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A WOMAN gave a seemingly distraught 911 call after her husband had locked himself in their bedroom for over a day. 

Stacey Castor became worried about her spouse, David Castor, telling the 911 dispatcher, “I’m really scared, you know?”

5Stacey Castor killed her husband and tried to blame her own daughter for the crimeCredit: ABC 5Stacey married David Castor in 2003 before his mysterious death in 2005, which was believed to be a suicideCredit: ABC 5Stacey's ex-husband, Michael Wallace, also died under strange circumstances in 2000Credit: ABC

An officer arrived at the scene and managed to gain entrance into the locked room at the family’s home in Syracuse, New York.

Inside, 48-year-old David was found naked and unresponsive covered in his own vomit on the couple’s bed. 

Next to him on the bedside table was a glass of green liquid and a jug of antifreeze on the floor. 

Sgt Michael Norton of the Onondaga County Sheriff’s Office said, “It appears to be a simple suicide by antifreeze poisoning.”

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It was said David had sunk into a deep depression following his father’s death just a few months before his own on August 22, 2005. 

But detectives weren’t convinced he took his own life even after a medical examiner ruled that antifreeze poisoning was the cause of death and the manner was suicide. 

There was no suicide note found at the scene and David, a hunter, often kept a gun under his bed, making the choice of poisoning to end his life strange. 

David's ex-wife, Janice Poissant Farmer, insisted that he didn’t kill himself. 

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Stacey and David met in 2001 after he hired her to work as a secretary for his heating and air conditioning company. 

They got married a few years later in 2003, the second one for each of them with Stacey bringing her two teenage daughters, Ashely and Bree, who became close with their step-father. 

Before her marriage to David, Stacey was married to Michael Wallace, who she met when she was 17. 

The two were married for over a decade before Michael’s death in 2000 from what doctors believed to be a heart attack. 


Suspicion started to grow during David’s funeral when his headstone was adjacent to Michael’s, causing detectives to start looking into Stacey as more than just the grieving widow. 

A turkey baster was discovered at the family’s home with trace amounts of antifreeze and David’s DNA. 

Stacey’s fingerprints were also found on the glass of antifreeze next to David’s body, suggesting the baster may have been used to force the liquid into David. 

However, investigators needed more evidence before any charges could be brought against Stacey, prompting them to look into the death of her first husband. 

Detectives learned that three months before he died, Michael complained to his doctor that he felt drunk despite not drinking any alcohol. 

“That’s a classic symptom of antifreeze poisoning,” said District Attorney Bill Fitzpatrick. 

Antifreeze poisoning, or ethylene glycol toxicity, leaves crystals in the body, said medical examiner Dr Katherine Maloney. 

But Michael’s body needed to be exhumed to see if the crystals were present. 

“The truth can stay buried in the ground for years,” said Fitzpatrick. 

Michael was exhumed in secret in September 2007 as Stacey’s movements were covertly monitored to keep her in the dark about what was happening. 

Crystals were found in Michael’s body that were consistent with antifreeze poisoning and detectives theorized that Stacey was behind the crime. 

It was believed that both of her marriages to Michael and Said turned sour shortly before each of the men died. 

“It was just the easiest way to get rid of somebody,” said Onondaga County Sheriff’s Office Detective Dominick Spinelli, adding that Stacey “didn’t have to go through a messy divorce.”

Fitzpatrick called the deaths “cold-blooded.”


Stacey was brought back to the station for questioning on David’s death, during which she said “I poured him antifree, I mean cranberry juice.”

Stacey claimed she was confused after investigators called her out on the slip-up before she was shown a photograph of the turkey baster, causing her to end the interview. 

A week after the exhumation, Stacey made another chilling call to 911 claiming that her daughter, Ashley had supposedly tried to kill herself with a deadly mix of alcohol and pills. 

This time, a suicide note was present in which Ashley confessed to killing her father and step-dad. The typewritten note had the word “antifree” appear four times. 

Ashley would survive and was questioned by detectives in the hospital, where she claimed she had no idea what they were talking about. 

“I did not kill my father,” she said. “I did not kill my stepdad. I did not try to kill myself. You need to talk to my mom for answers.”

It was later determined after searching Stacey’s computer that the “confession” note was typed while Ashley was at school. 

Stacey would ultimately be charged for David’s murder four years after his death and the attempted murder of her daughter, Ashley. 

She was sentenced to 51 years to life without the possibility of parole.

Due to being behind bars for the rest of her life, authorities didn’t pursue charges in the alleged murder of Michael Wallace. 

Seven years into her sentence, Stacey Castor died of a heart attack at the age of 48. 

ABC's 20/20 is a popular program anchored by Muir and Amy Robach that tells the stories of true crime mysteries.

David's episode, titled 20/20: Fatal Flaw- On The Rocks, is scheduled to premiere on ABC on August 5, 2022, at 8pm EST.

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It will also be available to stream on Hulu the next day.

David's murder and Ashely's attempted murder were previously told in a Lifetime movie called Poisoned Love: The Stacey Castor.

5When investigators began looking into her, Stacey attempted to murder her daughter and tried to frame her with a phony suicide noteCredit: ABC 5Stacey was sentenced to 51 years to life in prison for the murder of David, she would later die in prisonCredit: Courtesy of David Castor Jr.

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I lost my baby at 36 weeks & it devastated me – now I help others say goodbye to theirs through life-shattering grief

SHARON Luca-Chatha, 46, lives in Coventry with her husband Jas, 44, a program planner, and son Ky, nine. 

“As the doctor gave us the devastating news, my husband fell to his knees.

5Sharon Luca-Chatha said: 'As the doctor gave us the devastating news, my husband fell to his knees' 5Mum Sharon with husband Jas and son Ky at Legoland in Dubai

Four weeks before my due date, our baby had gone. We clung to each other, unable to make sense of it.

It had been the first day of my maternity leave in June 2012 when, after dinner, we’d settled down to watch the Euros.

I was pregnant with our first child, a boy, and he always seemed to kick more when football was on TV.

We used to joke he’d be a footballer, but on this occasion he was unusually quiet.

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As the evening went on, Jas and I became concerned, so we decided I should get checked out at the hospital that night.

Apart from measuring slightly small, the pregnancy had been straightforward, but as the midwife scanned my tummy, there was an eerie silence.

I saw her glance at a member of staff and knew something was wrong.

The doctor came in, looked at the scan and said the words that still haunt me: ‘I’m sorry.’ I screamed. At that moment our world shattered. 

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The next day, I was given tablets to induce labour and I felt like everything was out of my control.

My head was spinning.

Being on the labour ward, I could hear the cries of mothers giving birth and babies entering the world. It broke my heart.

When the midwife handed my baby to me two days later, I smiled at him – he was beautiful – and then I wept as Jas kissed him.

We named him Luca and he was perfect.

After holding him as long as we could – just a few precious hours – and taking photos, we had to hand Luca back to be taken to the mortuary.

I held him on my chest to smell his hair and kiss his head. 

I didn’t want to let him go, and as I gave him to the midwife, inside I was screaming: ‘No, not yet.’ We knew we’d never see him again and we cried uncontrollably.

In the months ahead, although I received some counselling through the NHS, I couldn’t come to terms with what had happened.

We held a funeral on July 17, but it didn’t give me much comfort.

My arms were so empty and I felt like I had no purpose.

In my darkest hours I contemplated suicide, but the thought of Jas finding my body was the only thing that stopped me. 

As the doctor gave us the devastating news, my husband fell to his knees.

Sharon Luca-Chatha

We still desperately wanted to be parents, and in 2012 I became pregnant again.

I was in a state of anxiety the whole pregnancy, so when our son Ky was born on June 14, 2013, it was a huge relief.

He was delivered a week before Luca’s birthday and we were smitten.

You never get over losing a child, but you have to find a way to live again. With Ky, we found that.

We changed our family surname in honour of Luca, and we’ve always had photos of him in the house.

Ky would point at his picture and we’d tell him that was his big brother in the sky.

I knew he would ask one day why he died, and we just told him Luca’s heart stopped, because that’s all we know. 

Life hasn’t been easy, and a car accident in 2016 left me with fibromyalgia – a chronic condition that causes pain and exhaustion and has ruled out having another baby.

But out of the lowest of lows came a breakthrough moment when I realised I wanted to help bereaved parents have as much time as possible with their angel babies. 

In November 2018, I established The Luca Foundation, a charity to fund the repair of existing cuddle cots, as well as buying new ones at £1,600 a time.

I read about cuddle cots after losing Luca – they keep the baby’s body cold, giving parents up to a week with them and the option to take them home before saying goodbye.

Our aim is for every hospital to be equipped with them.

I’ve also written two books to help adults and children through loss. 

When people ask me how many children I have, I always tell them I have two.

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Luca is still with us, and his legacy is providing the gift of time to more than 3,000 grieving families so far. I couldn’t be prouder of him for that.” 

  •  Visit The Luca Foundation at

In the UK, approximately seven babies are stillborn each day.*

It’s estimated that each year, more than 2.65 million babies die during the last trimester of pregnancy across the world.**

Sources: *Tommy’s **WHO

  • Angel Warrior: Life After Loss and Why Did Grandad Die? by Sharon Luca-Chatha are both out now
5Sharon and her husband Jas 5Sharon during her second pregnancy with son Ky 5Sharon has written books about her experience going through a miscarriage

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