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They say if you want to be rich, you’ve got to think like a rich person.

Tom Corley, an accountant and financial planner, recently interviewed 225 millionaires as part of a five-year “Rich Habits” study and outlined his findings in a new report for CNBC.

Corley said of all the people he interviewed, each one fell into one of four categories in how they approach money-making.

Categories of Millionaires

  • The first category is the Saver-Investors, people who make it a habit to save and invest their money. Corley said these people are constantly thinking about smart ways to grow their wealth.
  • The second category is the Company Climbers, those who work for a large company and dedicate all of their time and energy to climbing the corporate ladder until they nab a senior executive position with a high salary.
  • Virtuosos make up the third category of millionaires. Corley said these people are highly skilled workers who are paid a premium for their knowledge and expertise. This path typically requires a formal education or training.
  • And the fourth type of millionaire Corley encountered was the Dreamer. These people make their millions by following their dreams, whether that be starting a business or becoming a famous actor.

After categorizing the types of millionaires, Corley next identified some of their most common habits that he said anyone can adopt.

Top Habits Of Millionaires

The first habit was automating their savings, Corley said. He noted that every Saver-Investor he interviewed consistently saved 20 percent or more of their net pay, each paycheck.

Another habit among millionaires that Corley reported was regularly investing a portion of their savings.

The final habit that all of Corley’s interviewees had was that they were extremely frugal. That included being aware of how they spent their money and spending their earnings on quality products and services.

It also meant spending the least amount possible by shopping around for the lowest price, Corley said.

Click here for the full story from CNBC.

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I use this cheap portable appliance to make my daily lunches – I save $14 every day but people call me gross

A WOMAN saves $14 every day by using this cheap portable appliance to make her lunches at work, but other people think it’s gross.

Allison Olson has gone viral on TikTok after showing off the electric lunch box she uses to make her lunches at work every day.

4Allison Olson went viral on TikTok after making chili hot dogs at her deskCredit: TikTok/macabre.sob 4Allison used her electric lunch box to create the mealCredit: TikTok/macabre.sob

In her latest video, which has gained nearly 1million views, Allison cooks chili hot dogs at her desk.

Allison takes the defrosted hot dogs and puts them in the lunch box, which is actually a three-in-one food heater, cooker and steamer with stainless steel bowls.

She also scoops out chili from a can and uses a ramen packet to give it a “beefy flavor.”

“Probably shouldn’t have dumped the whole packet, it’s gonna be too salty,” Allison wrote using the app’s onscreen text.

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After mixing the beef, Allison places everything in the cooker, adds water and turns it on.

As the water steams the food, Allison cuts up an onion and attempts to steam the hot dog buns from the vapor coming from the lunch box.

After ten minutes, the food is cooked and Allison prepares the hot dogs before adding the chili on top.

To top it off, she adds a bit of shredded cheese and pops the hot dogs back in the lunch box so the cheese melts. 

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Finally, she adds onions and eats the hot dogs with a bag of chips and a chocolate chip cookie on the side.

“So good,” she said.

In the caption, Allison wrote that she “didn’t expect this to slap the way it did.”

She received thousands of comments from people who criticized her for making food at her desk.

“Some people really be treating the office like it’s home,” wrote one person.

“Y’all will do anything EXCEPT use the break room,” wrote another.

However, others appreciated her creativity.

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“Honestly, you’re so real for this,” wrote one person.

“I work from home and have access to my whole damn kitchen and I still want this,” wrote someone else.

4The cooking time took only 10 minutes and Allison saves about $14 every dayCredit: Amazon 4The video received over a million views and sparked criticism from viewersCredit: TikTok/macabre.sob

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