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Even as Duncan Robinson’s future with the Miami Heat remains somewhat murky amid an offseason of trade rumors, the 3-point specialist has cleared the air.

And for that aspect of his personal growth he credits former Heat teammate Rodney McGruder.

On this week’s edition of his podcast, Robinson offered a follow-up from a previous edition of The Long Shot, when he said he was planning nose surgery.

Now, Robinson said, he is breathing easier.

“I’ve mostly focused on improving and playing a lot,” he said on the podcast that was taped during summer league. “I actually had surgery, very minor. It was an optional surgery. I had an old fracture in my nose, and I couldn’t breathe out of one of my nostrils, basically my whole life, since I was like in seventh grade.

“So an old teammate of mine, Rodney McGruder, he also had the surgery. I reached out to him and asked him like, ‘What was the experience?’ And he said it was life-changing for sleep, conditioning, everything. So I got a consultation and turns out my right nostril is 90 percent blocked. So I was getting like half the air that I could have.”

Robinson said he is now reaping the benefits.

“It was brutal for like 10 days,” he said. “But we’re on the other side of that now, thankfully. I can breathe. It’s amazing. I feel like a new man.”

With Robinson due $16.9 million this coming season in the second year of the five-year, $90 million contract received a year ago, he has been linked to several potential Heat bids to add another leading man this offseason, including Brooklyn Nets forward Kevin Durant and Utah Jazz guard Donovan Mitchell.

Having emerged from humble Heat beginnings on a two-way contract in 2018, Robinson during his latest podcast spoke of the immersive nature of Heat culture during the discussion with former NBA players Richard Jefferson and Channing Frye.

“I don’t want to say it exists more in like theory,” Robinson said. “Like the culture aspect is real, and it’s what we talk about a lot. I think it more comes down to a certain level of accountability.

“It’s like maximizing every single day. Like they’re never gonna, at any point of the season, they’re never just going to let you have a day where you’re not just showing up and checking a box. They’re going to make sure you’re in the weight room, watching film.

“I do feel like in theory what’s talked around the league, it’s talked about like it’s some crazy . . . I really just think it’s about they really just prioritize being a professional.”

But he acknowledged there are particularly challenging elements.

“The body-fat thing is real. It’s about once a week,” he said.

“That’s the thing that kind of bothers, is that we’ll like play in Chicago, we get on the plane, and we’re heading back to Miami, and we got deep-dish pizza on there. And we wake up the next morning, it’s like, ‘You got weight and body fat.’

“So people are like looking at the pizza and people are like, ‘We had it tomorrow? What’s going on?’ So it’s like a little game in that.”

Robinson also offered an anecdote about teammate Kyle Lowry and how the veteran point guard has a unique way of keeping referees on point.

“When we first got Kyle last year, this was like early on in preseason, I think everybody knows Kyle gives the refs a pretty hard time,” Robinson said. “But he would tell me – that I don’t know if he got film, tape, a book, I don’t know, a manual – but he has memorized where on the floor all the refs are supposed to be as the ball moves through the halfcourt.

“So what he does is he goes at refs if they’re not in the right spots. So if somebody makes a call, he’ll be like, ‘You can’t make that call. You’re not in the right spot.’ "


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I’m a hot mum – I got 9 tattoos and switched my ‘Karen’ haircut after divorce, people think I’m Megan Fox

A WOMAN is now unrecognisable thanks to a massive 'glow up' involving nine tattoos and seven piercings - as she went from a 'Karen' to 'Megan Fox' after getting divorced.

Marissa Pool, 29, became deeply unhappy and "lost herself" when she became convinced she had to look a certain way to be a good wife and mum.

3A woman has shared her unrecognisable transformation involving nine tattoos, seven piercings and a new hairstyleCredit: SWNS 3Marissa Pool, 29, was unhappy with her appearance and wanted to be more true to herself following her divorceCredit: SWNS 3She swapped her "Karen cut" for long, dark locks, and now, people tell her she looks like Megan FoxCredit: SWNS

But when she divorced from her husband, in a mutual split, she wanted to be more true to herself.

An alternative music lover, she started to embrace the style of clothes, hair and make-up she'd admired but never dared to try herself.

She swapped her "Karen cut" for long, dark locks, and ditched her frumpy cover-ups for a grungy black figure-hugging get-up.

The mum-of-two, who has been told she looks like Megan Fox, then started to get inked and now has nine tattoos - including the logo of her favourite band 'Bring Me The Horizon' on her chest.

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She also now has her septum, upper-lip, nostril, tongue and belly button pierced and the transformation has knocked years off her.

The patient care technician from Williamsport, Pennsylvania, USA, said: "My mental health was at an all time low.

"I got wrapped up playing a role of what was expected of me as a wife and mother and wasn't prioritising how I looked or any aspect of my life.

"I met my ex when I was just 17.

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"When you get older you change into a different person and your values and beliefs change.

"I lost myself for a while like a lot of women do.

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"Now I feel like I can be myself, I'm so much happier and more confident.

 "People tell me I look like Megan Fox all the time and it's honestly so flattering.

"I'm not sure I see it myself but I've always admired her and it's very humbling!"

Marissa and her ex-husband officially split in January 2022 after marrying in March 2016, and having kids, aged two and six.

She added: "It was mutual. We were two different people and our children deserved better. We couldn't be together."

Marissa then started her transformation journey and "changed from the inside out".

She said: "I was finally able to be myself.

"I decided if I can feel good about the outside I can feel good on the inside too because I can be real and honest with people and not hide myself out of fear."

"It was definitely a process - it didn't happen overnight.

"First I changed my wardrobe as I had always liked the alternative music scene since I was 12, I just thought I couldn't dress like that after becoming a wife and mother.

"I was constantly bleaching and dying my hair so eventually it all broke off.

"In 2017 I had the choice between shaving it all off or getting a Karen cut.

"The grow out journey took years. I couldn't leave my hair alone.

"I'm really happy with my hair now. It's now natural down to my shoulders and I have extensions and have dyed it black."

Now Marissa is happier than ever and advises other mums to take at least ten minutes to themselves every day to do something that makes them feel good.

Marissa continued: "I now spend half an hour every day getting ready and doing my makeup. 

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"When you feel good about yourself, only then can you be the best version of yourself.

"I feel like a completely different person, I'm confident, I feel good and I feel like me."

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I was dress-coded in the gym and told they’d had ‘complaints’ about my outfit


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I have big boobs & found the perfect Christmas party wear items from PLT


I’m a labourer - folk are obsessed when I swap my high-vis gear for a bikini

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