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KIM Kardashian has flaunted major cleavage in a tiny metallic bikini in a new video after fans have ripped her 'overpriced' swimwear line.

Kim, 41, has been called out recently for being out of touch on what's affordable to a majority of her customers and fans.

7Kim Kardashian flaunts her curves in a mirror selfie as she blows a kiss to her followersCredit: Instagram/Kim Kardashian 7Kim showed off major cleavage in a new SKIMS bikini on her Instagram Story

The videos, posted to the Hulu star's Instagram Stories, feature behind-the-scenes recordings of Kim during the promotional shoot for SKIMS METALLIC SWIM.

In the selfie video, Kim models her 70s-inspired feathered blonde wig and blue-tinted chrome eye shadow.

She also dons her photoshoot attire, a revealing gold metallic swimsuit that compliments her golden brown tan.

The barely-there bikini shows off a massive amount of the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star's cleavage.

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The SKIMS founder doesn't seem to mind as the following video depicts Kim crouching down in front of a mirror to flaunt the remainder of her famous body.

The official SKIMS Instagram posted a promo clip of their founder in honor of the release of their new metallic swim line.

7Kim Kardashian sports a feathered blonde wig and blue eye shadow along with her revealing bikiniCredit: Instagram/Kim Kardashian 7Kim gave fans a behind-the-scenes look during the filming of her SKIMS promotional adCredit: Instagram/Kim Kardashian RETRO REALITY STAR

In the video, Kim poses in a silver two-piece and big blonde hair while speaking on a cordless beside an equally fluffed poodle.

Later, the TV personality catches some rays on a vintage pool chair while sporting the gold metallic bikini.

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The caption reads: "Metallic Swim’s calling. Go ‘70s poolside glam in high-cut heroes dipped in high-shine hues."

Kim also took to her own Instagram to promote the line as she shared more snaps of herself showing off the new bikinis.

Fans were all about it in the comments section as one wrote: "Okay, I'm obsessed!"

Another chimed in: "Gorgeous!" while one said, "I'm sobbing in the best way possible."


While some Kardashian fans went gaga over the new SKIMS additions the swimwear line angered some potential consumers as they argued that the shapewear products aren't worth the high cost.

While the 41-year-old modeled the new bikinis, pairing them with chunky earrings and a full face of makeup, fans weighed in on the products in the comments.

One person wrote: "SKKN is overpriced and questionable."

They continued: "Other than her lip kits, her products are overpriced and mediocre."

A second fan agreed: "They’re selling the idea of themselves. Most of their followers, you know the ones, don’t even wear or buy the stuff they sell."

A third follower chimed in: "I mean...I can go on Etsy and find these exact suits, made to measure for cheaper than what she sells them for."


This isn't the first time one of Kim's products has been called out for being too expensive recently Kim's new skincare line SKKN by Kim was called out for its high prices.

While fans were excited about the new launch, they were a bit turned off by the products' outrageous prices following their release.

The "Complete Collection" of all nine products now sells for $575, down from the initial announced retail value of $673.

Due to the high prices, fans noticed a few details that they believed proved the line was a total flop.

One social media user pointed out that even though there was such high demand and excitement around it, none of the items sold-out after four hours.

"I wonder if she thought it was gonna sell out immediately," they wrote, adding a laughing emoji.

"Not with those prices," chimed in one fan.

"What part of…Cleanser: $43; $37 refill, Toner: $45; $38 refill, Exfoliator: $55; $47 refill, Hyaloronic Acid Serum: $90; $77 refill, Vitamin C8 Serum: $90; $77 refill, Face VlCream: $85; $72 refill, Eye Cream: $75; $64 refill, Oil Drops: $95; $81 refill, Night Oil: $95; $81 refill, The Komplete Kollection: $575 (Retail Value $673)…do you not understand," joked one fan.

Another person commented: "Kim have you seen gas prices lately?"

While a third commenter added: "It's just not affordable."

After realizing it didn't sell out, fans bashed the line and gave reasons as to why it didn't.

"The entire set doesn't make sense or appeal to me. The refills, pricing, and ingredients are off-putting IMO," said one fan.

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"The refills really got me lol. Claiming sustainability but the refills look like they could be a standalone product and on top of the main packaging there are also covers for each product so the third layer of packaging. A swing and a miss," said another.

Another sign that the line was tanking is that some of the products were already discounted within less than a day.

7Kim Kardashian sports a feathered blonde wig as she takes in the raysCredit: SKIMS 7Kim poses with a retro cordless phone as she stands next to a poodle in the SKIMS promo videoCredit: SKIMS 7Kim Kardashian flaunts her golden tan in a metallic gold bikiniCredit: SKIMS

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Wendy Williams sparks concern as she walks around in a robe barefoot with dirty feet after seeming disoriented in video

WENDY Williams has once again sparked concern from fans, stepping out barefoot and in a bathrobe days after an alarming video.

The former daytime TV queen recently spoke with photographers, seeming confused about where she was and where she was headed.

1Wendy Williams has fans concerned after she was seen walking barefoot in a robeCredit: Splash

On Thursday, photos surfaced of Wendy, 58, walking around the lobby of her building barefoot in a Versace bathrobe.

Her feet appeared dirty as she made her way across the floor.

At one point, she looked surprised or caught off guard, standing with her mouth agape and her eyes opened wide.

The video comes days after alarming footage of the star shot outside her building.

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On Wednesday, Wendy was filmed outside her high rise building with a man who identified himself as her manager.

She shocked fans as she appeared thinner than ever before.

The TV star had on a pair of tiny denim shorts and a black T-shirt, showing off her extremely slim legs and arms.

Wendy's face also showed signs of major weight loss, with her cheek bones protruding more than is typical.

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Wendy appeared in good spirits, although slightly confused.

At one point, she asked: "Where are we going?"

She walked back and forth for a moment before revealing her plans for the day.

"Well, my American Express is broken, so I gotta take care of that," she said.

Wendy then asked: "Where am I flying? This is not where I'm flying."

Fans have noticed several instances of odd behavior from the star as of late.


LastIn July, video of the struggling talkshow host surfaced from her manager Will Selby's birthday party, held at a Queens strip club called Starlet's. 

In the clip, Wendy looked wide-eyed, filming fellow club patrons.

Her manager, who previously expressed to The U.S. Sun that Wendy is not totally herself these days, posted a series of video clips from the night on his own Instagram. 

His post kicked off with a quick shot of what looked like a lit blunt and a series of scenes filmed inside the smoke-filled stripclub.

Strippers could be seen dancing, stacks of bills were being tossed around, and Wendy was seen smiling throughout. 

After the video emerged, fans of Wendy flocked to the comments to express worry for her.

She previously admitted to struggling with alcohol and drug addiction. 

Wendy entered into a halfway house back in 2019 in an attempt to get sober.

One fan wrote: "Oh lord, what’s going on with miss Wendy," while another chimed in, "Hope she’s ok." 

Another person who thought the daytime diva looked well, commented: "Okay Wendy out her lookin good!!! Yes," to which another disagreed, "No she doesn’t, she looks strung out with a smile..."  

Meanwhile, one commenter simply wrote: "If you all don’t take her a** home." 

While people expressed concern for Wendy in comments under the video posted to TikTok by comedian and party attendee Danny Ducez, Wendy's manager recently exclusively told The U.S. Sun he isn't worried for his client.

However, Will did confess that she isn't operating as usual anymore either. 

"I'm not saying she's in perfect condition," Will told The U.S. Sun in an interview earlier this month.  

"Is there any concern on my behalf? No, I just feel like Wendy is being Wendy. It's a lot for her to take on right now." 

"It was a lot for her to deal with," Will said of the veteran daytime host losing her show after more than a decade. 

Will also gave his take on Wendy's behavior after an interview she gave to TMZ in which she appeared to be struggling staying on topic and showed off a swollen foot. 

"It was a little wild, I'm going to be very transparent. I'm not gonna sit up here and say that Wendy is perfect and that she's an image of ourselves from heaven. It was a little shaky," Will shared. 

Wendy's longtime jeweler turned manager admitted that the mom-of-one has a hard time focusing while talking: "She's an iconic figure that's lived a life, so it's hard for her to stay on topic and talk about a blue shirt when her life is so colorful."  

"That's why sometimes she may steer away but she'll get back to the topic eventually- maybe tomorrow," he said with a laugh.  


Sources close to Wendy previously expressed their fear exclusively to The U.S. Sun about another disturbing interview from the star, in which she repeatedly said she wants "to f***." 

"If I don't do anything else, including podcast, including restaurant, I would love to fall in love. I want to f**k," Wendy told Page Six at the time.  

"A lot of girls that are 57 don't care about f******g, excuse me, I'm gorgeous. Can I f**k?" Wendy said with excitement.

An insider close to Wendy called the interview "heartbreaking." 

That same source revealed that despite her regular talk about another passion project - a possible podcast- there are still no deals in place and major podcast carriers have passed on working with her.  

Another source told The U.S. Sun: "These interviews are just heartbreaking and she still doesn’t have a podcast deal. Most big companies have passed, they don’t want her drama and no one believes she will do the work each day." 

The insider added that there isn't a lot of faith in her management right now either. 

"She’s trouble and her team is unprofessional. They don't have much experience in the podcast world and they aren't keenly aware of the landscape."  

A second source in Wendy's inner circle told The U.S. Sun: "There is no date for when this podcast is supposed to happen.  

"I can't see her being able to put on a podcast. It's weird she is even being put out for these interviews. They're disturbing. It just becomes clearer she isn't ready," they added. 

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Wendy has been keeping a low profile as of late.

She has been battling health issues, legal woes, and more.

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