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BORIS has done his bit for the Donbas region, Mariupol and Kiev but does he also have a vision for Darlington, Clapham and Manchester?

Not even his worst enemies — all those backbench Tory MPs fretting about their seats — can deny that the PM has played a blinder with Ukraine.

5Boris Jounson has done his bit for the Donbas region, Mariupol and Kiev but does he also have a vision for Darlington, Clapham and Manchester?Credit: PA 5On the global stage, he is resolute, decisive and bold, full of passion and fire, a roly-poly man of action.
At home he frequently appears failing and flailing, indecisive and weakCredit: PA

When Putin unleashed all hell with his murderous invasion, Washington wobbled and Brussels clutched its pearls.

But Boris has been rock-solid in his support for freedom-loving Ukraine right from the start.

Now — just three years after President Macron of France declared Nato was “brain dead” — the military alliance is energised as it has not been in decades, finally comprehending that sometimes you must fight for freedom.

From Berlin and the Elysee Palace, to the White House, leaders of the Western world were initially cowed by Russia’s insane invasion of Ukraine.

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The Germans wanted to keep their Vorsprung Durch Technik economy ticking over with all that lovely, cheap Russian gas.

Macron — the playground coward masquerading as peacekeeper — was forever simpering that Mad Vlad must not be “humiliated.”

And President Joe Biden had run away from Kabul with his wrinkled old tail between his legs. 

If sleepy-eyed Joe could not stand up to the rag-tag Taliban in their sandals then what were the odds he would have the bottle to confront the Red Army?

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But now we are all talking tough.

 Biden is enhancing America’s military presence in Europe. Macron has dialled down the talk of appeasing Putin.

 And even the Germans are increasing their defence budget. 

Nato — with Sweden and Finland poised to join — looks fighting fit once more, and up to the task of thrashing a nuclear-armed madman. 

And it may not have happened without Boris Johnson.

 Boris has understood the stakes from the start. Putin’s rogue state is a threat to the world.

The politician of the year is without question Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky.

 But the British Prime Minister was Zelensky’s first and most steadfast ally.

 The support is heartfelt, unconditional and bloody expensive. The UK has given Ukraine £3.8billion in military and economic aid so far in 2022.

Roly-poly man of action

His support for Ukraine is Boris Johnson’s greatest achievement — more than getting Brexit done, more than crushing Comrade Corbyn, more than our world-beating vaccine roll-out. 

Yet at home, it is a very different story.

Boris leads a country that is not working. Taxation is at a lifetime high. The cost-of-living crisis is causing misery to millions. Brexit promises — slashing wicked EU rules on fuel bills — have been brazenly, wantonly broken.

 You can’t get anything done. Renewing a driving licence or passport, catching a plane, reclaiming some luggage, seeing a GP — these little everyday acts now all feel like the impossible dream.

 A post-pandemic laziness has settled across the land.

Civil servants — and plenty of office workers in the private sector — now demand a salary without the bother of actually going in to work.

 A few sarcastic notes from Jacob Rees-Mogg placed on the abandoned desks of idle Whitehall shirkers will do absolutely nothing to change the situation.

Those of us who wish Boris well urgently need him to stir this nation from its post-Covid stupor.

 This is not to denigrate or dismiss what our PM has done for Ukraine — for he has been a hero.

But in Blighty, Boris hardly seems like a Tory PM at all.

 On the global stage, he is resolute, decisive and bold, full of passion and fire, a roly-poly man of action.

At home he frequently appears failing and flailing, indecisive and weak. 

Time to stop spouting cliches about “getting on with the job” and start slashing taxes, driving growth and getting Britain working. 

Or does Boris only win when he is playing away?

No time for him-selfie 5Footie legend Lionel Messi is mobbed by fans on a beach in SpainCredit: BackGrid

LIONEL MESSI strolls on to a Spanish beach and is immediately surrounded by a herd of over-excited, selfie-snapping fans.

How wonderful to be so loved.

And what a pain in the butt when all you wanted was a bit of a paddle.

More a Major horror 5Bad luck doesn’t quite cover it, Mr MajorCredit: PA

FORMER failed Prime Minister John Major says victims of the 1980s infected blood scandal had “incredibly bad luck”.

In the greatest disaster in NHS history, 30,000 people were infected with HIV or hepatitis C after contaminated blood was imported from America in the Seventies and Eighties.

An astonishing 3,000 died and many more had their health and happiness stolen from them – because so much of the infected blood came from junkies, jailbirds and prostitutes who had been paid to donate blood in the US.

It was an horrific failure of the system, followed by what Labour’s former Health Secretary Andy Burnham calls “a criminal cover-up”.

Bad luck doesn’t quite cover it, Mr Major.

THE National Grid warns of blackouts this winter if we don’t switch off our TVs and choose off-peak hours to run the washing machine.

But we are still being ordered to buy one of those electric cars that Noddy uses to drive Big Ears around in.

If they are about to turn off the electricity, you are better off switching to diesel, Noddy!


TWO days after music lovers at Glastonbury applauded Greta Thunberg’s eco-sermon, the cleaners had to mop up the usual mountain of discarded tents, blow-up mattresses and empty kombucha cans.

“Do not let them drag us another inch closer to the edge!” preached the diminutive eco-warrior. Right now is where we stand our ground!”

You tell them, Greta!

But maybe next year you could also tell them to pick up their own cr*p.

And not leave it to some cleaner on the minimum wage to do it.

 Debs a ray of light 5This wonderful woman showed us how to live and she showed us how to dieCredit: bowelbabe/Instagram

“THIS amazing woman,” are the words you hear again and again about Dame Deborah James, who died this week at the age of 40.

Deborah raised awareness and she raised – and continues to raise after her death – a phenomenal sum for cancer research through her Bowelbabe Fund.

 I could give you a figure – £7.2million at the last count – but it will be out of date by the time you read this sentence.

This wonderful woman showed us how to live and she showed us how to die. 

The cruelty of terminal cancer – hers was diagnosed at age 35 – would crush most of us.

Deborah was free of self-pity. She fought terminal illness with bravery but also with humour, grace and a gratitude for the love of those around her. 

She always looked beautiful, she always looked ready to laugh. 

In her heartbreakingly short life, Deborah shone a light that will never go out.

“We are all dying,” she said. “I might just get there faster than other people.”

And it is true – nobody gets out of this world alive. In the end we all must face our own mortality, as will everyone we love.

This will be the lasting legacy of Deborah James.

We will remember the way she confronted cancer with such incredible, joyous spirit, with such boundless love for her family and friends and life itself. 

She was – and is and always will be – truly inspirational.

Many years from now, those facing their own illness and fears, and long, lonely nights of the soul will recall Deborah James. And they – we – will be comforted and consoled and inspired.

Thanks to this amazing woman.

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NELSON PIQUET’s racial abuse of Lewis Hamilton should come as no great surprise.

Piquet has always had an ugly, offensive mouth on him.

His repulsive racist slurs about Hamilton come after years of Formula One’s #We RaceAsOne campaign.

The hashtags are not working.

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