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A PAEDIATRICIAN has shared the simple ways to get your kid to stop having tantrums, including a robot technique.

Parents or those in childcare know how frustrating tantrums can get - it seems that whatever you try to do, your child is set on screaming and crying.

6The whizz claimed that you should act like a robot and show no emotionsCredit: You Tube/Dr Paul 6The paediatrician shared his expertise in a video on YouTubeCredit: You Tube/Dr Paul

If that's you and your kid is now going through the infamous Terrible Twos, one whizz has revealed methods that, according to him, will stop the tantrums ''forever''.

Dr. Paul Thomas took it to YouTube to share his expertise in a video, which has since gone viral.

''Maybe they're throwing tantrums, maybe they're having behaviour issues that are just, like, out of control - could be hitting, could be biting, could be anything.''

To prove just how effective his methods really were, the self-proclaimed Tantrum Wizard had invited a mum with her daughter, whose behaviour had pushed the parent to be at her ''wits' end''.

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One of the strategies the whizz suggested was an isolated timeout using the robot tehnique.

''Isolation timeout in a safe place - usually it's their room - and I'm like a robot.''

This means no emotions, no anger - all you you should, he added, is: ''I guess until you can be quiet, here's you room.

''As soon as you can be quiet, you can come out be with mummy.''

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Another method is something the paediatrician called ''redirect''.

As the name suggests, this means you simply redirect the child's attention to something else - this comes in particularly handy when you spot them about to hit someone, for instance, a sibling.

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''Oh my goodness, did you see all these cars over here in the window?

''Wow, there's a red one, there's a white one, there's a grey one!''

If you try this trick, he added, you will see that ''they've forgotten they were about to go whack Johnny''.

Last but certainly not least is ''The Instagram Moment'' - or something the older generation might call ''The Kodak Moment''.

Here, he said, you will verbally, with energy, describe what you're seeing.

''Oh my goodness, you've got the nicest pink dress today. It's got white lines all across it, that is so cool!''

By describing what's in front of them, the parents will get some ''good happiness here without having to do anything''.

He emphasised that it's important to do so with energy: '' Parents, you've got to put it up a notch - or two or three.

''Five, ten seconds, and they love it.''

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The mum, who once used to spend 90 minutes just to calm down her daughter, vouched for the recommendations.

''We have a different child. I'm not worried about her around the baby anymore, she doesn't bite her sister [...] which has been a godsend.''

6You should act with great enthusiasm, he explainedCredit: You Tube/Dr Paul 6The mum said that before trying the methods, it would take 90 minutes to calm her daughter downCredit: You Tube/Dr Paul 6During the Instagram/Kodak moment, describe what you seeCredit: You Tube/Dr Paul 6Another key method is redirecting the child's attention to something elseCredit: You Tube/Dr Paul

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Rugby stars reluctant to speak out about mental health over meathead alpha male mentality that MUST stop, says Haskell

WHETHER it's in front of 82,000 fans at Twickenham or at a local club on a weekend, there is a misconception that rugby players are all "meathead alpha males".

And that's exactly why so many in the game find it hard to speak out on their struggles with mental health.

5James Haskell has challenged rugby stars to speak out about their struggles for mental healthCredit: Getty 5Haskell revealed the "meathead" perception and mentality of rugby stars makes them reluctant to speak outCredit: PA 5Haskell himself has spoke about how seeing a therapist has helped him

Former England star James Haskell, 37, has been open in the past about dealing with his own mental health problems.

The former Wasps back-rower played 77 times for England, building a tough-guy reputation during his 17 years playing professionally.

But that doesn't mean he, or anyone else playing the game, are not susceptible to struggling mentally.

Whether the macho mentality comes from how those within the game perceive themselves, or how people on the outside see players, Haskell called for the "meathead alpha male" stereotype to stop.

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Speaking exclusively to The Sun as part of the second series of the Under the Surface podcast, with menswear brand Original Penguin x CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably), he said: “We all look like meathead alpha males and we definitely won’t be able to talk about how we feel. 

“And that’s why I always try to be so vocal about it because I think everybody’s got something going on – that’s what everybody has to remember. 

“We’re very judgemental and we all look down our noses at each other, but actually we’ve all got stuff going on and we all need to be really aware of that.

“I think it’s important to show people who are supposed to be so physical and domineering and alpha males can have weaknesses, can have blind spots in their lives that they need to address.”

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Haskell revealed that seeking professional help has helped him - but the ex-flanker admitted some of his team-mates were reluctant to discuss their struggles with mental health.

Even at times when they were sidelined for months through injury or when they experienced problems in their personal lives, there was a reluctance to speak out.

He said: “I would go up to boys and say ‘Why are you not speaking to a therapist? What’s going on? Have you thought about talking to someone?’

“If they had a bereavement, if they had an issue, if they weren’t getting selected, if they were down or if they were injured.

“I would be like ‘What are you doing for your rehab?’ and they would be like ‘I’m doing this, I’m eating this’ so I’d say ‘Are you talking to anyone?’ and they’d be like ‘No, no no’.

“And I’d be like ‘Why not?’ and they would say ‘I don’t need to’ but yeah you do.

“You’re literally in a period of time where you’re isolated from anyone else that your talking to, you’re injured, you’re on a different schedule, you’re not sure whether you’re going to make it back [and] you’ve got the trauma of it.”

The Red Roses hero challenged the stigma of people being "weak" for choosing to speak out on their struggles.

Three-time Six Nations winner Haskell added: “Unfortunately, a lot of the time with men, they think by opening up and stuff is [seen as] weak.

“But what for me is far weaker is bottling it up, hiding it, not saying anything, suffering and struggling, getting to a point where they’re about to implode, and then they reach out.”

Haskell admitted that people choosing to speak about their experiences with mental health won't mean they never struggle again.

But seeking help and advice will put them in a far better place to deal with the bad days when they do come around.

He said: “I think people are confused by mental health. It’s not about never having a bad day or never having a bad moment. It’s about how quickly do you get back to where you need to be.”

Haskell was speaking to The Sun in partnership with the Under the Surface podcast with menswear brand Original Penguin x CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably). To watch the second episode of series two, head to

5Haskell believes nobody should be seen as "weak" for speaking about their mental healthCredit: Getty - Contributor 5Haskell told his team-mates to seek help if they were struggling, but there was a reluctance amongst some to do soCredit: Action Images - Reuters

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