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Little People's Audrey Roloff has shown off husband Jeremy swinging newborn son Radley upside down amid bad parenting claims.

Audrey, 31, and Jeremy's parenting decisions have repeatedly been called into question by critics.

5Audrey Roloff shows off husband Jeremy swinging their newborn son Radley upside downCredit: INSTAGRAM/audreyroloff 5Audrey and Jeremy Roloff's parenting decisions have often been criticizedCredit: Audrey Roloff Instagram

The TV personality shared the alarming video on her Instagram Stories on Thursday.

The video depicts Jeremy, 31, holding nine-month-old Radley as Audrey records.

The Little People Big World star proceeds to rotate the baby, flipping him upside down and then back upright as he reenacts some type of pseudo somersault.

A fearless Radley laughs cheerfully as his father executes the dangerous maneuver.

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While Jeremy received the majority of the heat for his baby acrobatics, Audrey came under fire when she allowed young Radley to play in a dirty room.

In an Instagram Story, the reality TV star shared a video of her nine-month-old son jumping around in a baby bouncer attached to a wall frame in front of what appeared to be his nursery.

The tiny tot was all smiles as he twisted around non-stop.

Mom even captioned the video: "My jumping bean."

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But behind the bean, clearly visible, was a mess of sharp toys scattered on the floor, including a construction truck, books and papers, and action figures.

Audrey made no excuse for the mess, defending it in a follow-up post.

"Y’all…this is nothing," she shared. "And in case you’re new around here, this is (and definitely won’t be in the coming months) your place for picture-perfect home content."


Jeremy and Audrey Roloff received scrutiny from fans for killing moles and showing the dead animal to their other children, Ember and Bode.

Audrey posted the mole-killing videos on her Instagram Stories.

Captioned, "First catch on the farm," the series of recordings shows Jeremy removing a mole trap with the extinguished vermin caught inside.

Audrey and Jeremy are catching the critters around the four-acre property of their recently purchased $1.5M Oregon farm.

The video then depicts the former LPBW star proceeding to show the dead mole to their young children Ember, four, and Bode, two.


Fans shared images from the Instagram Story on a popular online forum where they discussed the "unnecessary" post.

One person wrote: "That story was sad to see."

Another fan responded, writing "I agree. Why would they share this? And let their kids stand there and witness them killing a mole?"

A third concerned Redditor commented: "Killing small animals of any kind in front of little kids is not ok. That can be traumatizing to sensitive kids."

Other users related to the sentiment with one person commenting: "I would be traumatized if I saw my dad murder a mole right in front of me and I'm an adult."

Another added: "My dad killed moles like this at our house growing up too. I remember it and I hated it."

One person asked: "Is the trap humane? Some traps for rodents aren’t humane and the animal struggles or is stuck then starve."

A second person answered: "From what I just read, no, they’re not humane because they don’t kill instantly and the animal often suffers."

One chimed in: "I just don’t think it’s the best to have your little kids out there actively participating in pulling a dead one up out of the ground?"


Recently, Audrey and Jeremy were slammed for putting a wood-burning stove in their new $750,000 Oregon cabin as critics claim the appliance could be dangerous around their three young kids.

Audrey shared a video of the new stove on her Instagram Stories, writing: "Swapped the gas stove out for wood burning."

The reality star shares three children in total with husband Jeremy, including baby son Radley.

Fans ripped the pair's decision to get a wood-burning stove on a thread.

One wrote: "I understand they're renovating, but this looks like a disaster.

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"A wood stove out in the open looks like a big no-no for three small kids."

Audrey and Jeremy bought the “cabin in the woods” in Bend, Oregon, back in September.

5The video shows Jeremy dangerously holding Radley upside downCredit: INSTAGRAM/audreyroloff 5Jeremy and Audrey came under fire for showing dead moles to kids Ember and BodeCredit: Audrey Roloff Instagram 5Jeremy and Audrey with their children Ember, Bode, and RadleyCredit: Instagram/audreyroloff

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Make sure they're perfectly glued to your eye because one thing that we see a lot with ladies is the eyelash is not entirely glued on, you always have that little bit in the corner that's poking out."

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6Avoiding cakey makeup is vital if you don't want to look cheapCredit: YouTube/Anna Bey 6Visible hair extensions never look goodCredit: YouTube/Anna Bey 6Get regular pedicures to avoid cracked feetCredit: YouTube/Anna Bey 6Overlined lips can look cheap and tackyCredit: YouTube/Anna Bey 6Make sure your fake eyelashes look natural and are properly glued downCredit: YouTube/Anna Bey

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