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After 19-year-old Barbara Grams was raped and murdered in August 1983 while walking home from her job at a Florida shopping mall, cops quickly rounded up a local man named Robert DuBoise.

DuBoise, who was 18 at the time, was fingered to detectives by a local resident who told them that he “caused problems” in the Tampa neighborhood.

Under questioning by law enforcement, DuBoise agreed to let investigators take a dental mold to compare to a bite mark found on Grams’ cheek.

A forensic odontologist declared it a match, and, based on the bite mark evidence—a field which has since been debunked as junk science—as well as testimony from a jailhouse informant in exchange for their own plea deal, DuBoise was convicted and sentenced to death.

DuBoise swore he was innocent, to no avail. He spent 37 years behind bars before DNA evidence cleared him of any involvement. In August 2020, he walked out of prison, a free man. But that meant Grams’ real killer, or killers, were still out there.

On Thursday afternoon, nearly 39 years to the day since Grams was killed, Hillsborough County State Attorney Andrew Warren, who had been hastily suspended that morning by Gov. Ron DeSantis over a political spat, announced that detectives had, at long last, zeroed in on the actual suspects.

“For 37 years, Barbara Grams’ family had false closure based on a false story,” Warren said at a news conference.

Warren identified Grams’ actual alleged killers as Abron Scott, 57, and Amos Robinson, 59, who he said “will finally face a reckoning for what they’ve done.” The two, who are both serving life sentences for another murder in Pinellas County, were hit on Thursday with first-degree murder charges in Grams’ death.

They were connected to Grams’ killing after further analysis of DNA evidence stored in a rape kit from 1983, according to Warren, saying that the new testing provided fresh clues that conclusively prove Scott and Robinson’s guilt.

DuBoise’s lawyer, Innocence Project senior staff attorney Susan Friedman, told The Daily Beast on Friday that Warren’s decision in 2018 to form a unit focused on past cases was crucial in righting the grotesque wrong that had been perpetrated against her client. Friedman said she and her colleagues only learned in 2020 that relevant biological evidence even existed in the case, thanks to Warren.

“Mr. DuBoise’s conviction demonstrates how tunnel vision, faulty forensics and jailhouse informants all contribute to wrongful convictions,” Friedman said in an email. “The police made egregious errors in their investigation that led to Mr. DuBoise’s wrongful conviction and his continued incarceration for nearly four decades. Their errors also left the community less safe. A root cause analysis and sentinel event review is needed to understand why the system failed and how it can be fixed. We are grateful to the State Attorney’s Conviction Review Unit for their partnership in this case, and we continue to be in awe of Mr. DuBoise’s strength, courage and determination as he moves forward.”

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Inside John McAfee’s wild world on the run evading ‘CIA kidnap’ in aluminum foil-covered home before prison ‘suicide’

BEFORE his shocking prison suicide, computer programmer and businessman John McAfee was on the run, evading the CIA in his aluminum foil-covered home.

In 2019, McAfee, 75, announced that he and his wife, Janice Dyson, were on the run from US authorities after a grand jury chose to indict him on tax evasion charges.

4John McAfee was on the run after being charged with tax evasion years before his shocking prison suicideCredit: Getty 4McAfee tweeted pictures of him and his wife living in an 'ultra-secure facility' in LithuaniaCredit: Twitter

Photos of McAfee surfaced of him and Dyson living in what he called “an ultra-secure facility in Lithuania,” however photos he shared to Twitter showed the couple hold up in a room covered in aluminum foil.

“Sorry for the silence. @theemrsmcafee and I are now in Eastern Europe at an ultra-secure facility,” McAfee tweeted at the time.

“We are, for now, out of reach of the corrupt elements of the (In-)Justice Department. We are healthy and safe. Have missed you guys. Will tell more later.”

He revealed that he and Dyson were in a location that the “corrupt US Justice Department” didn’t reach.

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“We will relax a day or two and get back to the business of fighting injustice wherever we find it.”

The couple was previously detained in the Dominican Republic with five other people after being suspected of traveling on a yacht with high-caliber weapons, ammunition and military-style gear.

They were released later that week and briefly stopped in Madrid before landing in London and finally in Lithuania.

McAfee claimed the “DOJ and CIA kidnap teams were circling like vultures,” but the couple was kept “safe with multiple witnesses” and “people who slept on the floor of our hotel room for protection.”

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“The bad guys never came close. We are out of England now and on our way to complete safety. We will not be silenced,” he tweeted.

During this time, McAfee, who held both British and American citizenship, also attempted to gain the Libertarian Party’s nomination for the 2020 US Presidential election.

He said in an interview he could help Cuba defeat the US trade embargo by launching a cryptocurrency.

McAfee’s time on the run came to an end on October 5, 2020, when he was arrested in Spain at the request of the  US Department of Justice.

The indictment alleged that McAfee earned millions of dollars between 2014 to 2018 and failed to file income tax returns.

The US Securities and Exchange Commission filed a complaint against McAfee the next day alleging that he promoted certain initial coin offerings in a fraudulent cryptocurrency pump and dump scheme.

The complaint alleged that McAfee presented himself as an impartial investor when he promoted the ICOs, despite allegedly being paid $23million in digital assets.

McAfee was formally indicted by the US Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York on these charges in March 2021 and remained behind bars in Spain while pending extradition to the US.


McAfee was found dead in his Barcelona prison cell on June 23, 2021, just hours after his extradition to the US was ordered.

Years before his death, McAfee claimed that “incriminating data” would be released if he was arrested or disappeared, as he said that those involved would be “crazy to kill me or collect me.”

“I've collected files on corruption in governments. For the first time, I'm naming names and specifics,” he claimed in a tweet on June 9, 2019. 

I'll begin with a corrupt CIA agent and two Bahamian officials. Coming today. 

“If I'm arrested or disappear, 31+ terabytes of incriminating data will be released to the press.”

He continued the claims in further tweets, stating later in the month “I don't trust anyone.”

“The instant I disappear the information is released,” McAfee added. 

“Those named would be crazy to kill me or collect me. 

“They are simply praying I live forever. If it's released, revenge takes over and I'm dead.”

The 2019 tweets were unearthed after it was revealed that McAfee had a “whackd” tattoo that he showcased in social media posts as he claimed that he received “subtle messages” from US officials threatening him. 

“If I suicide myself, I didn't. I was whackd. Check my right arm,” he wrote in November 2019 alongside a picture of the tattoo. 

He had also compared himself to convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein last year, claiming “if I hang myself, a la Epstein, it will be no fault of mine.”

McAfee tweeted the claim shortly after being arrested in Spain in October 2020 as he attempted to flee to Turkey while avoiding US tax evasion charges. 

Epstein also died by suicide in jail in 2019. 

The tweets led to speculation over his death as a mysterious “Q” was posted to his account after it was first reported. 

The "Q" photo on his social media appears to be a reference to QAnon, the bizarre conspiracy theory that was tied to the fortunes of former President Donald Trump.

McAfee was a highly controversial character after making his name with his antivirus software before selling his company for millions in the 90s. 

He was sought by police in Belize for questioning in relation to the gruesome death of a neighbor who had reportedly threatened his guard dogs and just months before his death, was also accused of manipulating cryptocurrency markets. 

The Catalan Justice Department said that it was unable to resuscitate McAfee after he was found dead in his cell. 

McAfee's Spanish lawyer, Javier Villalba, has claimed his death came as a shock to his family. 

He said that they were determined to get “to the bottom” of his death while admitting there was no evidence of foul play. 

Villalba blamed McAfee’s death “on the cruelty of the system." 

"We had managed to nullify seven of the 10 counts he was accused of and even so he was still that dangerous person who could be fleeing Spain if he was released?" the lawyer said. 

"He was a world eminence, where could he hide?"

McAfee faced 30 years in prison if convicted on the tax evasion charges.


An upcoming documentary aims to detail the bizarre events of McAfee’s time on the run.

“Through raw, revealing footage and interviews with fugitive tech pioneer John McAfee, this documentary uncovers new layers of his wild years on the run,” read the description of the film on Netflix.

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McAfee will be featured in the film through archive footage.

The documentary is scheduled to drop on August 24. 

4He was arrested in October 2020 on charges of tax evasion but was found dead in his jail cell from an apparent suicide in June 2021, sparking conspiracy theoriesCredit: AP 4A Netflix documentary is scheduled to be released on August 24 about McAfee's time on the runCredit: Reuters

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