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Q: We take our dog (Shimmi) everywhere. When we leave her in the car, we put our Tesla 3 air conditioning system on DOG. This displays a message for passersby on the console screen saying, “My owner will be back soon. Don’t worry! The heater [or AC] is on and it’s XX degrees.” This message explains to them that the pet is safe in the car, and the owner is in the vicinity.

Our dog falls asleep in front of the rear vent, which is blowing fresh cooled or heated air during our absence.

Irwin Joseph, Beaverton, Oregon

A: A number of readers with Teslas wrote to applaud the dog mode function on their cars. Read on.

Q: If the concerned citizens would have looked at the large screen in the Tesla center dash, they would have seen the message, “My owner will be back soon,” with the current temperature inside the car in large numbers, easily readable from outside the car. Dog mode will either heat or cool the car, as appropriate.

Rod Whitten, Burlingame

A: Non-Tesla owners concerned about an animal’s welfare might not have known to check the center console, but now know to look for that.

Q: My husband and I have a Tesla and two dogs. When we leave them alone in the car, we set the AC to DOG MODE, which keeps the inside temperature constantly cool and displays an alert on the control screen for the general public to see. I wonder if the owner of the Tesla with a dog inside when passersby were concerned about the animal had the A/C set to DOG MODE.

Corinne Sutherland

A: Thanks to you and other Tesla owners for sharing this information.

Q: Thank you for your response about why cops leave their engines running.

Apart from keeping equipment operating, it does, indeed, help mitigate heat stress from the vests, which are hot and severely compound the danger from extreme heat. Added to their weight is all the other gear the cops need to wear. They have to run, fight and sometimes stand for hours in the sun, wearing 35-40 pounds of ballistic armor.

I’ve been an admin support volunteer for the Oakland Police Department for seven years, mostly for patrol sergeants and lieutenants, and see up close the toll this job takes on body and soul. It. Is. Unbelievable.

Love your column and the educational work you do. I always learn something useful.

Claire Lomax, Oakland

A: Thank you for sharing your comments.

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Butcher of Mariupol who bombed maternity ward & theatre promoted in Putin’s desperate bid to turn on the tide in Ukraine

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I spent almost £90,000 on my dream bathroom and I absolutely hate it – everything is wonky

AN AUSSIE who spent close to a whopping £90k on her bathroom renovation has revealed she absolutely hates the results.

Nothing compares to the excitement of creating your dream home - especially after you've invested a hefty sum in the process, expecting to fall in love with how it's turned out.

4The furious woman had spent a fortune on getting her dream bathroomCredit: Alamy 4The Aussie woman shared her bathroom transformation disaster on FacebookCredit: Facebook/Home Decorating Mums

Unfortunately for one woman, from Australia, this wasn't the case - and rather than being thrilled with her new £90k bathroom makeover, she grew to absolutely hate it.

As originally reported by, the homeowner explained she had forked out $150,000 (£89k) to give her bathroom a new look.

But shortly after examining the renovation results, she ended up with “one stuff up after another”.

Sharing her experience on Home Decorating Mums group on Facebook, the woman also uploaded images of her bathroom cabinet, which she claimed was low and when it opened the doors hit the towel rack beside it.

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The snap revealed a large gap between the top of the mirrored cabinet and the ceiling.

To make matters worse, the Aussie added the cabinet had been cracked and held together by silicone after it was fixed on more than once.

She also claimed the feature tiles had been ordered for the majority of the bathroom.

''It’s been eight months of complaining from our end of continuous sh*t work,” the furious woman wrote.

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“The builder still argues that the shaving cabinet is high enough but it needs to go more than one inch higher in my opinion as my grandchildren will be able to reach the cabinet.

“Plus looks silly with low ceilings.”

FABULOUS BINGO: Get a £20 bonus & 30 free spins when you spend £10 today

Desperate to make it look better, she begged fellow home decor lovers for tips on how to fix this issue.

After seeing the photos, many agreed the work was of poor quality, adding that they would not be not be willing to spend that much for a result that left them unhappy.

One person suggested insetting the cabinet into the wall to create more space between the towel rack and the swinging door.

Some recommended what to do for future renovations, for instance, measuring the height to be in line with the window and doors.

Plenty of fellow members of the group were baffled that the the heated towel rack cord was sticking out, with an electrician usually wiring it into the wall and a switch to turn it on and off.

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Responding to the Aussie, there were also those who advised to use a mirror in the cabinet’s place instead, as there was storage underneath.

In the end, the upset homeowner revealed she would ask her electrician to move the towel rack to solve the issue.

4She claimed to have been complaining to the company for eight months - but unfortunately, with no resultsCredit: Facebook/Home Decorating Mums 4She feared her grandchildren would be able to reach the low cabinetCredit: Facebook/Home Decorating Mums Interior Design expert advice
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I'm an XL & my bestie's an XS - we tried same swimsuits & they looked amazing


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Harry snubbed dinner with Charles & Wills after Meghan banned from joining family

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