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Conservative columnist S.E. Cupp told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on Friday she does not believe Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) has a “natural constituency” and is willing to throw away her political career to call out Donald Trump for violating the U.S. Constitution.

“What does it say right now about the state of the Republican Party that Congresswoman Cheney, someone who is very conservative, a lifeline Republican may end up losing her seat in Congress to a candidate who espouses those lies?” Asked Blitzer, referencing former Trump’s debunked allegations that the 2020 election was stolen.

“It doesn’t say much more than we already knew, which is that Republicans that take on Trump don’t tend to be long for this world in the Republican Party and they are marginalized and attacked by other Republicans,” Cupp began.

“That looks to be what will happen in her home state of Wyoming which voted for Trump, percentage-wise, more than any other state in the union, which says a lot,” she continued, adding:

But listen. Some time ago the Republican party decided to jettison conservatism for Trumpism and this effort to decapitate ‘Never Trumpers’ or Republicans who took on Trump and parade their severed heads around became much more interesting and satisfying even than taking on Democrats, the opposition party, and so there’s been some giddiness in trying to primary and get rid of people like Liz Cheney, and by going into the January 6th committee, I think she really put a huge target on her back.

“She did that probably knowing it would sacrifice her political career in Congress, but I think she did it because it was the right thing to do,” Cupp argued.

“If Congresswoman Cheney loses her Republican primary in August, then what?” Asked Blitzer. “Could her clout on the committee or moral high ground in politics, in general, be impacted while she’s in that lame-duck period, or could she even be empowered to speak her own mind, or even more empowered, I should say?”

“I have been talking to some folks on the Hill, both Democrats and Republicans. And there’s this cynicism, this idea that she must want something out of this. There must be some reason she’s doing this because why would anyone just do something for the good of it?” responded Cupp.

“It’s hard for me to find a good ulterior motive for her. She’s not dumb. I think she knows she’ll probably lose in Wyoming. Looking ahead to the future, maybe 2024, I’m not sure what natural constituencies there are for Liz Cheney,” Cupp explained, adding:

I always have to remind people, as much you would celebrate, rightly, her for taking on Donald Trump on the Jan. 6 committee, she’s very conservative, far more conservative than people may know.

So I think the folks that like her now for her courage are probably not her voters, and on the right, she’s become sort of traitorous. So, I don’t think she’s got a long game or a short game, I think her game isn’t a game at all, she really wants to tell the truth and provide a road map for other Republicans to speak out and use this kind of messaging.

“She said that the truth matters. She’s called Donald Trump a domestic threat. I think she wants to give permission to other Republicans to talk that way, to talk that honestly about Donald Trump whatever happens to her after that,” Cupp concluded.

“Yeah, she’s got a lot of guts, she’s got a lot of courage. No doubt about that,” concluded Blitzer.

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