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More heads besides
coach should roll at Cal

Re. “Suspended Cal swim coach defended,” Page A1, June 27:

Reading Thomas Newkirk give his defense of Tara McKeever, I can’t tell if he’s a misogynistic jerk or just a sleazy lawyer.

As I read his quotes I kept thinking of an accused rapist whose lawyer blames the victim for being raped. As someone who played under various coaches, I learned some are harsh and sometimes you just have to suck it up. But most of what I read in this case goes far beyond a little screaming and yelling.

Regarding his statement about Cal giving McKeever a new contract in 2020, I bet Cal turned a blind eye to McKeever’s actions because of her success. It’s amazing how shedding a little light on the subject, as Southern California Newspaper Group did, can get people to act very differently.

Other heads at Cal should roll over this.

Don Morgan

Probe may bring justice,
prevent future Sophias

Those who read every word of “Losing Sophia” (Page A1, June 26) have to have been impacted and will be for some time.

Because it’s a horror story that’s not supposed to happen in America the beautiful, land of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. But, unfortunately, it is – more and more.

Thank you Mercury News and writer Maggie Angst for shining light on what journalism can and should show us. And thank you, Bay Area News Group for staying with it – for rooting out the extreme negligence that let this happen.

Alameda County’s Department of Children and Family Services has failed. Hopefully, aggressive investigation – and justice – can help prevent it from happening again, from losing any more Sophias.

Dan Dippery
Menlo Park

Without abortion, men
must take responsibility

If safe, legal abortion is to be eliminated, let’s at least shift the responsibility since it takes two to tango.

Women have borne the brunt of an unwanted pregnancy for centuries, often changing the course of their lives as choices and opportunities diminish. We now have DNA tests to accurately identify the father. Women, of course, will carry the child, and the father will support her throughout. At birth, the child is given to the father to raise. If the woman chooses to stay and help, she can.

Texas can decide the consequences for violations of this responsibility.

Susan Reichle

With abortion ruling,
life reflects art

Does anyone remember the movie “Love With a Perfect Stranger”? The 1963 film starred Natalie Wood and Steve McQueen, hardly lightweights in the Hollywood of their day. It would have been the typical romantic comedy offering except for its central premise — Natalie’s character was pregnant from a one-night stand with Steve McQueen’s character, and they spent much of the movie trying to arrange an abortion.

It’s an object lesson, in spite of itself, of the world of unwanted pregnancies. Granted, the obstacles encountered in the movie are dated, but they are reflected by the recent obstacles to legal abortion facing women today. For those who don’t understand that abortion will always happen — it will just likely happen under much more dire circumstances than were extant during the past 50 years — seeing this movie may increase their awareness of the plight that recent legislation and judicial decisions have wrought.

Marilyn Noble

We must fight court’s
right-wing takeover

The Republicans have stacked the Supreme Court for years to come. The response needs to be equally courageous.

Repeal the filibuster, which the Democrats can do. Pass legislation to make Washington, D.C., a state. That would reinforce both the Senate and the Electoral College.

How else to fight the right-wing takeover of the Supreme Court?

Don Mahoney

Global population,
poverty remain problems

If you are currently worried about abortion rights in the United States, you should be concerned about global poverty and the effect of global birthrates keeping people in poverty. Countries with high poverty also have bad sex education and bad health care, which means there is a Related Articles

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high birthrate with no birth control or abortion services. This leads to more children per family, keeping the families with new children in a worse state of poverty.

If you are wondering what you can do to help global poverty, consider calling or emailing your congressional representatives or donating to organizations that support global poverty and work toward lifting communities out of this cycle of poverty.

There are things you can do right now. If you feel helpless, you can mobilize others to help as well.

Mello Wilsted

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Colorado becomes latest state to axe tax on diapers and tampons after bi-partisan law was signed to help locals save cash as cost of living crisis bites

Colorado has become the latest state to ditch sales tax on diapers and tampons thanks to a new law that came into force on Wednesday.

Adult and baby diapers, tampons, pads, menstrual cups, sponges, sanitary napkins, and panty liners are all now tax-free in the state.

The new law will save Coloradans a combined $9.1million annually, the state said.

'This new bi-partisan law finally ends the sales tax on diapers and feminine hygiene products permanently and starts saving people money on these necessary products,' Gov. Jared Polis aid in news release on Monday.

The table lists the 23 out of 50 states that have granted tax breaks for diapers or tampons. Source: Fortune

Individuals spend about $15 per month on period products, according to the Women's Foundation of Colorado.

Diapers cost even more, with families paying around $75 a month per child.

'Eliminating the sale taxes on diapers, period, and incontinence products will help improve the affordability of these essential items in a time where inflated prices are hitting working families hard,' said state Rep. Susan Lontine, who sponsored the bill, according to Yahoo News.

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The law will help destigmatize hygiene products, said Rep. Leslie Herod, who also sponsored the bill.

One in five American teens struggles to afford menstrual products, according to a study commissioned by Thinx and PERIOD.

'This is about dignity,' said state Sen. Sonya Jaquez Lewis in a statement. 'The more we can make these products affordable, the more access folks will have to these essential products, and the more money folks across our state will save.'

Colorado has become the latest state to ditch sales tax on diapers and tampons thanks to a new law coming into force on Wednesday. Packages of Tampax brand tampons on a drugstore shelf in New York

It comes as legislators are attempting to reduce costs for low income families during a surge in inflation across the US.

The state announced plans to send Coloradans at least $500 for individual filers and $1000 for joint filers in tax rebates to provide immediate relief.

It also granted citizens property tax relief for homeowners, worth $474 on average over three years, the state claimed.

A full list of the state's '100 Ways the Polis Administration is Saving Coloradans Money' can be found here.

Countries such as the UK and Germany have abolished the tampon tax outright, following calls from women's' rights activists.

Stock photo: Menstrual activists are pictured demonstrating at the Capitol during a National Period Day rally on Saturday

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