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MULTIVERSUS is a new fighting game currently in open beta on Steam, Xbox, and PlayStation, with characters chosen from a long list of existing franchises.

With so many to choose from, it can be hard to decide which to use. Check out our tier list to see which are the best MultiVersus characters to try.

1Shaggy is one of the most dependable characters.Credit: Warner Brothers MultiVersus: S-Tier

Harley Quinn

Usually coming top of many players’ tier lists, Harley Quinn makes a fearsome opponent with her super fast speed.

She also has a number of abilities that knockback opponents and disrupt their attacks, making her one of the best around.


Gotham’s superhero might have been top of the list if it wasn’t for the long cooldown on his gadgets.

He offers great speed and flexibility, but is slightly limited by his dependency on vertical attacks.

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Jake the Dog

Due to Adventure Time’s Jake’s long wobbly arms, he can get off attacks at a distance and stay out of trouble.

When paired with his set up combos, it can be difficult to counter his variety of play.

Finn the Human

Not quite as powerful as his puppy pal, Finn still pulls his weight by powering up from the gold he collects.

The ability to block projectiles and to attack while moving are his greatest strengths, giving him good range overall.

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Shaggy has always been dependable and his ability to heal allies and boost their attacks makes him a great support character.

He can also deal damage with a range of versatile attacks, making him useful even in solo play.


True to the Taz we know, this character has very powerful tornado attacks which are only disrupted by well-timed counters.

He’s not very effective in the air though, meaning he is limited to ground play.


In the battle of Batman vs Superman, the Dark Knight is the clear winner as Superman is too slow to effectively use his power.

The ability to grab opponents from the air is very useful, but skilled players will predict it.

LeBron James

From the latest Space Jam film, LeBron James can create a lot of space between himself and the opposition with his ball.

His basketball provides some strong attacks with good knockback, making him a popular choice.

MultiVersus: B-Tier

Bugs Bunny

Not quite as powerful as he is in the cartoons, Bugs is still a versatile character and a good all-rounder.

While good at both close combat and long range, he is a bit of a jack of all trades and master of none.

Arya Stark

Much like Smash Brothers’ Kirby, Arya stuns opponents and then copies their attacks. 

This can make her a good counter for many fights by stealing attacks and pairing them with her quick feet.

Tom and Jerry

Not known to work together, Tom and Jerry have teamed up to take part in strong ranged attacks

However, it takes a highly skilled player to master the duo’s gameplay, meaning they aren’t a great choice for beginners.

Wonder Woman

A fantastic support character, Wonder Woman can defend herself and allies from both ranged and melee attacks.

Her offense power builds over time, and it can be quite difficult to balance her lack of attack in the early game.

MultiVersus: C-Tier


Garnet has high combo potential, but it doesn’t make up for her various weaknesses.

While she is a ranged attacker, she is fairly defenseless against other ranged attacks, making her a poor choice.


Velma is practically untouchable at long range, but will quickly go down if the opponent gets up close.

She also has a very low damage output, making her quite difficult to use.


An original character for MultiVersus, Reindog can be quite frustrating for his opponents.

However, he lacks moves which can force knockouts, meaning he is only viable in team play.

Steven Universe

Like Batman, Steven Universe’s skill cooldowns are his biggest weakness, and why he is so low on this list.

Every skill needs to be used effectively, meaning he is very difficult for beginners to do well with.

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Iron Giant

In a game with so many speedy characters, the Iron Giant’s brute strength doesn’t help him much.

His large hitbox is ultimately his downfall, though, as he is an easy target for others to aim at.

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.

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THE user experience behind the makeup spatula has finally been revealed.

While the tool has long been used by the pros, what it's like for a beauty fan to use is mixing up the perception of those who want to give it a try.

2LC applied half of her foundation with a makeup brush (left) and the other half with a foundation spatula (right)Credit: TIKTOK/laucapon 2She said the spatula was easier than she thought, and she preferred the results of the spatula to that traditional foundation methodsCredit: TIKTOK/laucapon

TikToker @Laucapon did a test on the Korean foundation spatula in a recent video, in which she said is "designed to give you the thinnest layer of foundation possible, so that your skin looks like skin."

She used the one that is by the brand Picasso.

"It also comes with two latex sponges, to press in anywhere where you feel you need to blend it a bit more."

The beauty fanatic exclaimed about the sponges, "these feel nicer than my mattress!"

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Makeupforever HD Skin Foundation was the product of choice to try with the spatula.

"Here goes nothing," LC said, as she smoothed on the foundation with a flat-facing spatula, then scraped off any part of the remaining layer that was bulking up her skin with the spatula side.

"That is so satisfying," she said letting out a sigh.

"It's actually a lot easier to use than I thought it would be."

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After doing half of her face with the spatula, and another half with no makeup at all, LC said of the spatula side, "it feels like I have nothing on my face."

She then did the makeupless half of her face with a foundation brush.

LC described herself as being "a lot glowier," on the side that has the foundation brushed on.

"My face is always a bit sticky," she said patting her cheeks, "but my face is not sticky this side.

"I actually prefer the spatula side!"

In the comments, people backed up the fantastic results that the makeup spatula gave.

"Spatula side for the win," one user said.

Another user pined for their own makeup-less look.

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They said, "What an interesting technique, the spatula side looks a lot more natural."

To each always their own, as one person not quite buying the matte results said, "I like the glowy side more!"

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