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IF LIFE does exist on Mars, it may be hiding from us – here are two examples of how this could be the case.

The possibility of alien life on Mars is a topic that has captivated astronomers for decades.

1Nasa says rovers may need to start digging deeper under Mars' surface to find signs of lifeCredit: NASA

Despite the scientific community's best efforts, however, no proof of past or present life has been found on Mars.

Still, that doesn't necessarily mean it's not there, many experts have concluded.

There may be several ways that evidence of alien life on Mars could be evading us.

Life could be hiding under the surface

One recent study has indicated that we need to look deeper under Mars' surface to find traces of life.

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That's because any evidence of amino acids left over from a time when Mars may have been habitable is likely buried at least 6.6 feet under the ground.

Scientists look for amino acids due to their role in forming life as we know it, per the Scripps Research Institute.

Amino acids, which can be created by life and by non-biological chemistry, are a key component in building life-essential proteins.

And because Mars lacks a magnetic field, its surface is subject to a lot of cosmic radiation that destroys amino acids.

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"Our results suggest that amino acids are destroyed by cosmic rays in the Martian surface rocks and regolith at much faster rates than previously thought," said Alexander Pavlov of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland.

"Current Mars rover missions drill down to about two inches (around five centimeters). At those depths, it would take only 20 million years to destroy amino acids completely."

In light of this new research, a new strategy is required when drilling shallow surfaces with rovers like Perservenace or Curiosity.

Life may exist in ways we don't yet recognize

Nasa scientist Dr. Moogega Cooper discussed with Talks at Google in April about life on Mars.

When asked whether she thought Mars has or once had life, Cooper's answer was positive.

She said: "Did water used to exist on Mars? Yes. Does Mars have some interesting chemistry that could have potentially harbored or sustained life? Yes."

For these reasons alone, Cooper implies that we can't rule out that life once existed on the Red Planet.

Nasa also hasn't completely ruled out that there is life on Mars or other planets.

It may just be life that we don't yet understand.

Cooper notes that microbes on Earth can exist in extremely harsh environments and the same could be said for Mars.

If we do find life, Cooper's next job would be to make sure that Earth is safe when a sample of it is returned here.

She explained to Talks at Google: "One day we hope to bring samples back to our own planet and you have to have that same consideration.

"When you bring something back you don't want to bring something that may be harmful to humans.

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"So we have to do the best job possible to make sure it's done right."

"When it comes to protecting Earth from alien life, Cooper says: "We can only protect against life as we know it today.

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Sonic is bringing back two items this month – including an iconic pickle-style drink

FOR a limited time, pickle lovers can please their pallets at Sonic.

The fast food chain is bringing back the popular Pickle Juice Slush and the Big Dill Cheeseburger starting August 8 until August 28.

1The Pickle Juice Slush will be available for only three weeks starting August 8

Dill pickle lovers have been calling for the return of these items but especially the Pickle Juice Slush.

The slush combines the flavor of a salty dill pickle with a sweet slush that tastes just like you stuck a straw into a pickle jar.

Plus, customers can customize any slush and add pickle juice flavoring to any beverages for no extra charge.

The Pickle Juice Slush is offered half price any time it's ordered from the SONIC App.

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The Big Dill Cheeseburger originally launched in April and quickly sold out.

The $4.49 burger comes with pickle fries, crinkle-cut pickle slices, creamy ranch sauce, chopped lettuce, and melty American cheese on a toasted brioche bun.

If that wasn't enough for the pickle people, customers can also grab pickle fries as a separate and limited-time option for just $1.89.

The pickle fries are dill pickle spears cut into a fry shape, battered, fried, and served with a side of ranch.

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Mackenzie Gibson, Vice President of Culinary & Menu Innovation at SONIC said in statement, “our pickle-forward menu innovations have become some of our most popular, so much so that they’ve often sold out quicker than we anticipated."

"Our pickle-obsessed guests have been patiently waiting for their return, and we’re very excited to offer them once again for a limited time,” she added.

What does it taste like?

Drinking pickle juice isn't that strange as many use it as a chaser in bars or restaurants.

While the slush definitely has sugar added, it should make for an interesting end-of-summer treat.

Sonic said in a statement that Pickle Juice Slush is supposed to perfectly combine salty, sweet, and tart.

Jayme Deerwester reviewed the infamous slush and said in an article from USA Today, that the pickle flavor wasn't as strong as you'd expect.

"The opening notes of limey tartness reminded me a bit of Mountain Dew. The pickle flavor kicked in as the slushy mixture hit the back of my mouth before I swallowed," Jayme said.

She also mentioned that it should definitely be enjoyed cold as pickle juice shouldn't be lukewarm.

What are pickle people saying?

The pickle lovers know this is a big dill.

Many have taken to Twitter to describe their elation of the return of these items.

One user commented, "the pickle slush is amazing. It’s lime with just a hint of Pickle juice flavor it really is refreshing. Assuming it is the same as last time."

Another user wrote, "everyone stop what you’re doing and go to sonic and order a pickle juice slush PLEASE. It is legitimately the best drink l’ve ever had."

Another Twitter user commented, "I gotta get my hands on a pickle juice slush."

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Plus, Taco Bell is bringing back Mexican Pizza just months after it sold out – see the exact date.

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