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Former President Donald Trump said if he were to be elected again in 2024, he would correct the country’s course after four years of President Joe Biden.

But he complained an influx of immigrants from Venezuela would be a hurdle he said would be difficult for him to overcome.

In the second part of his lengthy interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity, Trump was asked about the potential of a second White House term.

“If you were going to run again and win, if you were to win and became president, you would only be able to serve one term,” Hannity said. “How long do you believe you could get things back to where you had it when you left?”

Trump responded, “Very quickly, except for one thing: millions of people are in our country now that shouldn’t be here. Many of them are prisoners, criminals.”

Hannity cut him off, and asked, “Would you deport them?”

Trump did not hold his cards about his immigration close to the vest. He said if he runs and wins, he would carry out mass deportations:

The bad ones I would deport, yeah. The bad ones I would deport. Millions and millions of people have – they’re are poisoning our country. They’re poisoning – I’d like to be nice about it.

Yesterday, I heard that Venezuela is emptying their prisons out into the United States. Now, I wasn’t that shocked because other countries have been doing it and I’ve been reading about it and seeing it. So, I’m almost surprised it took them so long, but Venezuela is emptying their prison population into the United States going right through the border like nothing.

Trump concluded, “We’re poisoning our country, and it’s very hard to come back from that.”

His comments came a week after Republican Governor Ron DeSantis (R) flew 48 migrants, mostly from Venezuela, to Martha’s Vineyard from Texas.

The former president has not yet announced if he will seek another term in the White House.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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Trump rally officials appear to shut down QAnon finger salutes in video

During former President Donald Trump's rally in Wilmington, North Carolina, on Friday, officials appeared to stop rallygoers who were making one-finger salutes believed to be a nod to QAnon.

Footage showed men donning T-shirts with the phrase “security” directing attendees to stop making the salute while Trump addressed the jovial crowd. Trump's team was adamant that the officials were not security, but rather “guest management” tasked with overseeing the raucous crowd, according to a reporter.


"Trump rally staff told me the folks in the olive shirts and black pants were not security, but ‘guest management’,” PBS NewsHour correspondent Lisa Desjardins tweeted. “In my defense, it was an easy assumption — shirts said ‘security.' But I was told it was as part the name of their company ‘Colorado Security Agency.'"

Addition: Trump rally staff told me the folks in the olive shirts and black pants were not security, but “guest management”.

In my defense, it was an easy assumption - shirts said “security”. But I was told it was as part the name of their company “Colorado Security Agency”.

— Lisa Desjardins (@LisaDNews) September 24, 2022

Last weekend, during a rally Trump held in Youngstown, Ohio, some rallygoers began raising their index fingers and pointing to Trump, in what some observers speculated was a nod to the QAnon conspiracy.

QAnon is a conspiracy theory contending that Trump is waging a secret campaign against an evil cabal of elites who secretly run the country and participate in satanic child-eating practices and pedophilia.

One man who raised his finger during the Wilmington rally Friday explained to Desjardins that the finger salute was a nod to "WWG1WGA," an acronym for “Where We Go One, We Go All," which is a QAnon phrase. He was also dismayed that his constitutional rights had been infringed upon by the "guest management" team.

Desjardins noted that there were fewer instances of the QAnon salute during the Wilmington rally than the Youngstown rally and surmised it was a result of the "guest management."

And this happened again - though less widespread.

— Lisa Desjardins (@LisaDNews) September 24, 2022

When the crowd holds up their fingers again at the Trump rally tonight to give the QAnon sign, security moves through them and has them put it down.

— Ron Filipkowski ???????? (@RonFilipkowski) September 24, 2022

Trump was in Wilmington Friday to stump for a slew of candidates in North Carolina, such as Senate candidate Ted Budd.


Over recent weeks, the former president has shared some content on his Truth Social platform laced with QAnon phrases and monograms. This includes a recent video that included a slew of memes with Trump's face behind a superimposed "Q" monogram.

His old 2016 rival Hillary Clinton recently jabbed at the QAnon raise during his Ohio rally last week, likening the act of the one-finger salute to the rise of Adolf Hitler in Nazi Germany.

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