven days a week, hitting the free weights and using the stair climber or treadmill for cardio. My daily workouts last anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes.

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During the vegan challenge, I struggled to hit 60 minutes on my workout. My stomach was turning from the junk food and I was looking forward to taking a rest and trying something new.

I do find many vegan foods are delicious and good for you, such as fresh fruits and plant proteins from dishes like hummus. However, Lizzo's junk food vegan diet simply did not satisfy me and instead left me feeling ill.

9I would much rather eat vegan dishes with minimal ingredients and more health benefits, such as hummusCredit: Sara Alhariri/The US Sun Topics
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Will Smith and ‘Emancipation’ Director Defend Releasing the Slave Film Now

One of the biggest wild cards of this year’s awards season is Emancipation, the biographical slavery epic starring Will Smith. It’s also the contender with the most baggage, thanks to its star and controversial subject material.

The AppleTV+ film, in select theaters now and streaming on Dec. 9, comes only nine months following this past year’s Academy Awards, where Smith infamously slapped presenter Chris Rock onstage after the comedian made a joke about his wife, actress Jada Pinkett Smith. The timing of the film, in relation to the Oscars slap, has raised some eyebrows. Additionally, folks on social media have expressed fatigue about the film, given the prevalence of slave narratives in Hollywood and the question of whether or not these portrayals are exploitative.

At a press conference for Emancipation on Saturday, the movie’s director Antoine Fuqua explained why he felt the need to depict this gruesome time period on film.

“Today, it feels like we’re forgetting our past, which is dangerous,” the director said, sitting beside Smith. “They’re kind of putting us to sleep with a lot of cash and diamonds. Some people were born when Barack Obama was president.

“Right,” Smith agreed.

“...As if nothing before Barack Obama existed, which is what they want you to believe,” he continued. “So I felt like it was time. And as I watched George Floyd die in the street, I was even more fueled. It’s important to tell these stories now.”

Emancipation is based on the real-life story of an enslaved man named Gordon (also known as “Whipping Peter”), who escapes his plantation in Louisiana in the 1860s. Gordon’s story became a lightning rod in the abolitionist movement after photographs of his back, scourged from several whippings, were circulated. Fuqua said he felt particularly enthusiastic about Smith, who hadn’t previously directed before, portraying Gordon (called Peter in the film).

“I just felt passionate about seeing Will do this,” the Training Day director explained. “Part of that is, at 1863, the concept of someone like Will, who’s so loved, would have been a slave. And we did some tests and saw some images early on with Will and his team. And I saw the image as we developed Peter. It broke my heart.”

    Smith briefly discussed the mental and physical toll of embodying Gordon and depicting “that level of human atrocity.” However, the rest of the press conference, held for members of the Critics Choice Association, did not address the glaring controversy surrounding the actor’s role in the film and potential Oscars campaign, despite a decade-long ban from attending the ceremony.

    Smith very well may have gotten that part of the Emancipation press tour out of the way when he went on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah last week for his first television appearance since the Oscars incident. He solemnly explained to Noah that he was “going through something that night,” although it didn’t “justify [his] behavior.” He claimed that his actions towards Rock were “not who [he] wants to be.”

    The King Richard actor also recently appeared on Showtime’s All The Smoke, hosted by Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson, where he tearfully discussed having to explain the incident to his nephew before moving onto a host of other subjects.

    Despite Smith issuing multiple mea culpas, the jury is still out on whether awards voters and the moviegoing public are ready to forgive the beloved actor for his fairly recent misdeeds or if telling this type of politically urgent story will absolve him.

    So far, Emancipation has received mixed to negative reviews, with critics primarily highlighting Ben Foster’s supporting performance as the central slave master. Whether that love extends to Smith or the movie itself during the onset of awards season at the start of next year is anyone’s guess.

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