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Getty Aaron Donald rushes John Wolford during July 29, 2022 Rams training camp.

Was Aaron Donald practicing hand rush moves or applying a chokehold on one of his newest Los Angeles Rams teammates during “Back Together Saturday?”

In a viral video that was filmed by the NFL Network then spread across online, Donald appeared to be grabbing rookie defensive lineman Elijah Garcia by the throat in this rare technique:

Aaron Donald’s new offseason workout ????

— PFF (@PFF) July 31, 2022

Donald is walking the undrafted rookie backwards while shuffling his feet sideways. Some began to wonder if Donald was choking his new teammate. Even former NFL wide receiver Brandon Marshall, who is now a co-host of the I Am Athlete podcast, brought up the viral video in his interview with Donald released on the evening of Thursday, August 4 — asking the three-time NFL Defensive Player of the Year: “Can you explain what this is?”

Donald Was Practicing a Technique

Let’s just say, that technique was no harm, no foul for both Donald and Garcia.

It was not Donald applying the beginning stages of a choke slam move like he was channeling his inner Undertaker or Kane of World Wrestling Entertainment fame. Instead, the newest $95 million NFL defender explained to “B Marsh” and Adam “Pac Man” Jones of I Am Athlete that he was practicing a technique move to counter the run.

“It’s a technique. Run scoot,” Donald said to both former Pro Bowlers. “I’m closing my ‘A’ gap. This is my ‘B’ gap. I’m closing that. That’s the guard, I’m closing that ‘A’ gap. So they can’t cut back, they can’t cut to the ‘A’ gap, they gotta cut to me.”

VideoVideo related to aaron donald explains if he was ‘choking’ his rams teammate [watch]2022-08-05T15:10:48-04:00

It’s a move that some will perceive as an odd maneuver on the football field. But for Donald and the Rams, it’s an effective one-arm technique that can help seal off potential running lanes up the center and guard’s way — often the areas on the line where “A.D” lines up. Donald even shared his humor in further explaining the move.

“It ain’t disrespectful. It’s a technique. He’s a rookie! He’s gotta pay his dues! He had to!” Donald jokingly said to both men.

Marshall also brought up the technique to Donald as he showed another video showing an odd yet unique drill involving All-Pro running back Derrick Henry: One where defenders are lunging at his knee while on their knees and he’s running past them.

But if there’s anyone who is masterful at using their hands on the field regardless of what the move looks like, it’s Donald.

Donald Has Shown Unique Workout Habits Before

For those who think “run scoot” was an odd defensive line move, Donald had one unique hand swiping technique that topped that.

Before the upcoming 2018 season, Donald was spotted working out against a knife-wielding trainer. The blades, however, were fake.

Two years after that viral video, Donald was again video taped practicing the same hand combat moves with trainer Al Carson in the effort to become quick with his hands on the football field.

When your the BEST to ever play your position, you never stop working to get better! There is and will only be one Aaron Donald! #GOAT #davidkahnkravmagafootballcombatives #violenthands #knivestraining @AaronDonald97

— Al Poodie Carson (@AlPoodie) June 19, 2020

Donald’s knife workouts were a part of what’s called Krav Maga training, which was a training regimen developed by Carson that originated from the Israel Defense Forces. Carson told ESPN NFL reporter Alden Gonzalez in 2018 that he began using Krav Maga for football players including Donald.

“We teach them to attack the attacker, or a counter to the counter,” Carson said in the April 2018 interview. Carson at the time was in awe with Donald’s work ethic in the training, saying “His hands are just — they’re at a different level compared to the average NFL player. And his eye-and-hand-and-feet coordination are just superior to a lot of the NFL players that I’ve trained.”

Donald has since beaten his blocks using an array of hand moves, two of which spotlighted during the offseason by the Twitter account for D Line Vids:

Aaron Donald strikes/knocks back the OL w/ inside hands, controls his gap & plays run. Once he sees it’s pass he sheds, reduces pad surface & fights the hands as he gets vertical. Gets Russell Wilson down for the sack. Great discipline shown by @AaronDonald97 vs play action #rams

— DLineVids (@dlinevids1) July 17, 2022

Aaron Donald (@AaronDonald97) with the swipe/rip sack. If you beat the hands, you beat the man! #passrush #ramshouse

— DLineVids (@dlinevids1) April 17, 2022

And, in the play forever revered by the “Rams House,” Donald resorted to hand combat to deliver the game-clinching defensive stop to win Super Bowl 56.

????The move that won the Super Bowl (feat. Aaron Donald)


— Craig Roh (@craigroh) February 14, 2022

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Celtics Forward Sounds Off on Former Teammate After Disrespectful Interaction

Getty Grant Williams and Jaylen Brown of the Boston Celtics.

This past season was an extremely fun one for Boston Celtics fans. Although the season ended on a bitter note, with the Celtics losing to the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals, it was still great to watch Boston climb all the way back into title contention after struggling to start off the season.

Fans grew to love the current roster. From the stars in Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown, to the veteran big man Al Horford, to the role players at the end of the bench who always made headlines with their celebratory antics. It’s very easy to love this team.

And while he was only on the team for half the season, Josh Richardson clearly formed some close relationships with players on the roster. In fact, he and Celtics forward Grant Williams just wrapped up a funny Twitter interaction, which Williams ended with a hilarious response.

“You’re on your 4th deal ???? let me at least get to my second,” Williams tweeted.

You’re on your 4th deal ???? let me at least get to my second

— Grant Williams (@Grant2Will) August 4, 2022

Williams and Richardson were discussing a potential match on FIFA when the young Celtics forward was forced to end the discussion by alluding to the fact that he’s yet to receive his second contract.

It all stemmed from a simple call-out.

Williams Called Out Richardson

Recently, Williams has begun live-streaming on Twitch, playing a variety of different video games. While he was playing the popular game Fall Guys one night, he decided to call out Richardson and challenge him to a game of FIFA.

“Celtic, Dallas Maverick, Philadelphia 76er, Miami Heat, and Tennessee legend. Anytime you want to play FIFA, hit my line. Simple and plain. Because, at the end of the day, you will get pizza,” Williams declared.

Ayo @J_Rich1 you gonna take this disrespect from @Grant2Will ???

— ???????????????????????? ???? (@GothamGrant) August 3, 2022

The two were teammates on the Celtics for the first half of last season before Richardson was dealt to the San Antonio Spurs at the trade deadline in the deal that sent Derrick White to Boston. Williams and Richardson are both alumni of the same college, as both played for the Tennessee Volunteers.

Richardson was unafraid to accept the challenge, though, as he quickly responded to Williams on Twitter.

Rest of the Interaction

After the clip of Williams got back to Richardson, the former Celtics guard responded by accepting the challenge, but on his own terms. Instead of playing for pizza, which Williams seemingly suggested, Richardson offered to play for cash.

“PIZZA.?!?!? Nah no way he can’t be talking about me . We can put a thousand on it right now @Grant2Will,” Richardson tweeted.

PIZZA.?!?!? Nah no way he can’t be talking about me . We can put a thousand on it right now @Grant2Will

— Josuélito (@J_Rich1) August 4, 2022

Williams didn’t love this idea, though, as he clapped back at Richardson, claiming that he always makes it about money.

“???????????????????????? d*** why it always gotta be money with you,” Williams responded.

???????????????????????? damn why it always gotta be money with you

— Grant Williams (@Grant2Will) August 4, 2022

Richardson then called Williams “scared” before the Celtics forwarded ended the interaction with the aforementioned tweet about waiting for his second contract.

“If u scared just say that,” Richardson tweeted.

If u scared just say that

— Josuélito (@J_Rich1) August 4, 2022

Whether or not this long-awaited FIFA match between Williams and Richardson ever actually happens is unknown, but the build-up is certainly there. And if the match ever does go down, expect to hear about it on Twitter the next day because these two clearly love clowning each other in the public eye. It’s all love, though.

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