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AT least two people are dead after Tropical Storm Bonnie strengthened into a major hurricane on Tuesday off of Mexico's Pacific coast.

The now Category 3 storm is expected to pose no threat to land, according to forecasters as it headed farther into the Pacific.

4Bonnie has now become a Category 3 hurricane, according to the US National Hurricane CenterCredit: AccuWeather 4At least two people have died in separate flooding incidentsCredit: Reuters

On Tuesday, Bonnie had winds up to 115 mph, said the US National Hurricane Center.

It is the first major hurricane in the 2022 eastern Pacific hurricane season.

The storm was centered approximately 250 miles southwest of Zihuatanejo, a Mexican resort town, and it had been moving west at about 14 mph.

Heavy flooding occurred in Nicaragua as a result of the storm over the weekend as Bonnie made landfall on the Caribbean coast on late Friday as a tropical storm.

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"Areas of life-threatening flash flooding and mudslides are expected," said the hurricane center.

Officials in Nicaragua and Costa Rica were concerned that landslides and flooding would become issues in the coming days after the land had become already saturated with rainwater.

According to the Nicaraguan army, two people were killed in separate flooding-related incidents/

Alberto Flores Landero, 40, died while trying to cross the Mati River, which had overflowed due to the heavy rain.

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Juan Carlos Alemán, 38, died helping passengers from a bus that fell into the Ali Bethel river in the same area.

Mattresses were distributed to displaced families, said the Family Ministry.

Photos from where the storm hit showed water levels rising to the rooftops of buildings as people navigated the streets on boats.

4Bonnie is the first major hurricane in the 2022 eastern Pacific hurricane seasonCredit: NATIONAL HURRICANE CENTER 4Bonnie made landfall on the Caribbean coast on late Friday as a tropical stormCredit: Reuters

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Kiely Rodni’s frantic mom slams web sleuths after cops forced to address scanner reports claiming missing teen was found

KIELY Rodni's frantic mom has slammed web sleuths for circulating rumors after cops were forced to address scanner reports claiming the missing teen was found.

Kiely, 16, vanished early Saturday at around 12.30am near the Prosser Family Campground in Truckee, California, following a wild end-of-school bash.

4Kiely has been missing since SaturdayCredit: Placer County Sheriffs Office 4Kiely Rodni has not yet been found despite reports circulating on Twitter 4Kiely's mother, Lindsey, has spoken out, hoping her daughter will return home safelyCredit: THE US Sun 4Volunteers and officials continue to search for KielyCredit: The US Sun

Lindsey Rodni-Nieman slammed the so-called web sleuths circulating the false information.

“I knew it was going to be bullsh**," Lindsey told The U.S. Sun.

"I'm staying off social media. And I've told these poor kids to stay off social media because they're getting streams of messages and people fighting underneath their posts and accusing, all these terrible things.

"None of it is helpful.”

READ MORE ON KIELY RODNIDANGEROUS COMBO Party where teen disappeared 'crashed by men giving away shrooms & cocaine'EERIE UPDATE Creepy message on missing teen's sweater revealed after she VANISHED

Rumors started to swirl about the missing teen's whereabouts after a police scanner - believed to be real - reported a possible sighting of Kiely and her vehicle.

The scanner reported a sighting of a girl and a vehicle "possibly related to a missing subject out of Placer County."

Followers of the ongoing mystery surrounding Kiely's disappearance got their hopes up when they heard the scanner say "the vehicle is a match."

But police were quick to shut down the rumor, telling The U.S. Sun: “Misinformation, no merit.”

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Kiely's family also spoke out about the rumors, calling them "disappointing."

“We were excited but measured when we heard about it, because we’ve had information previously which turned out to be false," a family spokesperson told The U.S. Sun.

"It is incredibly disappointing it wasn’t true, and we urge everyone not to share any unfounded reports which may then circulate on social media.

"The family and law enforcement are focused on finding Kiely and will not let this dampen their spirit.”

The Placer County Sheriff's Office responded to the viral audio writing: "Untrue. Sorry."


Rumors that Kiely had been found come hours after police confirmed to The U.S. Sun that they are investigating a tip that men in their late 20s were giving out free drugs, including mushrooms and cocaine, to teens at the party where she was last seen.

Popular YouTuber iCkEdMeL, who has been covering the teen’s disappearance and has 133k subscribers, says he received an email from a tipster whose family members attended the bash.

During a phone call featured on a new episode, tipster Ronnie Jones, told him: "I have two cousins, they go to Sierra College, and they were going up to that party, they'd heard about. 

"And they had some other friends going with them but they were around 27/28 years old, they’re older, there was a lot of older dudes there. 

"And so I asked them if they knew her, and they said they saw her there and that she was just like, you know, laughing, going from group to group, talking, they didn’t make nothing of it.

"But she was talking to I guess a bunch of people, she was just walking around talking to everybody. And they said at the party a lot of people were doing shrooms, cocaine, drinking and all that. 

"And I was like yeah but that’s kind of normal around here though. I wasn’t really surprised about that. 

"I asked them, I said did you see anything weird going on, was anyone looking at her funny? But they were like 'No, everyone was just chill, but everyone was kind of messed up, and so was she.'

"I asked, well how drunk was she? And they said, well, she was stumbling around, she wasn't walking around like, ‘Oh I’m tipsy, I’m cool’. She was pretty drunk. If she had been driving around she would have been swerving easily. 

"There was no way she could have drove. 

"That was basically all I knew from that, and then they told me there was some other stuff but they can’t really talk about that, that’s basically all that they knew. She was really drunk and there was tons of drugs, not just drinking. They were doing blow [cocaine] openly. 

"And it wasn’t just a teen party, there were a lot of adults there, mid 20s, dudes who were way older there than 16."

Ronnie claimed his family didn't see her leave, and left the party around 10.30/11pm, while Kiely continued to party until gone 12.30am Saturday morning, which was attended by up to 300 people.

"They told me they didn’t see her wearing a sweatshirt at that time, she was wearing the bodysuit, same outfit, but they didn't see her wearing on sweatshirt.

"When kids go out there, I’ve been out there, they don't go out there with the drugs, they don't go out there with the shrooms, they usually bring the alcohol. 

"The dudes who come out there, the older guys, they have the shrooms and the cocaine. And then the kids go hang out with that group, the older dudes, because they’re giving them the blow, and hooking them up with stuff they can’t really afford because they don't really have the money of it, cocaine is pretty expensive.

"Most of the guys, they always wanna give it to the girls, they give them free lines, but then they want you to kick it with them, like, 'Hey, come do a line with me, come do a line with me'. That's how it goes, that's how those parties are. 

"There's no telling what could have happened. But I do know she was messed up, that's a fact. So if they tried to word it nicely … no, she was sh**faced. 

"I can't say for sure she participated [in substances] but that's what was there for a fact."


He added that a lot of the cocaine in the area is laced, and mixing it with shrooms would be "a dangerous combination". 

Word got out about the end-of-school party a month ahead of time by word of mouth on campus at Sierra College, according to the tipster, who added: "And no I was not there, my wife would kill me."

Ronnie, 29, also told The U.S Sun he has since joined the search and been near the campground checking around the party site, and wants to investigate anywhere the car may have been "stashed."

"I think someone is involved, who else was hanging out with her?" he said.

"I don't think it's possible to have that many people at a party and nobody know what happened to her, because most people were in groups.

"I find it hard to believe she was at that party by herself when her friend left. Where was her group of people? That's the sketchy part.

"My cousins left with their group, they didn't interact with her, but they saw her drunk.

"I don't see these older guys coming out and saying like, 'Yeah I supplied drugs', so many were underage, that's the problem."

He added that police in the area have previously broken up similar parties, but many youngsters drive off until officers have disappeared and return to the same spot to continue to drink.

iCkEdMel, whose real name is Melvin, told The U.S. Sun: "Ronnie said his cousins have been in touch with police and told them what they know. I believe them.

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"I think she may have been under the influence and driven into some water or something."

The Sun also spoke to a spokesperson from Placer County Sheriff's Office on Thursday who say they've been made aware of Ronnie's allegations and are investigating. 

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