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(CNN) — We may find fireworks beautiful and festive, but they explode like magnified gunfire in the exquisitely sensitive ears of many of our pets.

Measuring between 150 and 175 decibels, fireworks are louder than many planes at takeoff (about 140 decibels). Decibels measure the loudness of a sound while hertz measure the frequency of a sound.

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Human ears are damaged at a mere 85 decibels. Yet we can hear to only about 20,000 hertz, while dogs can hear between 45,000 and 65,000 hertz. Just think of the physical and emotional damage that might occur to a dog left outside to face the noise.

Not to mention that when frightened, dogs bolt and owners may lose their best friends in the night.

“Dogs have been known to dig under or jump over fences, break tethers or even shatter windows in response to their fireworks fears,” according to Best Friends Animal Society, one of the nation’s oldest no-kill agencies.

That leaves dogs running loose, possibly to be struck by cars, picked up by strangers, or even turned into local animal shelters, which may still have limited hours due to the pandemic. Anxious pet owners may face barriers in identifying and rescuing their pets.

Danger to all types of pets

Statistics show at least 40% of dogs have noise phobias, which can include fear of thunderstorms, leaf blowers, power drills and even hair dryers. But those noises are relatively constant, experts say, while fireworks are frighteningly sporadic and therefore unexpected.

“Many animals associate loud noises with danger,” said Dr. Michelle Lugones, a veterinarian with Best Friends Animal Society. “From an evolutionary standpoint they are wired to avoid perceived threats, so it’s not surprising that fireworks are distressing to many animals.”

It’s not just dogs. Cats and many other domestic and wild animals have sensitive hearing, provided by nature to find and hunt prey.

“It’s very likely that cats suffer just as much from fireworks phobia as dogs,” Lugones said. “But since cats tend to be more independent in the home and usually run and hide during fearful situations, their owners may just not realize that they are distressed from fireworks.”

Small pets such as rabbits and guinea pigs are prey species and so are easily stressed, Lugones continued, adding that “unfortunately, rabbits can even die from extreme fright especially if they have an underlying illness. They may also injure themselves attempting to flee.”

Cows are social animals, Lugones said, so loud noises could spook an entire herd, while horses are also prey species that can easily become startled by fireworks.

“It may be less understood how reptiles and birds respond to fireworks, but they too have stress responses, so precautions should be taken for them,” she said.

Prepare your pet before dark

The key to helping your pet survive this frightening onslaught is being prepared, said Dr. Douglas Kratt, president of the American Veterinary Medical Association.

Tags and microchips. Be sure your pet has a well-fitting collar with current identification tags, Kratt said. If your pet has a microchip, make sure your correct contact info is recorded with the vet clinic or shelter that implanted the chip.

That way, if your pet does escape into the night, you will be able to immediately call and alert the vet or shelter about their absence.

Exercise before dark. A tired dog is a calmer dog. A happy cat is a more relaxed cat, Kratt said. Fit in some extra playtime for your cats, and take dogs out for play and exercise well before dark. Such activities burn off extra energy, thus limiting anxiety later when it’s time to sleep.

Bring all pets indoors. Don’t leave your pet outside to suffer alone. Put a dog’s crate or bed in the quietest, most enclosed room possible, Kratt said.

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“Keep windows and curtains closed to further muffle sounds, and take some time to see what works best for your dog, such as lowering the lights or covering the crate with a blanket,” he said.

Cats like to go high to feel secure, so give them a covered cozy cave that is elevated off the ground, like a hut on an indoor cat tree or in a closet.

Distract your pet. Provide lots of new toys and long-lasting chews and treats. Food puzzles may also keep them distracted from the unnerving noises.

Use calming aids. Many pets respond to “thunder” shirts or blankets that wrap them in a heavy, calming cocoon. Cats and dogs often enjoy smelling species-specific pheromones. Cats can wear collars with scents that mimic the pheromone mother cats produce to calm their kittens. Dogs respond to the scent of lactating female dogs, called appropriately “dog appeasing pheromone,” or DAP.

Use calming sounds. First, muffle sounds by closing curtains and doors near your pet. Calming music, or white noise like fans or television — but not too loud — can be used to provide comfortable, familiar sounds.

Humans must stay calm, too. If you aren’t fond of fireworks either, try to remain calm around your pet anyway, Kratt said.

“Our pets may look to us to see how we are reacting and be influenced by our behavior,” he said. “Try not to react too strongly to fireworks or your pets’ distress.”

Use medication as a last resort. While there is nothing wrong with turning to your vet for calming medications, experts worry that pet owners might rely on that first, without doing the behavioral modification tips above. But if you have tried all these ideas and your furry friend is still in a panic, reach out to your vet for advice.

Keep animals away from your fireworks. If your pet isn’t bothered by the noise and you plan to set off your own fireworks, be sure to keep your pet inside and secured. Some dogs may “chase after the bright moving objects and are at risk to be burned or blinded in the process,” says Best Friends Animal Society.

In addition, many fireworks also contain “substances that are toxic if ingested,” so be sure to safely store your fireworks where a pet cannot find them.

When fireworks end

The dangers for pets extend past exploding fireworks, Kratt said.

“The Fourth has some other risks for our pets, such as an abundance of unhealthy and accessible foods at parties, dangerous summer heat, and dangerous debris on the ground following fireworks displays,” Kratt said.

Before you let your pet loose in the yard the next day, check it carefully for leftover pieces and parts from exploded fireworks.

“Even if you didn’t set off fireworks yourself, debris can make its way into your yard, where curious animals may pick it up to play with or eat,” Kratt said.

Used and unused fireworks are toxic to pets, Lugones said.

“Depending on the chemicals they contain, fireworks can cause severe gastrointestinal signs such as vomiting, bloody diarrhea, abdominal pain, and foreign body obstruction,” she said. “They can also cause acute kidney failure, difficulty breathing, and seizures. If there’s any concern your pet has ingested fireworks, contact a veterinarian immediately.”

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San Francisco 49ers | Kurtenbach: This preseason will keep 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan busy for all the wrong reasons

SANTA CLARA — Let the games begin.

No, I don’t mean the 49ers’ preseason, which kicks off the first of its three games on Friday at Levi’s Stadium.

I’m talking about the game within those games.

Specifically, how Niners head coach Kyle Shanahan manages to do as little as possible for all 180 minutes he’s required to field his team.

Shanahan has made it no secret that he has little interest in the preseason. If he had his way, he would do away with the preseason games altogether.

I imagine a quarter into Friday’s quasi-season debut, Niners’ season ticket holders who paid the full regular-season price for tickets to a game between players in official team uniforms, but who are most definitely not the San Francisco 49ers and Green Bay Packers, will feel the same way.

Shanahan prefers the intrateam practices that the 49ers have been doing so far in training camp and the intrateam sessions that the Niners will have for two days next week with the Minnesota Vikings.

“I’m more into the scrimmage than the game,” Shanahan said. “I’d prefer that’s all we did, all three weeks, and never play in a game.”

Does first-year-starting quarterback Trey Lance need snaps? Absolutely.

But Shanahan doesn’t see the value of preseason snaps, what would Lance be gleaning from the experience?

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NFL coaches have always found the preseason to be more nuisance than a blessing. Rams coach Sean McVay — a branch off Shanahan’s coaching tree — sat his entire offense for all four preseason games in 2018. He’s maintained that position every year since, even as the NFL eliminated a preseason game from the schedule.

To McVay, the risk of injury wasn’t worth the reward of seeing what he could reasonably ascertain in practices and controlled scrimmages with other teams.

The Niners can see the logic in that — last year Lance chipped the bone at the end of his right index finger in the Niners’ final preseason game. It was an injury that Lance said affected him all season. If the same thing were to happen this preseason, the Niners’ win total at sportsbooks in Las Vegas would be taken off the board — this season’s lofty hopes would likely be shattered.

The apple didn’t fall far from the tree with McVay and Shanahan. The Niners’ coach is yet to completely punt the preseason, but with so many head coaches in the league capable of tracing their coaching lineage to the two NFC West head honchos — and Shanahan and McVay’s success — the already watered-down exhibition schedule is likely to be more diluted than ever this season.

Shanahan said that Lance might play Friday and in the team’s third preseason game at Houston. No guarantees were made on either game, though.

That’s the first game within the game. Do the players people pay to see even play?

No matter which players are on the field — Lance included — it’s highly unlikely that Shanahan would run anything but the most vanilla offense. For defensive coordinator DeMeco Ryans, expect a defense as bland as his press conferences.

The Niners’ offense will evolve with Lance at the help — his skillset demands it. We’ve seen hints of this new playbook during practices this past week. But why put the good stuff on tape for the rest of the league?

That’s the second game within the game.

Last year, Shanahan did put some good stuff in the Niners’ third preseason game. He put in a full-blown quarterback rotation with Jimmy Garoppolo and Lance.

It proved foolhardy because of the Lance injury, but there was some benefit: he could laugh at the media freakout.

Thanks for that one, Kyle.

The Lions — the 49ers’ Week 1 opponent — also freaked out at the quarterback rotation. The final preseason game has been treated as the dress rehearsal for decades. Here the Niners were busting out a big, bold new offense?

No. Shanahan admitted after Week 1 that the quarterback rotation was all for show — a gaslight. He wanted the Lions to prepare for two quarterbacks. They did. And by the time they realized Lance was only a bit player for the Niners, San Francisco had a four-touchdown lead.

I don’t think Shanahan will show us anything in the preseason, but if he does, don’t take it at face value.

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But then there’s the third game within the game, and this is the fun one for dorks like me.

The Niners have been better than most throughout Shanahan’s tenure at finding undrafted rookie free agents. The goal with many of these players is to have them on the team’s practice squad for possible in-season call-ups and year-over-year growth.

But to get a player to the practice squad, they first need to be cut — anyone can pick them up and sign them to their active roster or practice squad.

The issue here for the Niners is that the rest of the league knows that the 49ers are good at finding diamonds in the rough.

And those are the players that would feature prominently in preseason games.

There are a few players that fit that mold this season, but one stands out more than the rest: running back Jordan Mason.

The Georgia Tech product looks like the real deal — he’s a smooth, upright runner with excellent cut-and-go ability.

The Niners have their four running backs for the 53-man roster set, barring injury: Elijah Mitchell, Jeff Wilson, Trey Sermon (who has been impressive in camp), and rookie Tyrion Davis-Price, who was selected in the third round of the most recent draft.

Normally, the undrafted rookie would be tasked with carrying the ball two dozen times in a preseason game. Can Shanahan risk the rest of the NFL — roughly half of which runs what is effectively his offense — finding out that Mason is awesome?

These games within the game are a lot for Shanahan to juggle, all in the justified effort to make these preseason games as uninteresting as possible.

Yes, I can see why he wants the preseason to go away and why you will too come Friday night.

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