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WE'VE all got that one friend or family member who always complains that they are cold.

It can be the height of summer and they are sporting a jumper and have their heating on the maximum setting.

1If you always feel the cold despite being wrapped up in warm clothes - then it could be an indicator of an underlying health issueCredit: Getty

But experts say that there is a reason that some people feel the chill more than others.

Researchers in Israel previously discovered that women are more prone to feeling frosty then their male counterparts.

Dr Eran Levin, of Tel Aviv University, said: “Men and women feel temperature differently.

"This difference in thermal sensation did not come about so that we could argue with our partners over the air conditioning, but rather the opposite.

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“From an evolutionary point of view, it is meant to make a couple take some distance from each other so that each individual can enjoy some peace and quiet.

“Our study has shown that the phenomenon is not unique to humans - among many species of birds and mammals, females prefer a warmer environment than males, and at certain times these preferences cause segregation between the two sexes.”

While this seems like a practical reason for you needing to put on extra layers, medics say feeling cold all the time could also reveal underlying health issues.

Here we take a look at the seven conditions that could be to blame.

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The NHS says that Raynaud's is a common condition and in most cases, it doesn't cause severe issues.

Medics state that the illness affects your circulation which means that blood doesn't pump around your body at the same rate as others and therefore you struggle to stay warm.

Some people will have paler fingertips while others' skin may turn blue.

But experts say there are things you can do to help the condition and this includes keeping your home warm and wearing warm clothes in cold weather - especially on your hands and feet.

The gurus state that you should also exercise regularly as this improves circulation and try breathing exercises or yoga to help you relax.

2. Hyperthyroidism

Writing in The Conversation, Professor and Director of the Clinical Anatomy Learning Centre at Lancaster University, Adam Taylor said another condition that could be making you chilly is hyperthyroidism.

This is also more commonly known as an underactive thyroid.

It affects the thyroid gland in your neck and stops it producing enough of the hormones that help maintain energy levels as well as skin, weight and internal temperature.

This condition is usually treated with synthetic hormones.

3. Hormonal issues

Hormones involved in the menstrual cycle can influence a woman’s body temperature.

Prof Taylor says that before ovulation, temperatures average 35.9C, then peak at 36.7C a few days after.

He said: “A number of sex hormones interact with the system that regulates our temperature.

“For example, oestrogen increases vasodilation, a widening of blood vessels, which helps reduce body temperature – whereas progesterone tends to cause warmer body temperatures.”

He also said that synthetic progesterone, which is found in oral contraceptives causes prolonged elevation of body temperature.

“While higher testosterone levels in men don’t appear to change the temperature of the body, it appears it may cause men to feel the cold less by desensitising one of the receptors that detects cold”, he added.

4. Arteriosclerosis

Prof Taylor said that conditions that narrow the blood vessels could be the reason you’re always cold.

He said Arteriosclerosis - which is the result of a buildup of plaque is one cause of feeling cold.

“There are different types of this condition, but the one that most commonly causes a cold feeling is peripheral artery disease, where arteries supplying blood to your limbs are narrowed.

“The blood maintains our limbs’ tissues by providing them with nutrients that enable them to continue functioning and generating heat – which is why people with the condition may constantly feel cold."

5. Diabetes

Diabetes affects almost five million Brits in the UK, and many more are at risk.

It can take a little while to get a diagnosis if you are not aware of the symptoms, or if they are subtle.

The key signs include more frequent trips to the toilet, excessive thirst and tiredness.

Feeling cold is also a rarer sign of the condition - of which type 2 is the most common.

Dr Peter Bidey, Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine previously explained: "When you have diabetes, it can affect your kidneys, your circulatory system and things along those lines, which could be why you're having feelings of cold,” 

Kidney problems can trigger anaemia, which comes with cold sensitivity, and diabetes can cause nerve damage, giving you cold feet.

6. Anaemia

We get iron from our diet, in foods including meat, dark leafy vegetables and pulses. 

When someone is low in iron, they may suffer iron deficiency anaemia, which is when your body can’t produce enough healthy red blood cells.

This can leave you with cold hands and feet - but the more obvious signs are shortness of breath and tiredness.

Iron deficiency should be treated by your GP, so book an appointment if you think you have symptoms, which also includes pale skin, weakness and heart palpitations.

7. Heart or circulatory condition

Many people suffer with a heart or circulatory condition, but some will be undiagnosed.

Cold feet might be a sign of an overlooked but serious condition called peripheral artery disease (PAD).

It occurs when a build-up of fatty deposits in the arteries restricts blood flow to the legs.

“You’re a little more prone to have a decrease in the blood flow to certain areas,” Dr Bidey previously told GoodHouseKeeping and this creates coldness, numbness or tingling in the hands, feet or legs.

The NHS says people can mistake leg pain as part of getting older, but should talk about it with their GP.

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One of the most severe complications of PAD is critical limb ischaemia, which is when there is a severe lack of blood in the legs that they are at risk of gangrene.

This would require an urgent visit to the GP.

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I’m a nursery worker and these are the most annoying things parents do when dropping their kids off

IT'S never easy leaving your little ones at nursery, particularly when they're latched on to your arm or leg.

But with busy work schedules and demanding lives outside of being a parent, nursery is often essential for both adults and kids.

2Sharon Birch, the owner and founder of Footprints Learning for Life nursery in Hartlepool shared the annoying things parents doCredit: Getty

"Nursery staff look after your children and know them well. Some children spend more time at nursery than at home, depending on circumstances, said Sharon Birch, the owner and founder of Footprints Learning for Life nursery in Hartlepool.

"No matter how often your child is at nursery, staff will always help and be able to offer advice on parenting and more. Most are parents themselves. We’re here to help."

While nursery workers are there to help, there are some things parents do which can make their job more difficult - and some can even affect a child's learning too.

From gossiping to wearing your pj's on the nursery run, Sharon tells Fabulous the most annoying things parents do, and things she wishes would stop.

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While she understands it's sometimes a "mad rush" to get out of the door in the morning, Sharon says "it’s not a good look and not a good habit, and [wearing pjs] does nothing for self-respect and self-esteem."

And believe it or not, this is directed at both kids AND parents with Sharon adding "organisation is key" - so make sure all parties are dressed each morning.

Although, she adds: "We do understand that everyone’s circumstances are different, so we’d rather your child attended nursery than not.

"If you’re in too much of a rush to change your clothes, provide daytime clothing and we’ll change your child the minute they are through the door."

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Parents should be packing a spare change of clothes anyway, according to Sharon - as well as plenty of nappies, wipes, formula milk, a comforter and appropriate clothing for all weather conditions.

She says: "Nursery is all about messy play, enjoying activities like painting, gloop, mud, sand, water, and going outside in all weathers - no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing.

"Please don’t forget comforters like dummies and blankies, those important things that help soothe your child, especially at sleep time."

3. Lingering

One of the most annoying things parents can do is linger after dropping their child off, and Sharon stresses you must leave right away.

"Separation anxiety is a normal part of child development," she says. "But if your child is to attend a childcare provider you must leave."

To help, she says to prepare your child for being left with their friends, with exciting activities, and remind them that you’ll be back.

"Be brief, be positive, be firm and kind, be reassuring – ultimately, it’s for you to be resilient - and then to leave. Long goodbyes don’t help you or your child," she adds.

4. Staying to gossip

Likewise, hanging around to gossip is a big no-no, whether that's with nursery staff or other parents.

Sharon says if you have something pressing to say that’s sensitive, the manager’s door is always open, adding that "we’ve heard it all."

She adds: "We are compassionate, sensitive and understanding. We can help. But we won’t gossip."

5. Sneaking out when your child isn’t looking

While lingering is discouraged, so is sneaking out when your child isn't looking.

Sharon says: "Children look to see if their parent has left and when they notice, fear that you’ve gone is reinforced.

"Young children depend on their parents for managing their emotions, and get security and courage from their parents, and if they see you’ve gone without saying goodbye, it can instil anxiety."

Instead, the nursery worker says to "always say goodbye" as it helps your child develop resiliency and expectation.

6. Not checking child’s bag

Nursery workers often get annoyed when parents don't check and clear out their child's bag, according to Sharon, which often contains wet or dirty clothes from the day before.

But things can also make their way in which don't belong - so parents should always check.

"One baby’s bag had a used condom in it! Not a pleasant find for the nursery nurse mooching for a clean nappy," she recalls.

7. Not informing nursery when a child is poorly

Kids can wind up feeling unwell out of the blue, but Sharon hates it when parents don't tell their kid's nursery.

"We understand parents have busy schedules, but it’s important to let us know if your child has been out of sorts," she says.

"It’s especially important to tell us if they’ve had medication because, although we have tight controls in nurseries for medicine administration, we do give paracetamol.

"We will have to contact you during your busy working day if we don’t know when they last had medicine, making your child suffer longer. And if a child is really poorly the best place for them is at home."

8. Not letting us know who is picking the child up

"If it’s not going to be you, we need to know who," Sharon says, as there are often safety protocols in place which they need to adhere to.

If staff aren't notified, they may very well stop the child from leaving, which could be more of an inconvenience for parents.

"We have passwords and additional security like CCTV and fingerprints systems but we know sometimes someone else may need to collect your child.

"We won’t ever let a child leave with someone not authorised and if you don’t tell us and a stranger turns up, we’ll need to contact you before we let them go."

9. Sweeties and bribery

Bribing kids with sweets almost always work in getting kids to do what you ask, but Sharon says parents should not do this when dropping their kids off at nursery,

She says: "Sweeties or comfort food early in the morning can be used as a bribe, but this means your child won’t eat breakfast when they come to nursery and will cling onto their sweets, or chocolate or whatever they’ve been coerced with. "

This is an issue because none of the other kids have the same sweets, and some might even be allergic - and Sharon warns that "no one needs a sugar rush early in the morning."

"If you’re late and missed breakfast, don’t worry, have a quiet word with the nursery nurse and we’ll provide something appropriate. It’s really not a bother and we’d rather provide fruit or cereal than a sugar high," she adds.

10. Being late

We all get a little held up from time to time, but Sharon and her staff don't like it when you're late.

"If your child is late they miss part of the session and it puts them out for the rest of the day if they feel they’ve been rushed or have missed something, she says.

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"If we have an outing or activity planned, your child needs to be there from the beginning. Also, if you are late to collect your child at the end of their session, they may feel anxious, left behind, and it can create deeper separation anxiety."

It might also mean staff have to stay back, and you may even be charged an additional fee – and some late charges are pricey, she warns.

2Sharon revealed the thing nursery workers hate parents doing Topics
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People are just realizing the red balls outside Target are more than décor


People say my outfit is inappropriate for a funeral


I’m 65 & I always wear bikinis - people say I look awkward but I don’t care

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