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A MUM-of-three who claims she always gets mistaken for a 17-year-old has been savaged by internet users. 

Valeria Lipovetsky, from Canada, uploaded a TikTok saying she “looks 17-20” but is actually 30 and a “mama of three”.

6Mum-of-three Valeria Lipovetsky uploaded a TikTok video claiming she looks 17-20Credit: TikTok/@valeria.

Valeria previously claimed she is often mistaken for a teenager - and regularly tricks strangers into thinking she’s her son’s sister. 

Her video has racked up over 800,000 views, but many of the comments were skeptical that Valeria could pass for 17.

One said: “U look 30”, and another added: “Huh no I’m sorry but you look 33”.

A third added: “I thought 30 not going to lie.”

6Valeria said she is actually 30 but regularly gets mistaken for being a teenagerCredit: TikTok/@valeria.lipovetsky 6Valeria previously claimed she tricks strangers into thinking she’s her son’s sister

Valeria says she swears by dancing each day and sticking to a very strict skincare regime. 

Brunette beauty Valeria, who is Russian-born, applies Vitamin C serum to her face every morning, before using retinol to promote anti-ageing. 

To keep her skin looking youthful on her body, she exfoliates with a body dry-brush, which is said to boost circulation and reduce cellulite. 

Valeria created a TikTok video on how she winds back the clock, and also did a YouTube video called “6 ways to stay young forever”.

Other tips include having a cold shower each night to increase circulation and using a Gua Sha jade tool each night to diminish wrinkles. 

6Valeria applies Vitamin C serum to her face every morning 6Valeria has three kids but has not let that ditch her anti-ageing efforts 6Valeria says she loves it when people think she's in her teens

She told her 1.3 million followers: “I get so many comments from you guys and from people that I meet who say I look really young.

“It actually used to be such an annoying thing for me and I tried so hard to look older.

“But now, I really do love it – especially when people think I’m like 13 or 14 years old.

“I always say I invest in my skincare.”

She also aims to get plenty of sleep and advises using a weighted blanket if you find it hard to drift off. 

  • Use Vitamin C serum
  • Use retinol
  • Have a cold shower each night
  • Use a Gua Sha jade tool
  • Dry brush your skin
  • Dance every day
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    Previously, a mum, 31, claimed she’s ‘ageing backwards’ and reveals her secret for eternal youth.

    And a gorgeous mum looks better at 41 than she did at 21 reveals her unusual anti-ageing tips… from ditching cardio to eating SIX meals-a-day.

    Age-defying mum, 35, mistaken as 17-year-old daughter’s sister thanks to youthful looks & still gets ID’d

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    Scientists Aim to Bring the Tasmanian Tiger Back From Extinction

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    Five key clues in missing 16-year-old Kiely Rodnis disappearance from distinct car sticker to eerie message on sweater

    A TEENAGE girl had vanished after a wild party – cops reveal mysterious clues that could lead to her discovery.

    Kiely Rodni, 16, was last seen near the Prosser Family Campground in Truckee, California, around 12.30am on August 6.

    AP 5 Kiely Rodni, 16, (pictured) went missing after a party on August 6

    Placer County Sheriffs Office 5 Cops are treating this case as an abduction since her Honda CRV had also gone missing

    The US Sun 5 Police say Kiely was wearing this sweatshirt that she borrowed from a friend when she disappeared

    Cops say that Kiely attended a large party that night, along with more than 100 other teens and young adults.

    Kiely’s mother, Lindsey, was waiting for her to come home that night after Kiely texted her at 11.30am saying she would be “straight home” 45 minutes from then.

    However, she never returned home, leading police to hunt for answers as to what exactly happened to Kiely after midnight and where she might be now.


    Although Kiely’s case may seem like a missing persons case, police are treating it as an abduction based on one key fact.

    Read more on Kiely Rodni


    Timeline of missing teen's last moments from party to CCTV vid before she VANISHED


    Kiely Rodni's mom pleads for help to find daughter before teen's birthday

    That night, Kiely was driving her silver 2013 Honda CRV with California license plate 8YUR127.

    However, the cops have not been able to find her car, which is why they are treating Kiely’s disappearance as an abduction case.

    David Robertson, 70, Kiely’s beloved grandfather said the situation is like a “bad dream.”

    Lindsey’s best friend, Marika Beck, 42, fears that Kiely might’ve been taken. She said: “We’re really concerned she’s been taken out of state, potentially trafficked and heading to the borders,

    “So if we can get the borders actively locked down and patrolled for every f**king car that goes through there, it’s very likely she’s still in the car because they haven’t found it.”

    Kiely’s Car Sticker

    Police also revealed that Kiely’s car has a small ram-head sticker on the rear window, under her back wiper.

    This clue could lead to more tips from people who can better identify the car if seen on the road.

    A flier was shared on Reddit showing several photos of Kiely, along with her car and the sticker.

    The Reddit user who posted it said he planned to share the post with a wider audience after having a conversation with someone about the missing teen.

    A KielyRodni subreddit was also created with 2,500 members now sharing their latest information on the case.


    Witnesses have come out and said that the party Kiley attended was full of sketchy older guys and that a lot of drugs were circling around.

    Kiely’s 18-year-old friend, Sami Smith exclusively told The U.S. Sun: “Now we know there were a lot of college people.

    Teens are coming out [with information] in our teen-to-teen talks. There were a lot of sketchy, older guys that were seen there.”

    She had also previously told The U.S. Sun: “I think a lot of them were scared to talk, they were engaging in illegal activity in the woods, it’s like this Lord of the Flies space where they can just be.”

    One tipster, Ronnie Jones, told Popular YouTuber iCkEdMe in a new video, that his two college-aged cousins were at the party.

    He said: “And it wasn’t just a teen party, there were a lot of adults there, mid 20s, dudes who were way older there than 16.”

    When talking about his cousins, Jones said: “And they had some other friends going with them but they were around 27/28 years old, they’re older, there was a lot of older dudes there.”

    Jones added: “And they said at the party a lot of people were doing shrooms, cocaine, drinking and all that.”

    ‘Burial Site’ Tip

    A recent tip suggested that “there was a potential burial site that was located near the [Prosser Family] campground,” Placer County Sheriff’s Office Public Information Officer Angela Musallam said.

    Kiely’s family had been notified of the tip and a search-and-rescue team located the site.

    However, the tip led to another frustrating dead-end as the “burial site” was for a dog.

    “The FBI agents investigated the site through early this morning and recovered the remains of a dog,” Officer Musallam said.

    Eerie Sweatshirt Message

    Officials believed Kiely could have been wearing a friend’s sweatshirt at the time of her disappearance.

    They claim that she may have worn that sweatshirt later on in the night as the temperature dropped in the woods.

    Read More on The US Sun


    I was called 'loser' at school - now I'm a MILLIONAIRE at 20 thanks to side hustle


    Sister Wives' Kody makes sneaky financial move with 'favorite' wife Robyn

    The message on that sweatshirt read: “You don’t want to be forgotten. You just want to disappear.”

    The quote is from a poem entitled “Past the Bushes Cypress Thriving” by Lana Del Rey.

    Sami Smith 5 There were a lot of sketchy, older guys at the party, witnesses reported

    The US Sun 5 The party was held near the Prosser Family Campground in Truckee, California
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    • Police: 12-Year-Old Grazed By Bullet After Altercation In Detroit
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    • Five key clues in missing 16-year-old Kiely Rodni’s disappearance from distinct car sticker to eerie message on sweater
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