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THESE days everyone is looking for ways they can save money, especially on essentials.

Good Morning America recently spoke with shopping expert Trae Bodge about her tips on how you could save some money on your next trip to the grocery store.

1On your next trip to the grocery store, spend more time and less moneyCredit: Getty 1.
Go green

One of Trae's first tips is to try eating vegetarian.

As prices increase, poultry, meat, and fish are seeing some of the highest markups.

Even if it's just a few times a week, eating vegetarian can save you money in the long run.

2. Be careful what you buy in bulk

Also, Trae warned that when buying in bulk to only get your most used items.

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"If there are certain items that you go through quickly, like toilet paper, pastas, canned goods or snacks for your kids' lunches, buy them in bulk if you have a Costco or Sam's Club membership," Trae said.

3. Shop in season

Seasonal produce will almost always cost less than out-of-season produce.

Trae recommends checking out your local CSA (community supported agriculture) to support local farmers while staying on a budget.

But this may not always be the most cost-efficient place to shop – so make sure you price compare.

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Speaking of produce, Trae does not recommend buying produce that is precut.

Grocery stores charge way more for precut produce because they know consumers will pay a premium for it.

Take the time to cut your food yourself and your wallet will feel a little heavier.

5. Know the name

Trae is one of many who believe that plenty of store brand products are just as good as name brands – but for only a fraction of the price.

The Sun recently revealved which Walmart brand items that experts claim are just as good as their pricey name-brand counterparts.

6. Buy frozen

Buying frozen foods, especially vegetables, is also a great way to save money.

Frozen products also have a longer shelf life than their fresh counterparts.

7. Use it or lose it

Trae suggested using coupon sites to help save.

"You might think of coupon sites for clothing and tech, but not for food," she said of the simple savings option.

"In fact coupon sites like have offers for grocery delivery, like $25 off $35 or more at Instacart or $55 off $99 or more."

8. It's all in the cards

Another tip of Trae's is to use credit cards with grocery perks.

"Cards with annual fees typically have more generous cash-back [offers], like 4% or more on food from American Express Gold," she said.

"But there are some fee-free cards that offer this, including the Bread Cash back American Express from Bread Financial, which offers 2% cash back on all purchases."

9. Loyalty pays off

Trae advised looking into the stores you go to most often and if they offer any loyalty programs.

Loyalty programs are a great way to get exclusive deals and sometimes even free seasonal items.

10. Search high and low

Trae says you're more likely to find better deals on the highest and lowest shelves since brands are willing to pay for prime real estate to get their products sold.

It's worth taking your time to find some hidden gems.

11. Compare unit prices

Another tip from Trae is to compare the cost-per-unit rather than the actual price.

This is because labels don't always reflect a product's real value.

12. Size matters

Be sure to keep an eye out for "shrinkflation".

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Some companies are saving themselves money by shrinking the size or weight of their products while still charging the same price.

Make sure to keep an eye on what you buy so you don't fall victim to this nasty trend.

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I’m an interiors expert and these are the five mistakes you are making that are making your home look cheap

WE all want our homes to look fabulous, right?

Well, if you want your family and friends to be impressed with your home décor, there are some important things that according to experts, you need to take into consideration.

2According to the Interior Designers at Thomas Hamel & Associates, these are the five mistakes you are making that are making your home look tackyCredit: 2These interior design experts recommend that it's important that you don't match everything in your home - if you combine different styles, it will actually give more personality to your homeCredit: Getty

Kanebridge News, an Independent Property News company based in Australia have taken to TikTok to give homeowners useful tips and tricks, to ensure that their homes look lovely.

So according to these interior design experts, there are some things things that you must avoid, to ensure your home doesn’t look tacky.

The Australian property company took to TikTok to share their tips and uploaded their video with the caption ‘THE 5 WORST INTERIOR DESIGN MISTAKES, ACCORDING TO AN EXPERT’.

A woman sharing the tips explained: “Today I’m going to tell you five of the worst interior design mistakes according to an expert, Interior Designer Thomas Hamel tells us where it all goes wrong.

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“Number one, don’t ignore the interior architecture.

“You can give a room more presence if you focus on the interior architecture first, rooms can be opened to an outdoor area for a greater flow.

“Number two, never overlook the importance of area rugs.

“It’s so important to choose the right rug in order to create the right feel and aesthetic for a room. 

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“Number three, don’t match everything.

“Don’t be afraid to combine different styles, it will actually give more personality to your home. 

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“Number four, not considering your location.

“What is appropriate for your location - a beautiful Tuscan villa will look amazing in the country in Italy but not in Queensland, Australia.

“Number five, always allow space for art and objects.

“This means maybe just taking some time to collect your favourite pieces, rather than just buying them all at once.” 

We think these tips are useful and are important to take into consideration if you want your home to really impress.

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However, not everyone was as impressed with the tips, as one person said: “Is this a joke?? Your home is your home and you can design your house anyway you like...your house is your canvas.”

What do you think? 

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