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The bill narrowly passed in the state Senate last weekend 26-20, with 10 Republicans and all Democrats voting against. Moderate Republicans objected that the bill goes too far by banning abortion after the moment of conception, while some pro-life state senators said the bill was too weak because it held exemptions for rape and incest.

A state House amendment to remove those exceptions failed Thursday 39-61, with a minority of Republicans joining all the Democrats in opposition to it.

Republican Rep. Karen Engleman sponsored the amendment, arguing that the right to life should extend to children conceived by rape or incest.

“The intentional ending of human life has no place in medical practice,” Engleman said, according to the Associated Press.

Democratic lawmakers opposed to the amendment brought up the highly controversial case of a 10-year-old Ohio rape victim who traveled to Indiana from neighboring Ohio to obtain an abortion. They questioned whether that girl's abortion would have been prohibited under her amendment. Engleman, who said she had a child as an unmarried teenager, responded that a doctor would be able to determine whether the pregnancy threatened the life of a young girl.

Indiana Right to Life, a pro-life group that engaged with lawmakers over new abortion restrictions, said in a statement that the group could not fully endorse the bill after the amendment failed.

Indiana Right to Life believes substantive changes to SB1 in the House provide renewed hope that over 95% of Indiana’s 8,414 abortions will end if it becomes law. House amendments will make abortion clinics a thing of the past in Indiana, requiring that abortions for limited circumstances be done in hospitals, or hospital-owned surgical centers. The House also tightened language for the life of the mother exception, limited abortions to ten weeks in circumstances of rape or incest, and limited abortions for lethal fetal anomalies to 20 weeks.

While we are disappointed that an amendment to limit abortions to only the life of the mother fell short in a roll call vote, we applaud those House members supporting the amendment for doing all they could to limit SB1’s exceptions. We will continue to work to build consensus going forward that all lives are to be valued, regardless of the means of one’s conception.

While we cannot fully endorse the amended SB1 due to its rape, incest, and lethal fetal anomaly exceptions, we acknowledge the path forward is either the potential to end the vast majority of abortions in Indiana, beginning with the closure of Indiana abortion clinics in mid-September, or allowing all abortions to continue under current law, as women from Ohio, Kentucky, and other states travel to Indiana for abortions. We urge every legislator to prayerfully consider how their vote will impact the path Indiana now chooses.

Thousands of people descended on the Indiana Statehouse last week to voice their opposition to the abortion restrictions. Protesters inside and outside the chamber shouted "shame" as votes were tallied on amendments to the bill, the Indianapolis Star reported.

The Indiana Medical Association issued a statement last Friday opposing the bill, expressing concerns that criminal penalties for abortionists "could have a catastrophic, generational effect on our ability to adequately address the health care needs of Hoosiers and our already unhealthy state."

“Hoosier patients and their physicians deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. We urge lawmakers to preserve and support the sanctity of the physician-patient relationship by removing the threat of criminal penalties and including an exception for the health of the mother in any state law abortion ban,” the group said.

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We’re not sexist on your love life, Rita Ora, we are all just a bit curious – it’s basic intrigue

WELCOME to the wonderful world of Rita Ora.

One where she’s still living in the dark ages and believes there has been curiosity about her love life simply because she is a woman.

6Rita Ora says her career has been eclipsed by the attention on her former loversCredit: Getty

In a BBC1 interview with Louis Theroux, Rita even says her career has been eclipsed by the attention on her former lovers.

She says that would never happen to a man and the attention on her love life has been “sexist”.

Rita told Louis: “I don’t base my life on relationships . . . I’ve always been very adamant on focusing on me and my work. Look, we are women. Men don’t get asked, ‘Oh, you’ve had 100 boyfriends or girlfriends’ . . . It comes with the territory, it’s part of the world that you’re in.”

Rita lives in the world of showbiz and social media where her fans devour titbits of her life, regardless of whether she’s a man or a woman

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And, come on, Rita, surely you know that?

It’s such an outdated view that we still live in a world where modern women are judged on their sex life and number of partners.

A couple of decades ago that may have been the case, but we’ve surely moved on.

Sex is now just a swipe of a mobile phone screen away - and can be empowering for both men and women.

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Rita has dated some headline worthy hunks from Calvin Harris to Bruno Mars, but that certainly doesn’t define her.

We want to know all about it not because she’s a woman but because she’s a celebrity.

She has the kind of glitzy life most of us could only dream of.

We are just as intrigued by her amazing fashion sense.

How many people do you know who pull off walking down the street showing off their undies, or wear a see-through dress on a night out?

Just this week she pulled off that look again on the red carpet.

The BBC even asked her to cover up when presenting The Voice.

And earlier this month she changed her stage outfit eight times while presenting the annual MTV EMAs ceremony with her husband Taika Waititi.

Rita is a woman who knows how to command attention.

It’s the same with her hair and beauty. Her hair goes from attention seeking orange to pink and red, from short to long whenever she fancies with the help of pricey extensions thanks to her bulging bank account.

Fabulous and fascinating

She also is a savvy enough businesswoman to know that in the world of showbiz, having headlines helps turn songs into hits.

That is why she has shared regular gruelling workout routines to her 16million fans on social media before bringing out her own fitness clothing range.

It is all part of being a star and being talked about, about being popular and interesting. That is why we care about her love life.

Not because she is a woman. Because she is fabulous and fascinating.

When Jonathan Ross or Alan Carr chat to male celebrities they don’t ignore questions about their lovers and store them all up to interrogate and ridicule women for having a sex life.

Can you really imagine them interviewing Leonardo DiCaprio or Harry Styles and neglecting to ask about their sex life.

And let’s face it, even in non celeb land we are all curious about our mates’ love lives, aren’t we? It is basic intrigue.

Her amazing voice, together with her dedication to her image — and a heck of a lot of hard graft — have seen Rita become a mega.

She is, after all, the first ever British female solo artist to have 13 Top Ten songs in the UK.

So how on earth could her love life eclipse that?

Nobody judged you Rita — so don’t judge yourself.

I’M not being unpatriotic but I got Brazil in the World Cup sweepstake at my gym. Quietly confident.

Adele’s knockout price for Rocky mansion

ADELE bagged herself a bargain when she bought Sylvester Stallone’s LA pad for £42million – which is roughly half the original asking price.

6Adele bagged herself a bargain when she bought Sylvester Stallone’s LA pad for £42millionCredit: Getty Images - Getty 6The singer snapped up the property for roughly half the original asking priceCredit: BackGrid

Now she has got to work stripping out all his film memorabilia.

Sly has certainly loved his work.

There are Rocky and Rambo statues, artworks, a room and an office dedicated to the two famous films.

Sly even put a full-size Rocky raising his fist on the side of his infinity pool.

Makes you wonder if he’ll be more gutted about losing so much money or learning that Adele definitely isn’t a fan.

Do your dissing quietly

WE could probably all learn a lesson or two this week about slagging people off . . . and making sure you never, ever get caught.

Firstly, a North Wales caravan park boss, Aaron Scantlebury, took to Facebook to make a series of scathing comments about people sub-letting their private holiday homes.

6The Sun revealed David Walliams will be stepping down from BGTCredit: Getty

On a page just for the park’s caravan owners, he described the renters as “Addams families” and “unwashed riff-raff” who have never seen “a job or a bath”.

Unsurprisingly, he has been dubbed a “modern-day Basil Fawlty” and branded as “condescending” and “extremely unprofessional”.

He later tried to claim it was just a “tongue-in-cheek rant”.

He’s not alone.

The Sun revealed on Friday that David Walliams will be stepping down from Britain’s Got Talent after being forced to apologise for the foul-mouthed comments he made about contestants.

He called one a “c***” three times and mocked another during breaks in filming.

David said in a statement earlier this month: “I would like to apologise to the people I made disrespectful comments about during breaks in filming for Britain’s Got Talent in 2020.

“These were private conversations and – like most conversations with friends – were never intended to be shared. Nevertheless, I am sorry.”

I bet he is.

My Katie Cat fear

I HAVE serious doubts about pets being kept in Katie Price’s home.

On Friday her dog was run over. It follows five other known animal deaths since 2017.

I was once at her house interviewing one of her former partners, while she was upstairs.

Her daughter interrupted to say a pet cat had been killed in the garden by a dog.

The boyfriend didn’t even want to stop the interview.

He simply covered the dead cat with a washing-up bowl and carried on. It was horrific.

IT was wonderful to see Geri Horner get an honorary degree at Sheffield Hallam University.

Not because of the accolade but because she was finally forced to ditch her bizarre white-only clothing rule for colourful robes.

It’s the first time in years she’s not looked washed out.

Racism row

SHOCK horror.

Two black people are evicted from I’m A Celebrity so let’s have a racism row.

6Charlene White was evicted from I'm A Celeb jungle campCredit: Rex

Charlene White exited the jungle first, followed by Scarlette Douglas.

One viewer tweeted: “Two black women evicted first and people want you to believe racism is eradicated.”

Another said the results “highlight racism in modern Britain”

How about the fact that, in comparison to the other contestants, they were as dull as dishwater?

Jack's shirty dancing

HE is a millionaire footballer who has been criticised for his partying, boozing and cheating but at the World Cup Jack Grealish is an inspiration.

After he scored the sixth goal against Iran he did a “worm” dance.

6Jack Grealish did a 'worm' dance for fan Finlay Fisher - a 12-year-old with cerebral palsyCredit: Getty

He’d promised to perform the celebration for fan Finlay Fisher, a 12-year-old with cerebral palsy who he had befriended.

Afterwards jubilant Jack ran into the crowd and hugged his girlfriend Sasha Attwood before stripping off his top, sitting next to her and taking a moment to soak up the amazing atmosphere.

He is clearly having the time of his life and he is a pleasure to watch . . . on and off the pitch.

Shirley no pigs

DON’T you just love the rubbish that some celebs come out with to promote their TV programmes?

This week Strictly’s Shirley Ballas says she wants to be a pig farmer after spending a ­nanosecond trying her hand as one for a new reality show.

She gushed: “One day I’d like to get the welly boots on and go on to a farm and clean up the animals.”

Of course you would, Shirley.

She went on: “No make-up, welly boots and a big overcoat.

Read More on The SunNAUGHTY LIST Mum in hysterics over son's hilarious blunder in ‘emergency’ letter to Santa

“People see me on Strictly all glammed up but deep down inside I love all the activities that people would never expect I’d love . . . I would never say no to living on a farm.”

And pigs might fly . . .

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