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STORES around the country - including Walmart, Kroger, and Dollar General - have implemented self-checkout kiosks to enhance customer experience.

These kiosks even have a feature to prevent stealing, but it's not a camera.

3Kroger is among the companies testing self-checkout only storesCredit: Getty Images - Getty 3Dollar Tree has also ramped up its self-checkout effortsCredit: Getty Images - Getty 3Even as security measures increase, some shoppers continue to steal from self-checkoutCredit: Getty Images - Getty

Self-checkout stations were designed to reduce labor expenses for stores.

A 1988 article by the Miami Herald found that the system lowered cashier costs by about 66%.

But stores are still paying a price as shoppers using self-checkout steal items - even if they don't intend to do so.

That's why many stores have added weight sensors to their self-checkout stations.

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Installing these sensors helps tighten security around the kiosks - but they also come with mounting customer frustration.

The sensors often result in an error, believing there to be an "unexpected item in the bagging area."

This requires employee assistance to fix, resulting in a delayed checkout experience.

Even as stores try to tighten self-checkout security, some stealing can't be stopped.

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Some customers make honest mistakes at the self-checkout stations, resulting in unintentional stealing.

They may think they've scanned an item when they didn't, or they may even scan the wrong barcode.

In some cases, such as weighing items like fruit and vegetables, it's easy for shoppers to accidentally enter incorrect codes, resulting in a monetary loss for the store.

But others are purposeful in their stealing, ultimately losing companies money.

There are even hacks for stealing at self-checkout kiosks that have been shared.

Some shoppers will take an expensive item and replace it with a cheaper one when weighing it at a self-checkout station.

Other shoppers may even ring up their entire cart of groceries and then leave without actually paying.

Despite its flaws, self-checkout continues to gain popularity.

Walmart, Kroger, and Dollar General are among the companies that are trying self-checkout only stores.

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Other companies, like Amazon, have cashier-free stores.

And some companies that had eliminated self-checkout kiosks are bringing them back to try to keep up with the competition.

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I got a manicure from a ROBOT at Target – it massively saves money and took no time at all

 A TIKTOKER has shared a manicure she got from a robot at Target that got her only $8 and took ten minutes to do. 

Bailey Fox, known as @foxymamabailey, said Target's machine saves money and took no time at all.

2The machine is $8Credit: TIKTOK/foxymamabailey 2They have 25 colors to choose fromCredit: TIKTOK/foxymamabailey

The robot starts with an outline of your nail and fills them in.

The machine, known as Clockwork, said it can give you an $8 manicure in ten minutes, according to its website.

It uses 3D and AI technology to perform its services.

The service does not, however, use the long-lasting gel polish so many people prefer.

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Their website says they use “regular nail polishes free of Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), Formaldehyde and Toluene, and a number of other harmful substances.”

The bot only works for those older than 13 and has 25 colors.

They recommend you arrive with bare nails, but have polish remover for you to use.

The service also does not cut or shape nails.

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The robots are located in six Target stores around the country.

Three are in Texas, two are in California, and one is in Minnesota.

Many fans were stunned by Bailey’s comments.

“It was alright but I could just buy an entire bottle of nail polish for $8 and paint my own nails in 10 minutes. They need designs,” one said.

“This is also probably just a start to see how it goes for the time being lol, I can't imagine that it would just do plain polish literally forever,” another predicted.

“Introverts.. our time is NOW,” another joked.

“But it won’t massage my hands and ask me about my love life," said a fourth.

Dani Grade previously wrote about her experience with the bot for exclusively for The U.S. Sun.

“I was, at first, impressed by the results,” she wrote.

“The finish was smooth; the polish covered most of the nail, there was no residue on the surrounding skin, and it dried fairly quickly.”

“Still, I noted that someone who is particular or picky about their manicures (I am not) probably wouldn’t be all that excited, given the polish didn’t completely reach every edge of the nail.”

“Because it was a Friday afternoon, I thought I was at least covered for the whole weekend with a fresh mani – especially since the woman told me she’s heard people say it lasts over a week.

“Unfortunately, that hope was short-lived.”

“By Saturday, I noticed visible chipping at the top of a few nails.

"By Monday, those chips had grown significantly to the point where I was desperate to take it off.”

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“But, I waited until Wednesday. By that point, the polish looked thin and grainy.

"I happily drove to my usual nail salon and got a gel manicure.”

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