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WE'RE all concerned about the cost of energy rising again in October.

Experts from Cornwall Insight are predicting energy bills could rise to £3,358 on average from October when the price cap is expected to go up.

2A money-saving mum revealed the item you need to buy now before the cost of energy increases in OctoberCredit: tiktok/@duchessofthrift

The price cap currently stands at £1,971 and impacts 24 million customers.

But one money-saving mum has a tip for those concerned about how they will heat up their homes during the winter month.

Taking to TikTok, the Duchess of Thrift shared the number one item you should buy now to help keep costs down.

She said: "You really need to start preparing now for when the energy prices shot up in October and the temperature drops."

The money-saving mum recommends buying an electric blanket before the price goes up during the winter to help save money.

"There's going to be high demand, people are not going to be able to put their heating on," she adds.

"Make sure you get them now because demand will drive the prices up on these things, I guarantee you."

Buying straight from the store can still be expensive, she revealed, as one retailer sells them for £99.

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However, the mum said you can find the exact same item on eBay for just £12.99.

"Buy your heated blankets now, the prices are really, really low," she explains.

The mum revealed that it costs around 4p an hour to charge - much cheaper than trying to heat your house up.

Viewers were grateful for the tip one wrote: "I bought a Dreamland one for £50 they are amazing! Don't know how I done without one before."

Another added: "Amazing advice thank you."

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A third penned: "I’ve just bought one."

Meanwhile, a fourth wrote: "We just shouldn’t be having to do this! I bought a heated throw last winter and it’s fabulous!"

2The thrifty mum warned people to get electric blankets now before the price hikes upCredit: tiktok/@duchessofthrift

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People are only just realizing one ingenious way to peel an orange – it makes the fruit so much easier to eat

A TIKTOKER has revealed the proper way to peel an orange - and viewers are amazed.

The secret hack aims to stop the sticky, citrusy fruit from spilling all over orange-lovers.

4Tiktoker @kevglbach tried peeling an orange differently for the first timeCredit: TIKTOK/kevglbach 4It all started with cutting an orange in half, a step many don't take when beginning to peel an entire orangeCredit: TIKTOK/kevglbach

TikTok user @kevglbach tried the ultimate orange-peeling hack in a recent video.

The idea came from another instructional TikTok, and the video begins with @kevglbach watching that video, dropping his own disheveled orange pieces, and then trying the hack he learned about.

First, he cuts an orange in half.

Next, he pushes on the back, or the bellybutton of the orange, and watches the magic, juicy jewels pop one by one out of the halved citrus fruit.

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He takes one of the orange pieces out and eats it, clearly astonished by the ease of it all.

Comments erupted with shock and awe.

"This changes everything," one TikTok user said.

Another called out the TikToker for his expression that looked as if the whole ordeal was too good to be true.

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"Bro has to try it in case it wasn't an orange," they said.

Someone else on the platform wanted to renounce it for the constant sense of correction it brings.

They said: "I'm so done with Tik Tok, just once I'd wish I could go a day with out finding out I been doing life wrong."

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Meanwhile, one genius in the comments section had already been eating oranges from the comfort of their high horse.

Accompanied by a laughing crying emoji, their comment read, "I've been doing that forever."

4Turning the orange inside out of the half allowed all the juicy orange pieces to be ready to peel from their citrusy protectant shellCredit: TIKTOK/kevglbach 4He even had to try a piece of an orange, because, some commenters believed, it was so easy to peel, he couldn't believe it was the same fruitCredit: TIKTOK/kevglbach Topics
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I have big boobs & found the perfect Christmas party wear items from PLT


I’m a labourer - folk are obsessed when I swap my high-vis gear for a bikini

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