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There are a lot of unpleasant things you can say about the Upside Down, the alternate dimension from which monsters and world-ending calamities originate in Stranger Things. It’s dark. It smells. It’s full of nasty creatures that should not have wings but do anyway. It’s inhospitable to human life. But I live in New York City, so I’m used to all that.

The Upside Down, however, is unpleasant in one way that I simply cannot abide by.

The Upside Down is too wet.

Other viewers have catalogued the purple prose in the show’s closed captions in detail, so I will just say that I counted at least 24 variations of something happening “wetly,” something squelching, or something slithering—and I know I missed some. That’s also not counting the times I definitely heard something moist happening, without a caption to describe it to me. The Upside Down is so wet that the closed caption artist had to describe tentacles as “ichorous,” before they just threw their hands in the air in defeat and went back to the ever-reliable “wet squelch.”

    I can handle some dampness—my home clime is famous for rain, and anyone who’s ever been to a subway station will rightfully point out the well-known phenomenon of subway juice. But that’s all just gross, and I’m not arguing from a place of disgust here. No, I am arguing from a place of unwavering moral righteousness.

    The Upside Down’s moisture isn’t just nasty: It’s an affront to the laws of nature, a flagrant flouting of the rules of physics that’s way more severe than a hole in the fabric of time and space. And if the Duffers won’t respect these sacred laws, then it falls to me.

    Consider this: While pretty much everything in the Upside Down is coated in a patina of goo, where is the water? Stranger Things Season 4 alone featured two places that have lots of water in the real world—a lake and a pool—that are bone-dry (save for the tentacles) on the other side.

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    Nicola Peltz shares emotional post about people who ‘make you feel bad’ amid Victoria Beckham feud rumours

    NICOLA Peltz has shared an emotional post about people who ‘make you feel bad’ amid Victoria Beckham feud rumours.

    The 27-year-old took to Instagram to open up about how she's been feeling recently.

    4Nicola Peltz told fans that her parents have hammered into her to not let people "bring her down"Credit: instagram 4Fans have speculated in recent months if Victoria and Nicola have fallen outCredit: INSTAGRAM

    It comes after it was pointed out that her Nicola and mother-in-law Victoria, 48, have ‘ignored each other’ on social media since she tied the knot to her son Brooklyn, 23, in April.

    Yesterday actress Nicola posted a snap of herself looking down with a lengthy caption, where she confessed that her mum and dad told her to "not let people bring her down".

    Nicola said: "Sometimes I find it hard to show the sad bits of me.

    "Growing up with seven siblings and two very strong parents, made me really tough, they hammered it into me to not let people bring me down or hurt my heart.

    "It made me put such a wall up to protect myself especially in this industry.

    "We all have days where people make you feel bad and it’s okay to be hurt by it.

    "I just thought I would write something because I never show this side of me here.

    "I wanted to show this side of me. I love you all so much and truly appreciate all of your support.

    "It means so much when you guys are kind on my page I want you to know i see you, I hear you, and it means a lot to me ????."

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    While many fans rushed to the comments section to share their love and support, others questioned if it could be referencing her relationship with the Spice Girl.

    Before Brooklyn and Nicola's lavish £3million wedding four months ago, the pair loved to give each other praise online.

    The fashion designer also spoke out openly about her love for Nicola and how excited she was for her to be a part of the family.

    But since the lavish nuptials this year, it seems to have changed.

    Victoria last liked of Nicola's posts back in May - and hasn't reacted to any from their recent honeymoon.

    Meanwhile the Holidate star hasn't reacted to many of her in-law's pictures either.

    A family insider didn't rule out rumours of a rift to the Mail, saying: "People constantly speculate about relationships — we don't really care as it's just silly."

    And a source told the publication that the Peltz family's attitude towards brand Beckham could be to blame.

    They said: "There is a feeling that the Peltzes rather turn their noses up at the Beckhams... the way that they do things and their celebrity profile.

    "Meanwhile, the Peltz clan has really embraced Brooklyn. There is a feeling that Brooklyn is now all about the Peltz family and not the Beckhams."

    Nicola is the daughter of New York billionaire Nelson Peltz.

    To make matters worse, according to the Mail, Victoria wasn't happy when Nicola was labelled 'The new Mrs Beckham' on the cover of Tatler magazine.

    And it seems like Nicola isn't keen on moving to the UK to be near Brooklyn's family.

    Read More on The SunAISLE SAY! 'Tacky' bride slammed over wedding sign- can YOU spot what's got people talking?

    The married couple are currently based in Los Angeles.

    When asked about moving to the UK, she previously said: "I would say ‘No’, but you never know. I love knowing I’m so close to my family.”

    4Nicola and Brooklyn tied the knot in April this yearCredit: The Mega Agency 4Nicola pictured with Brooklyn and her in-laws David and VictoriaCredit: 3

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