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A MUM shared her epic car hack for camping with families this summer - but many people were quick to point out a dilemma with her tip.

The woman uploaded a photo of a car boot filled with plastic chest of drawers containing picnic food, which had the caption “car camping, the smart way!”

2A woman showed her handy hack for going car campingCredit: Facebook

She wrote on Facebook: “Anyone going camping this summer?

“This is a brilliant way to be organised and make your trip run smoothly!”

Although the hack seemed to solve the issue of storing bags of food, many people said her hack had one big flaw.


One person wrote: “That's just food....what about the actual tent, sleeping bags.....basically everything you actually NEED for a camping trip?”

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Another added: “Wheres the tent?!”

A third echoed the sentiments, and commented: “So where do I put the tent, sleeping bags, blow ups, chairs, gas stove - and the dog??”

And one skeptic wrote: “Anyone who goes camping knows that this won't work.”

Some argued that adding a roof rack or trailer could solve the problem of transporting the extra supplies.

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2People were quick to ask how she goes camping with no space for tentsCredit: Facebook

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My miserable neighbours constantly complain that my sons are distressing their dog but they’re just being kids

ONE mum has found herself having to keep her teenage sons inside after their neighbour complained about noise.

Taking to Mumsnet for advice, the anonymous my says her neighbour complained that the sounds of her sons, and their friends, playing basketball was making her dog distressed.

1The neighbour has claimed the sounds are making their dog distressedCredit: Alamy

She writes: “New neighbours (a couple, late 40s so similar age to us, but no kids) came around last night to complain that the sound of our teen boys playing in the garden was upsetting their dog who is a rescue, very nervous and reactive to sound.”

She adds that she knows the dog has some problems as “it barks at us from his side of the fence whenever we go out in the garden.”

The neighbours also further amplified this point when they came round to complain with their dog, who spent the whole time growling and baring its teeth.

The mum continues: “My dilemma is that while I'm sympathetic, I don't think the noise they were making was excessive - no screaming, no music blaring, just the sound of kids playing in the garden. 

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“The ball doesn't thud loudly on the floor as the garden is grass with no paving or decking so it's muffled, but it does clatter when it hits the hoop.

“I get that the clatter would be annoying after a while, but I wouldn't say it was any more annoying than the noise of their dog barking at us through the fence and I wouldn't dream of complaining about that. It's just part and parcel of life.”

She then says that the neighbours claimed to also be concerned about the possibility of the ball coming over the fence and hitting their dog - even though this didn’t happen.

“I've told the kids they're not to play basketball anymore to keep neighbourly relations cordial,” she finishes, adding that she doesn’t want her sons to have to stay indoors all summer and that the nearest park is still a bit of a trek.

Commenters on the thread sided with the mum, saying that her neighbour’s were being unreasonable that she shouldn’t cave to any of their demands.

One Mumsnet user wrote: “These people have no idea what they’re doing with that dog. They need to read up on dog training, dog behaviour, and what to do/ what not to do with a stressed out rescue dog. It’s not your problem.”

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“Their dog, their problem. If the dog reacts to the playing then they should take it in” added another.

While a third argued: “As the owner of a reactive rescue who would probably be exactly the same - they are being totally unreasonable. You can't and shouldn't stop your kids using their garden.”

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