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YOU just looked at the date and are panicking that your item is about to expire – but it turns out that you might be able to freeze it and preserve it.

Freezing products is often a method used by consumers to prolong the shelf life of food to avoid disposing it.

2The money-savings expert reveals various items that she has stored in her freezer 2This includes jarred items including baked beans

But odds are you may not be taking full advantage of your freezer.

It turns out that various products that most aren’t aware of can be stored in the freezer, according to money-saving expert and food pro who goes by Cheapskate Cook on YouTube, or Stephani Jenkins.

And also keep in mind that avoiding waste will help you save money.  

Stephani in a recent video went through her freezer and revealed a list of little-known food items that can be stored inside it.

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In Stephani's freezer, she has a couple of Avocado products inside.

One was a chopped-up Avocado in a container that was about to go bad.

“I can throw it into smoothies or even into guacamole if I let it thaw,” Stephani said.

The other is an organic Avocado Mash that came in a small package from her local grocery store.

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That thaws perfectly fine as well, according to Stephanie.

2. Cinnamon sugar

Typically, granulated sugar has a long shelf life – which is said to be up to two years in the cabinet.

However, Stephani made cinnamon sugar for donuts and noted that it was “rolled around in dough and leftover.”

She added, “I just stuck it in the freezer so I can use it later on.”

3. Almonds

Almonds could expire after a year or two.

“Nuts go bad, so if you are not eating them as quickly as you think you should throw them in the freezer and they will last a much longer time,” Stephani said.  

4. Baked beans 

Even jarred items such as baked beans can go even in the freezer.

While she likes freezing items in jars, Stephani cautioned to “keep in mind that liquid expands.”

So she recommends filling them up three-quarters or five-sixths of the way to the jar as opposed to the very top.

5. Thin mints 

Some items actually taste better frozen – rather than just serving the purpose of prolonging the shelf life.

If you aren’t doing these with desserts like thin mints, you are “missing out,” according to Stephani.

6. Fresh mozzarella cheese

Cheese fans who are tired of their products forming green spots after failing to consumer quick enough are in some luck as well.

Stephani buys the Kirkland fresh mozzarella brand from Costco.

“I usually can’t eat that much all at once,” she said.

“It keeps really well in the freezer.”

7. Diced tomatoes

Originally, Stephani bought sliced tomatoes in a “massive jar” from Costco.

She didn’t have time to finish them before the expiration date so she split them into two separate bags in the freezer.

Stephani plans on using the frozen product in the future for spaghetti sauce or salsa.

8. Milk

Depending on the brand, milk may not even last a week in the fridge.

But it is said that you can store milk in the freezer and the shelf life can increase for a few extra months.

Stephani has buttermilk in her freezer that she plans on making pancakes with.

“If you buy milk or buttermilk that you’re not going to be able to use in time, just throw it in the freezer and then you can use it for a baked thing," she said. 

9. Lunch meat

Lunch meat only last three-to-five days in the fridge, according to the Department of Agriculture.

But Stephani said that those items freeze “really well.”

10. Peppers

In the fridge, peppers are said to last up to two weeks.

From Trader Joe’s, Stephani buys sliced red, green and yellow in a bag and then tosses them in the freezer.

“I love having these to saute because I don’t buy a lot of fresh bell peppers.”

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And a budgeting mom bought two dinners at Walmart and Aldi for $2 each.

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Vergil Ortiz Jr. makes easy work of Michael McKinson with TKO (video)

Vergil Ortiz Jr. remained undefeated after dropping Michael McKinson twice en route to a round 9 TKO victory at Dickies Arena in Fort Worth, TX. 

Vergil Ortiz Jr. vs. Michael McKinson proceeded after an unfortunate delay, but Ortiz won impressively as expected.

Ortiz (19-0, 19 KOs) remained undefeated and maintained his 100 percent KO rating after stopping McKinson in round 9 via TKO at Dickies Arena in Fort Worth, TX. Ortiz lives in nearby Grand Prairie, TX, and had the crowd on his side against the Englishmen McKinson.

Ortiz and McKinson were supposed to fight in March, but the fight was postponed after Ortiz was diagnosed with rhabdomyolysis due to over-training.

???? @terencecrawford gives his thoughts on the fight so far#OrtizMcKinson

— DAZN Boxing (@DAZNBoxing) August 7, 2022

McKinson didn’t stand much of a chance against Ortiz, who moved forward, pumping power punches for most of the fight.

Ortiz was in control of the entire bout but had a cut open up in round 2 after a clash of heads with McKinson. Ortiz’s orthodox stance conflicted with McKinson’s southpaw positioning, with several clashes throughout the night.

Vergil Ortiz Jr. sent Michael McKinson down twice to advance to 19-0, with 19 KOs

Ortiz didn’t allow the cut to phase him and knocked McKinson’s mouthpiece out with a left hook in round 3. Ortiz’s left hook was on fire, and it did damage to McKinson later in the fight.

McKinson couldn’t get anything going and was on his back foot for the entire bout. Towards the end of round 8, Ortiz caught McKinson with a left hook to the liver that dropped McKinson. McKinson got to his feet and finished the round, but the end was near.

Vergil Ortiz Jr. knocks down Michael McKinson with a perfectly placed body shot ????#OrtizMcKinson

— DAZN Boxing (@DAZNBoxing) August 7, 2022

Early into round 9, Ortiz dropped McKinson again with another left hook. McKinson got up, but his corner called an end to the fight.

Ortiz looked fantastic and continued his upward trajectory in boxing’s welterweight division. He told FanSided before the fight that he would be open to fight the winner of a hypothetical matchup between Terence Crawford and Errol Spence Jr.

Ortiz is a young talent at only 24 years old and keeps adding to the hype. His future remains bright after his latest conquest.

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