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Former D.C. Metropolitan Police Officer Michael Fanone, told CNN’s Jim Acosta that former President Donald Trump should be jailed based on evidence uncovered in the January 6th committee hearings.

Fanone was nearly killed during the Capitol riot on January 6th, as rioters pulled him to the ground, beat him with pipes, and tased him.

The former officer suffered a mild heart attack and a concussion as a result, among other injuries.

Fanone has been a vocal critic of those seeking to undermine the dangerous riot, delivering an emotional testimony before the House select committee, investigating the events of that day.

On Saturday, when asked by Acosta whether the select committee is moving towards accountability for Trump, Fanone said “I think that’s completely up to Merrick Garland.”

“I’ll be honest, I don’t have the highest of hopes,” stated the former officer.

Fanone has been pessimistic about the House Select Committee since the get-go, telling Acosta just last month that he believes Trump may end up getting “off the hook.”

The former officer continued that “they felt that they could avoid a trial, which could be, you know, very ugly for this country,” but argued that “It’s not enough for me, and I don’t think it’s enough for most Americans.”

“If you want to restore the credibility of the Department of Justice, we need to return to the rule of law,” said Fanone, adding “my understanding of that is that no one in America is above the law.”

Fanone argued that “we’ve seen ample the probable cause, he should be arrested,” referring to Trump.

“The case should be put before a grand jury, and if they indict him, he should be tried,” pressed the former officer.

Fanone then was asked about the recent bombshell hearings, in which witness Cassidy Hutchinson testified in front of the select committee.

“The most significant parts of her testimony to me, refers to the president suggesting or asking that the magnetometers be removed,” said Fanone, “when he knew that they were armed.”

The former officer continued, “I think that speaks to his mindset that day,” arguing that Trump knew ahead of time that violence could ensue that day.

“He assembled this militia from all across the United States and brought them there to attack the Capitol,” said Fanone.

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I tried SKKN by Kim Kardashian – which product to buy and which to avoid

ONE skincare expert has shared her review of Kim Kardashian's new skincare line – and she's not impressed by everything.

The skincare-obsessed TikToker tested out SKKN by Kim products and revealed which she thought were worth the buy and which to avoid.

5Skincare guru Amy Chang shares products to buy and avoid from Kim Kardashian's SKKN by Kim skincare lineCredit: TikTok/bondenavant 5The Kardashian skincare line comes with an array of skincare productsCredit: TikTok/bondenavant

Finding the right skincare product for your skin takes a lot of trial and error.

Skincare expert Amy Chang, known on TikTok as @bondenavant, shared a 37-second video review on TikTok of two products in Kim Kardashian's neutral-colored skincare line, SKKN by Kim.

Chang captioned the video, "Are you feeling excited or fatigued by all the celebrity beauty brand launches?"

With a multitude of celebrities tapping into the hair, makeup, and beauty industry, sometimes the options can overwhelming, so the skincare guru is here to help.

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Chang has 1.3 million followers on Tiktok and over 336,000 on her personal Instagram account, so her self-care and beauty methods resonate with many.

The TikTok video kicks off with a classic unboxing vision of the SKKN nude tote.

Then, Chang starts removing a plethora of skincare products within it, as well as a nude headband, a robe, and slippers

Simply written in subtitles over the video is the phrase, "SKKN BY Kim, What to...Buy-Avoid."

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Not to waste any time, Chang delves immediately into her first product review, the SKKN by Kim Oil Drops, $95.

"So buy the oil drops. They're gorgeous," Chang suggests. "They have a very thin texture that sinks right in."

She proceeds to add that the oil drops are lightweight and contain a fat-soluble vitamin C.

This is great for people with sensitive skin, who don't tolerate L-ascorbic acid well but want oxidized protection and skin brightening.

L-ascorbic acid can be irritating for those with rosacea, dermatitis, and sensitive skin.

5In her opinion, Chang says the SKKN by Kim Oil Drops are worth the $95 purchaseCredit: TikTok/bondenavant

On the flip side, Chang is not a fan of the SKKN by Kim Toner, $45.

"Now, avoid the toner," Chang bluntly says.

"It feels nice. It's lightweight, but witch-hazel as a second ingredient...It feels overpriced to me for what it is," she states.

For Chang, the price is not right, especially considering what the product itself is.

The TikTok skincare expert closes out the video by asking viewers a simple question.

5Chang says the toner is not worth $45 and seems expensive for a witch-hazel tonerCredit: TikTok/bondenavant

"Are you planning on trying Kim K's new skincare line? Let me know in the comments below," she says.

The comment section did not hold back, and many were adamant that they were not trying the products.

"Oil drops for $95? I think I’ll pass," one viewer commented.

"AVOID IT ALL," another bluntly stated.

"There are so many better products for half the price. No thanks," another added.

Some viewers were appreciative of Chang's product reviews and are planning on purchasing some of the SKKN by Kim skincare products themselves.

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"Yes I can’t wait for it to launch! I really want to try the exfoliator and the serum," one viewer exclaimed.

"Have the full thing. And I’m 100% not disappointed! Love the color for the packaging and the packaging itself! It was really good. Better than Kylie’s," another added in support.

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