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WHOOPI Goldberg has moved on from arguing with her co-hosts on The View to apparently slamming the show's crew now as well.

In a recent episode, filmed while the ladies were on location in the Bahamas, Whoopi and the other ladies were deep in a heated discussion about the Supreme Court's decision to side with a high school football coach who sought to kneel and pray on the field after games.

5Whoopi Goldberg was in a heated discussion about a recent supreme court rulingCredit: ABC 5When she abruptly threw to commercial, she pointed sternly at someone behind the cameraCredit: ABC

Whoopi argued against the decision, asking if "everyone on the team down with (praying)."

She then answered her own question with "they weren’t."

And then, as the 66-year-old was making her final point that this is a case of "an adult putting his belief on these kids," she ended sharply, and sternly threw to commercial.

But not before making sure to call out one of her behind-the-scenes co-workers on camera.

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"We'll be right back," she shouted, before pointing a finger directly at the camera and saying sternly, "I know, I saw you."

Her face wrinkled and she stared angrily into the camera until it panned away.

It's just the latest outburst Whoopi has had during the show's Bahamas trip.

To celebrate the show’s 25th anniversary, the hosts enjoyed a Bahamas getaway together and filmed the show on-location from their luxury Baha Mar Resort vacation.

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However it was paradise lost for Whoopi, who has had several embarrassing moments while on the tropical trip.


During Wednesday's show, Whoopi abruptly halted the show during an interview with guest Chloe Fineman.

The moment came after the host had had an on-air blunder, messing up the Saturday Night Live star's name during the introduction.

Whoopi welcomed her to the show as Chloe Fine-a-man but wanted a chance to try again.

After Chloe made her way over to the table, the crowd cheered and she sat down.

Before jumping right into questions, Whoopi paused things to go back to the introduction a little.

"I'm going to say your name again because I said Fine-a-man and it's Fineman," Whoopi explained to the actress.

Chloe was very understanding and nodded.

"That's ok. It almost reads like Fin-a-man (Cinnamon with an 'F'), so," she told the host.

Whoopi replied: "Well, I almost went there, but I didn't. Anyway, Chloe's here!"


When Simu Liu walked out to join the co-hosts at the table, he had fans in a frenzy as he walked out with an open button-down shirt.

Whoopi shut down the audience, who wouldn't stop screaming and cheering.

“Alright now! Alright now!” Whoopi hollered.

“He is not going home with anybody here - okay?”

Simu and the other panelists laughed as they began their discussion, but the audience kept whooping loudly as he gave his answers.


Even the trip itself has proved to backfire on Whoopi and the rest of the hosts, as fans have been furious about it ever since they revealed it last month.

It was all first shared back in May, when The View teased an “epic announcement” at the end of one of its broadcasts.

Fans were excited to see what it could be, whether it was a new permanent host or a massive giveaway for the show’s dedicated viewers.

Instead, it was to tell the audience that the hosts would be getting a luxury beach getaway.

On social media, fans blasted The View for teasing them and for flaunting the hosts’ vacation in their faces.

One upset Twitter user wrote: “For their big announcement, the View announced that they're going to the Bahamas. 

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“They know all of us can't go, but we can go to their site for information on tickets...... meanwhile I'll be here, working from home while they enjoy their paid vacation.”

They added sarcastically: “Yay for everyone.”

5Whoopi lashed out at the howling audience after Simu Liu walked out with an open shirt 5The ladies of The View were broadcasting from the Bahamas in honor of the show's 25th anniversaryCredit: ABC 5But many fans felt it was just an excuse for a fancy free vacationCredit: Twitter/The View

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Today fans in shock after annoyed Justin Sylvester disses co-host Jenna Bush Hager during live TV cooking segment

THE TODAY Show fans have been left in shock after Justin Sylvester pushed Jenna Bush Hager out of the way during a live segment.

The co-hosts were helping out with a cooking segment when the Daily Pop host got annoyed with her.

5Justin Sylvester was trying to draw attention to himself and the steamy cook on the showCredit: Today show 5When he was tired of Jenna Bush Hager getting in the way, Justin pushed her awayCredit: Today show

On the August 10th episode, the co-hosts were featured in the Today Food segment.

They were joined by New York Times Bestselling author Andy Baraghani on how to make the perfect sweet and sticky roast chicken with buttery rice.

Justin seemed to be a big fan of Andy as he asked Jenna if he could stand next to him with a chuckle.

"Anyway, I feel like this is the perfect date recipe. Isn't it true that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry like roasted a chicken?" Jenna asked, keeping the segment going.

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"That's what I think sealed the deal, right?" the author said.

Andy asked The TODAY Show hosts to sprinkle the chicken with a good amount of salt and pepper.

After he said that they are good at seasoning, Justin agreed and Jenna added: "He's good at a lot of things."

He had a huge smile on his face and moved closer to the cook as he tried to flirt with him throughout the segment.

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However, Justin's smile faltered quickly when Jenna touched him on his upper back and shoulders.

When Andy talked about making the glaze, Justin shimmied out of her touch.

A few seconds later, she did it again and he physically pushed Jenna away from him.

After his hand left her stomach, she chuckled and looked at the camera as he stayed invested in what the chef was saying.

Jenna moved closer and put a hand on Justin's back again.

He continued to stir the glaze and left his hand up in front of Jenna to keep her back.

The co-host seemed very uncomfortable with her unwanted touches and closeness.

About 20 seconds later, Justin once again lightly pushed her out of the way and Jenna couldn't help but chuckle.

"Do you want me to go?" she asked.

The men smiled at each other and then continued preparing the chicken.

Jenna seemed to get the hint and stopped giving him light touches.

She even moved over to the other side of the counter and said: "I'm going to step over here to taste it."

Justin mouthed a "thank you" and continued to help cook.

Him pushing her away could have been because he was interested in the cook and wanted him more to himself, but either way, Justin wanted Jenna far away from him.


A fan pointed out the diss on Twitter by reposting the clip.

"Omg?? He was sick of her," they captioned the post.

Other fans chimed in and found it uncomfortable.

"He tried to be nice the first time, then had to use force the second time," one Twitter user said.

"He non-verbally alerted her that her touches were unwanted. It's his body, he doesn't need a reason why he didn't want it touched by her," one fan said after someone asked why he pushed her away.

"Right! the fact that she even touched him again after the first gesture," replied another fan.

A fourth chimed in: "Right! He made it very clear. I watched it several times...what we all saw was he didn't want her touching him."

To that, another fan replied: "And she got back up on him AGAIN after he moved her back. Like, hello???"

"Jesus Jenna, stop touching him, oh my god. He is literally recoiling away from you, leave him alone," commented an annoyed Youtube user.

"1:27 That’s one… 1:34 That’s two… 1:47 That’s three… 1:57 That’s four… 2:04 That’s five. Then at 2:10, she asks him if he wants her to go all dejected and whatnot... What do you think the answer is? It’s clear he doesn’t like you being super close & touchy. You managed to make him uncomfortable 5 times in like 40 seconds," wrote another.


On the other end, fans pointed out that Justin might have been taking the flirting too far.

Andy told him that he was taken and the co-host continued to stay close to him, roll up his sleeve, and flirt.

"Poor Andy! Man is just here to talk about the book and he's getting sexually harassed by a host...who is also being sexually harassed by a host..." pointed out one Youtube user.

"He makes the other guy uncomfortable enough to say that he’s already taken. Come on…" said another.

A third wrote: "People keep saying 'if the roles were reversed', But it's clearly obvious Justin was trying to flirt with Andy by hogging the spotlight and rolling up Andy's sleeve at 2:42 To the point where Andy has to say he's already taken. 2:46 And why tf is he powdering his face mid-shot? 0:30."

"He was literally powdering his nose in the shot, oh the cringe," commented one fan.

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It seems as though fans think both sides were in the wrong and should have stopped immediately.

Aside from Daily Pop and the TODAY Show, Justin sometimes appears on Good Morning America, 20/20, and On Air with Ryan Seacrest.

5Justin tried to shimmy out of Jenna's touch, but she wasn't getting the hintCredit: Today show 5Fans also pointed out that Justin was in the wrong for continuously flirting with the taken cookCredit: Today show 5Jenna continuously touched Justin on the back and shoulders during the live segmentCredit: Today show

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