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IF you want to change the hue of your hydrangea blooms, it turns out it's completely possible.

It will take some little tweaks to nature, as well as a bit of patience.

1To change the colors of your hydrangeas, you'll have to alter the pH level of the soil

According to Reader's Digest, the way to change your hydrangeas' colors is all in the soil.

It's about whether the soil is acidic (low pH) or alkaline (high pH).


To make hydrangeas blue, you'll want the soil's pH level to be 6.0 or below.

To achieve this, buy a soil acidifier plant fertilizer and feed your hydrangeas every one to two weeks.

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You can also lower the pH level of the soil by spreading pine needle or pine bark mulch around the plants.

Coffee grounds, compost tea, vinegar, and peat moss will also get the job done.


Pink hydrangeas need alkaline soil, with a pH of 7.0 or higher.

To make the soil more alkaline, throw in some ground or powdered limestone or wood ash.

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Be sure to repeat this multiple times throughout the growing season.

It takes longer to make the soil more alkaline, so the process for pink flowers will take longer than for blue flowers.


Hydrangea flowers begin to look reddish-purple to pale purple when the soil pH is between acidic and alkaline.

That said, you will often end up with purple flowers during the process of raising and lowering the soil pH.

To get a purple hue, you'll want your pH to be between 6.0 and 6.9.

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I’m a laundry pro – my toilet paper hack is great for getting stains out of white shoes

A MOTHER has shared her tactic for getting deep stains out of white shoes using regular toilet paper.

There are so many hacks for getting stains out of white clothing items, but one mom's easy toilet paper trick is changing the game by making shoes shine again almost like new.

5TikTok user Beth Sasser says that even the dirtiest of shoes can shine like new with her toilet paper hackCredit: TikTok 5Mom Beth Sasser cleaned her son's dirty shoes using detergent, hot water, Dove Powerwash spray, and toilet paperCredit: TikTok

Beth Sasser, who goes by @bethsasser on TikTok, shared a laundry hack on her channel that has since gone viral for its quirky use of toilet paper.

As a boy mom, her account showcases how she handles the stress of daily life as the self-described leader of her testosterone tribe.

This entails regular cleaning of sports attire and materials, as well as funny family moments.

Sasser shows off her impressive toilet paper hack for cleaning white shoes in a viral TikTok video, proving it beneficial for athletes and non-athletes alike.

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Sasser kicks the video off with a visual of one of her son's incredibly dirty white tennis shoes and begins to lay out the step-by-step process for cleaning them with only a few ingredients.

The most vital ingredient in the cleaning hack is super hot water and she lets it run in her kitchen sink.

She proceeds to dump almost a full box of powdered Tide detergent in the sink as part of the second step.

In the third step, she douses the dirty sneakers with Dove Powerwash foaming dish soap spray and even covers some white Birkenstocks in the liquid as well.

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"You're gonna ask me how to do it, and I'm going to show you while I'm here," the laundry pro explains.

Sasser says a vital step is to let the white sneakers and any other white shoes soak overnight.

"See? So clean! Look at that! That's nice" she exclaims while removing the sneakers from the water the following day in the video.

After letting them soak overnight, she makes a point to clean out the sink with Soft Scrub Cleanser with Bleach Surface Cleaner.

5Sasser says to leave the white shoes overnight in the sink filled with detergent and Dove Powerwash to achieve optimal resultsCredit: TikTok

Once the sink is clean and free of any dirt, Sasser moves on to the next step, once again dousing the shoes with Dove Powerwash.

This is where the toilet paper tip comes in.

While the shoes are soaking in the Powerwash, the cleaning pro wraps them up in toilet paper to filter out the remaining grossness.

"As the Powerwash pulls all the yucky out, the toilet paper sucks it up," she explains.

The dirt would normally dissolve back into the fabric, but the toilet paper acts as a vacuum and absorbs it right up.

She recommends letting the toilet paper mop up the muck overnight.

5Sasser suggests wrapping the white shoes in toilet paper and leaving it overnight to clean out any remaining dirt from insideCredit: TikTok

Once that is complete, the next step is to run the white shoes through a pressure wash and then let them sun dry.

The activity took Sasser two days to fully complete.

Sasser's comment section contained an array of mixed reviews and thoughts on the laundry solution.

"Am I the only one who just throws my shoes in the washer?" commented one viewer.

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"I do this too! People get so pressed over it though," added another in agreement.

"The way my eyes opened wider and wider. Can’t wait to use this," another user commented.

5After pressure washing, let the white shoes air dry in the sunCredit: TikTok

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