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A FOURTH of July optical illusion has left views a little confused and sparked debate among social media users.

The illusion, which was shared on Reddit months ago by user FoxyJnr987, is simply of an American flag.

1Reddit user FoxyJnr987 explained that this flag photo is a 'Cafe Wall Illusion'Credit: Reddit

However, something appears unusual with the flag as the vertical lines appear to be slanted.

Additionally the red and white boxes, which make up the flag's stripes, are scattered in a way that could make someones eye's feel confused.

Reddit user FoxyJnr987 titled the thread: "Flag of United States but it's that weird optical illusion."

The Redditor simply shared the illusion, a digital image of the American flag, but didn't offer more details until another user questioned: "What's the illusion."

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FoxyJnr987 then explained that the flag photo was a "Cafe Wall Illusion."

"I rotated it so it looks like stripes and made the black squares red instead," FoxyJnr987 said.

"The grey lines that are running vertically look sloped when they are actually straight. It looks better when horizontal."

According to Brain Connection, a Cafe Wall Illusion teases the brain to think the lines in the image are not parallel, when in fact they are.

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"It is thought that the café wall illusion functions due to the high contrast in the two different 'bricks.'

"When interpreting images, our brains tend to 'spread' dark zones into light zones, a function known as irradiation is 'movement/ is probably what causes a false warping effect."

Meanwhile, other users didn't see anything wrong with the image.

One person commented: "All the lines in the flag are standing straight, they aren't diagonal."

"Thank you for worsening my eyesight," another wrote.

A third user wrote: "They dont look diagonal to me, is my brain broken?"

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And if you can’t find the odd sofa in this brainteaser within 30 seconds then you’re not alone – but three in five people can beat you.

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American Pickers star Mike Wolfe drops major hint on if show will be renewed for season 24 after ratings plummet

AMERICAN Pickers star Mike Wolfe teased the History channel show's fate amid ratings struggles following Frank Fritz's shocking exit.

The fired reality star has been battling legal and health struggles as fans plead with Mike and the network to bring him back.

5American Pickers star Mike Wolfe shared an update about the shows futureCredit: A+E Networks 5He posted a photo of the History Channel crew, suggesting season 24 is in progressCredit: Instagram

On Saturday, Mike, 58, shared a photo of the American Pickers crew hard at work, suggesting the show will be back for season 24.

The photo, posted to his Instagram account, shows a gaggle of people – including camera operators and sound technicians – outside a vintage shop.

The Antique Archaeology van can be seen in the snap as well, along with Mike's American Pickers co-star Danielle Colby.

He captioned the photo: "@americanpickers Crew getting busy at @thirdmanpressing Yesterday in #detroit Can't wait for y'all to see what we have rolling with Jack."

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Fans were delighted by the news, as there had been some uncertainty about the show moving forward.

"I would love to see an episode that films the crew behind the scenes," one fan wrote.

Another commented: "It's such a cool spot! Have had lots of fun there! Can't wait to see...welcome back to the D!"

"Hellllll yaaa!! Pumped you guys are working together again," a third fan wrote in the comments.

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Despite the excited comments from fans, many viewers have been displeased with the show following Frank's firing.


Earlier this month, critics called the History Channel series a "flop," alleging that "no one cares" anymore.

The controversy began with a well-meaning tweet from Mike, who revealed that he would be "picking through Mary Stander's property."

Mike and Jersey Jon, also known as Jon Szalay, are expected to "uncover a pair of 19th-century coopered columns" during the show. 

His tweet, however, was met with harsh words from some viewers. 

One critic replied with: "No one cares anymore. The show is a flop without Frank."

Another blasted: "The show is a joke. I've been buying and selling for 47 years now, and pretty much everything they do is bullsh*t.

"It's a made-up show, but as usual..."

A third added: "You have lost your audience. That's why your show has mixed-in segments with Frank in them in between the new ones, so people will watch your show. 

"Every time there's a new Picker, it's just a reminder to me that that guy is supposed to be Frank's replacement."

"Sorry to see Robbie still stinking up the History Channel," another person added referring to Mike's brother Robbie.

Viewers have been calling for Robbie's replacement for some time.


They have made it clear that they aren't loving him as Frank's fill-in.

Some viewers argued that Robbie is "a sister, but Mike won't admit it."

Another fan said he "should not be on camera."

Frank was fired from the reality series in July 2021 after taking time away to recover from a brutal back surgery that left him with 185 stitches and two rods in his spine.

He has continued to struggle off-screen, recently suffering a stroke.

Frank has remained in the hospital since July 14th, when a friend found him on the floor of his Iowa home. 

The U.S. Sun exclusively obtained audio from a horrifying emergency call placed in the wake of the discovery.

"Okay tell me exactly what happened," the dispatcher asked Frank's friend who appeared to have gone to the star's home to check on him.

"I just showed up at my friend's house here and he was sprawled out on his floor. He can't speak to me. He might be seizuring (sic) I'm not sure." 

"Okay, stay on the phone, don't hang up," the dispatcher responded.

Frank’s father, Bill Fritz, exclusively spoke to The U.S. Sun, giving an update about his son's health.

Bill revealed that his son is in “stable” condition. 

Mike addressed his former co-star's condition, asking fans to pray for Frank.

He released a lengthy statement on Instagram to share the sad news about his estranged friend.

He began: “I have been very private in the past year in regards to Frank's life and the journey he’s been on. There have been lots of opinions in regards to mine and Frank’s friendship and the show but now is not the time to set the record straight. Now is the time to pray for my friend.

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"Frank has suffered a stroke and is in the hospital. Please keep him in your hearts and thoughts."

Mike concluded: "Frank, I pray more than anything that you make it through this okay. I love you, buddy."

5Fans have been uncertain, as ratings have struggled with Mike's new co-star RobbieCredit: Instagram/@rjwolfepicker 5Many want to see Frank Fritz return to the showCredit: Zachary Maxwell Stertz/History 5The star was fired and has been battling health issues and more sinceCredit: Cineflix International Media Limited

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