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Celebrity chef Dan Churchill has revealed how to make the perfect brownies at home - using black beans as his secret, game-changing ingredient.

The 33-year-old chef posted his brownie recipe on Instagram stunning fans by using the beans, but he maintains they are the 'best ever'.

'I know it sounds weird but trust me legends, these little weapons of a bean make an epic gooey texture and bring everything together.

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Celebrity chef Dan Chruchill has revealed how to make the perfect brownies at home - using black beans as his secret, game-changing ingredient

'This brownies recipe is so good it will shock you,' he said.

The recipe calls for beans, maple syrup and vanilla as well as olive oil, baking powder, cacao and a flax egg and chocolate nibs.

He begins by putting the maple syrup, vanilla, beans and olive oil into a blender and mixing it on full speed.

Her then adds his cacao and baking powder to a separate bowl, whisking it together,

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The flax egg is added the dry mixture before the wet ingredients are added. The mix is topped up with the chocolate pieces before the whole thing is put into the oven to cook. 

His fans had a lot to say about it. 

'Adding black beans seems very weird, but you have never steered me wrong,' one man said.

While some were cautious at the mention of bean in their treats, others loved the recipe.

Churchill, who is known as a performance chef, eats and prepares meal which help him maintain his muscular physique he says the brownies are high in protein

He blends the black beans with the oil, maple syrup and vanilla before adding his wet ingredients to the dry ones

'Alright I need to try,' one said.

'Looks great but when you said fold it in all I could think of was Schitt’s Creek,' added another.

Others offered their own 'very cheeky' tweaks to the recipe.

'Fun fact, any box brownie mix and a can of black beans also works,' one said.

'I like to use sweet potato puree too, does the same thing,' said another. 

Churchill, who is known as a performance chef, eats and prepares meal which help him maintain his muscular physique.

He rose to fame ten years ago when he appeared on Masterchef.

How can I make Dan's brownies at home? 


 Baking powder


Olive oil

Flax egg 


Chocolate pieces

Black beans

Maple syrup  


Start by blending your beans, maple syrup, olive oil and vanilla together on a high speed.

Then mix your dry ingredients, including baking powder and cacao together.

Add your flax egg to the dry ingredients and mix together.

The  fold the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients.

Add the chocolate bites and smooth the mixture into a greased and lined baking tray.

Bake in the oven and enjoy  

Source: Dan Churchill 

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Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz says that Republicans “beating their chest” about running for president in 2024 “no matter what” Donald Trump does are not “tethered to reality.” But if Trump doesn’t run …

Speaking with author and journalist David Drucker of the Washington Examiner on Saturday at the Texas Tribune Festival in Austin, Sen. Cruz talked about why he hasn’t said he is running in 2024, and who he thinks will be running in the GOP presidential primary.

The short answer? Everyone. If Trump isn’t.

Drucker prefaced his question by listing previous examples of Ted Cruz stepping out of the conventional Republican path to party leadership, including his 2016 government shutdown fight to “force President Barack Obama to defund” Obamacare, and Cruz running for president with “maybe 5% national name I.D.” in 2016.

“Now you’re waiting on Donald Trump to decide whether or not you want to do it again,” Drucker said of a second presidential run. “For somebody who has never waited for anybody, why are you waiting now?”

“Oh, look, everybody’s waiting to see what Trump decides. And the reality is, he’s going to do what he wants to do,” said Cruz. “I don’t know if he’s going to run for president. Nobody else does either.”

Cruz said that “one of the prerogatives” of being a former president is that Trump “gets to decide.”

“He gets to make his own decision. Nothing you say, nothing I say is going to influence him, I think, pro or con. He’s going to make his own decision and the rest of the world will react to it,” Cruz said. “I think we’ll find out sometime next year.”

Cruz then turned his attention to any Republicans who are not waiting for that decision.

“There are some Republicans who are beating their chest and running around saying, ‘I’m running no matter what. It doesn’t matter what Trump does,'” he said. “That’s utter garbage. They’re all lying.”

The crowd laughed at that as he continued.

“Like, it does matter! Like — you’re not tethered to reality if you think it doesn’t make a difference whether he chooses to run or not,” Cruz argued.

He also speculated about the size of the GOP primary if Trump is not running — and sort of implicated himself.

“I’ll tell you this if he doesn’t run, everybody runs. 2016, we had 17 Republican candidates, I think this time around … On the over under, I’d take the over. I think we’ll have 20 or more,” Cruz said. “I think every — every Republican guest at TribFest. They’re all running.”

Ted Cruz is a Republican guest at TribFest, and more broadly he’s part of “everybody,” so it seems safe to say that, at least if Trump doesn’t run in 2024, you can expect Cruz will.

Watch the clip above, via The Texas Tribune Festival 2022.

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