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Dan Abrams said there is a likelihood former President Donald Trump will be indicted over classified documents, even more so than possible charges stemming from numerous other ongoing investigations into him.

He theorized Trump might be charged over his retention of classified documents after he left the White House.

Abrams, who is the founder of Mediaite, noted he previously predicted Trump would face an indictment on charges of hoarding classified materials in the 40% range.

He upped that prediction to the 60% range on Thursday.

On NewsNation’s Dan Abrams Live, the host discussed the latest revelations about the Department of Justice’s claim that Trump refused to turn over documents to the National Archives upon leaving office while also ignoring multiple requests after departing the White House.

Trump has claimed he had the authority to declassify any documents, at-will.

The outcome of the Georgia election interference investigation remains to be seen, as Abrams pointed out. But as Trump faces legal challenge after legal challenge, Abrams said Trump might have finally found one he can’t beat.

“I’ve long said that I did not think that Donald Trump would be indicted in connection with Jan. 6,” he said. “I still believe that. I also don’t believe he’ll be indicted in connection with the attorney general of New York.”

Abrams added:

But I’m starting to believe that he very well may get indicted over these documents. Not for retaining them, but for refusing to turn them over after a subpoena was issued. I’d said previously, I thought there was maybe a 40% chance – meaning it was a close call, and if it is close, Trump is not helping his case with the claims of evidence planting and mental declassification.

That could now be pushing a divided DOJ over the hump. So, I’m now at the point where I believe maybe there’s a 60% chance he gets indicted. But just making up these numbers.

Abrams’ prediction came hours after Trump’s own special master in the case asked his attorneys to prove his claims he both declassified all documents in his possession and the FBI potentially planted evidence in his home during an August FBI raid.

Watch above, via NewsNation.

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Trump Team Sends Enforcers Into Rally Crowd to Shut Down QAnon Salutes Says They Are Not Security But Guest Management

Twitter/Lisa Desjardins

Staffers for former President Donald Trump sent “guest management” — with shirts that had “security” printed on them — into a rally crowd to enforce a ban on the QAnon salutes that got so much attention last week.

The political world has been buzzing about that strange rally scene last week in which Trump’s supporters performed a one-finger salute during a trance-like portion of Trump’s speech scored to dramatic music.

Trump held another rally in Wilmington, North Carolina Friday night, where Correspondent for PBS NewsHour Lisa Desjardins spotted some of those salutes — and the aforementioned “guest management” technicians.

In an extensive thread on the rally, Desjardins posted video of the crowd, and noted “And this happened again – though less widespread.”

And this happened again – though less widespread.

— Lisa Desjardins (@LisaDNews) September 24, 2022

Ms. Desjardins then confirmed the meaning of the salute — and the reason for its decreased prevalence.

“Confirmed w people at Trump rally who held 1 finger up that they meant it as a symbol of QAnon’s “Where We Go One We Go All” and further…

Security staff here fanned out and told people to take down their fingers. That is a reason why – maybe main reason – we saw fewer,” she wrote.

Confirmed w people at Trump rally who held 1 finger up that they meant it as a symbol of QAnon’s “Where We Go One We Go All” and further…

Security staff here fanned out and told people to take down their fingers. That is a reason why – maybe main reason – we saw fewer 1/

— Lisa Desjardins (@LisaDNews) September 24, 2022

Trump staffers with uniforms and radios and shirts that said “security” were spotted telling irate fingerers to knock it off.

The man in this photo held up 1 finger and told me he meant it as a WWG1WGA sign – and then the security guard in the next photo told him to take it down.

He was furious “thats my Constitutional right!” the man in the crowd told me after I saw that interaction happen.

— Lisa Desjardins (@LisaDNews) September 24, 2022

But Team Trump took pains to insist they were not “security guards.”

“Addition: Trump rally staff told me the folks in the olive shirts and black pants were not security, but ‘guest management’,” Desjardins wrote, and added “In my defense, it was an easy assumption – shirts said ‘security’. But I was told it was as part the name of their company ‘Colorado Security Agency’”.

Also, the company says it provides security.

I’m not sure the word matters though – they were official staff at the event and clearly had been directed to watch for this kind of gesture and to shut it down.

And they were dressed far more like security than, say, ushers.

— Lisa Desjardins (@LisaDNews) September 24, 2022

Watch above via Lisa Desjardins.

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