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JEOPARDY! host Mayim Bialik has accepted another answer featuring a misspelling after fans accused the game show of having inconsistent rules.

The show has been surrounded by controversy lately due to a few head-turning Final Jeopardy! rounds.

5Jeopardy! host Mayim Bialik accepted an answer that featured a misspellingCredit: ABC 5One-day champion David Bzdak had an error in his Final Jeopardy! answer but was still awarded his winningsCredit: Jeopardy

On Friday's episode, one-day champion David Bzdak returned to defend his title, however, he found himself in last place heading into Final Jeopardy!

Mayim, 46, asked this question: "Mont Bellevue De L'inini is in the highest point in this European possession largely covered by the Amazon rainforest.


First up was David with his guess as his board showed numerous crossed out answers before he settled on "French Guyana."

Mayim- who is sharing hosting duties with Ken Jennings- revealed he was correct as David added another $3,801 to his winnings to end up with a total of $10,401.

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Fellow contestant Eleanor Dixon would end up beating out David with her winnings of $20,818.

Despite a new champion being crowned, some viewers were more focused on another answer being accepted despite its spelling error.

One eagle-eyed fan said: "David misspelled 'Guiana' in French Guiana, by replacing the ''I' with a 'Y.'

"Guyana is a separate South American country located due west of Suriname which is located due west of French Guiana."

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Another person responded to the user: "I love when people know their geography.

"Not many people know this… growing up in the Caribbean, we were taught this difference in spelling."

One viewer blamed Mayim for the mishap and chimed in: "... She just doesn’t prepare. It’s evident in every episode."


All this comes just a few weeks after viewers claimed contestant Sadie Goldberger was robbed of a win after having the correct answer but not writing it out in full.

Mayim told Sadie: "… It looks like you were going for 'Harriet Tubman' but you did not finish, so unfortunately that is not going to be acceptable."

Sadie nodded in agreement, but seemed to look disappointed in the results.

She ended up wagering $7,500, which would have given her a grand total of 17,300 if her answer was accepted and would have beaten the champ at the time Megan Wachspress.

"Sadie was flat-out jobbed out of a win. I read it right away on the reveal as Harriet Tubman," one angry fan wrote at the time.

"They've counted Final Jeopardy! responses with worse handwriting than that."

Another said: "They've given credit for worse handwriting than that... I don't see how they can judge that as incorrect so quickly."

While one reacted: "She got robbed.

"Megan has to be one of the flukiest multiple day champions ever," another said, as one chimed in, "She doesn’t deserve this win…"


Megan would eventually clap back at her critics and tweet: "It’s probably inappropriate for me to say anything about the judges' call in FJ yesterday (you can see my immediate reaction on the tape).

“But will say I'd love to see Sadie compete again (if she wants to!).

“She is a formidable and gracious player with impressive knowledge.”

Fans, however, have continued to call out the game show and have even shared "proof" that not-fully written out answers have been accepted in the past.

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On an online thread, a Jeopardy! fan posted a screen grab of a contestant who appeared to answer a question with: "Who is John Denve," leaving the "r" off John Denver- a reply that was deemed correct.

Amid all the chaos some viewers are begging former champ Ken to be named permanent host over the Call Me Kat actress.

5It comes after contestant Sadie Goldberger lost out after she didn't fully write out a correct answerCredit: NBC 5The champion at the time, Megan Wachspress, clapped back at fans after viewers called her win a 'fluke' following the controversyCredit: ABC 5Amid the drama, some fans are still begging for Ken Jennings to be named permanent hostCredit: ABC

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‘FBoy Island’ Finale Shocker: Unpacking that Secret ‘FGirl’ Twist

You can’t spell Michelangelo without Elan Gale. Sir, you’ve done it again.

The FBoy Island creator has pulled off another masterful season of reality-dating chaos, and he saved the best twist for last. Forget about FBoy Island. Haven’t we seen all the FBoys the world has to offer? FGirl Island is where it’s at, baby!

Hearts were broken. Relationships were solidified. New villains emerged out of the shadows. Yes, the last two episodes of FBoy Island had it all. During the “Mansplain”—in which every guy convenes on the island one last time to air their grievances on the remaining dudes—the first twist dropped: Tamaris traded Nice Guy Tom out for Nice-ish Guy Niko. This didn’t even matter, but cool.

Then, the girls embarked on 24-hour dates with their final two—for Tamaris, Casey and Niko; for Louise, Mercedes and Benedict; for Mia, Peter and Danny. After a summer of weeding out FBoys from Nice Guys, the girls faced their final decision. Select a Nice Guy, and you get to split the $100,000 cash prize. But laud an FBoy as your final decision, and the money’s in their hands.

Hassen Salum/HBO Max

That’s not all. This season, host Nikki Glaser presented the girls with a surprise bonus option as they waited for their men to arrive. If any lady desired to keep the money for herself, she could reject both men and pocket the $100,000.

If anything, the sophomore season of FBoy Island found that, yes, Nice Guys do finish last. None of them walked away victors in the end. But does that mean an FBoy can’t reform himself to be a better man for the right woman? The jury’s still out, but we’ll unpack as much as we can about what the season finale taught us and what we’re hoping for next.

Fletcher: So, first of all: What do we think of the ladies’ choices?

Laura: I love that Tamaris took the money. Screw these guys, get paid! I could NOT believe Mia chose Peter though…

Danny seemed genuinely upset and blindsided. Do we think Mia made some real promises and flaked, or was this an overreaction to the shock of the moment? I wonder what those alleged pinky promises were!

Allegra: Based on everything the guys had to say about Danny during the mansplain—they really tore him a new one!—I think it was him blowing the situation out of proportion.

Fletcher: I felt like I never saw Danny and Mia's real connection, but there clearly was one there. There was a lot more focus on Peter and her scrambling after only selecting FBoys.

Allegra: Yeah, that did feel abrupt.

Fletcher: I just never felt super connected with Danny. I wasn't rooting for him or against him.

Allegra: I liked him at first, but the things he allegedly said were bad, even if Mia doesn't believe they're true. And that was hard to shake.

Fletcher: I think she made promises to both guys to try and convince them to split the money with her. That’s my bet.

Laura: You are both very wise.

Allegra: I will say: It was very telling that on the final super-dates, both of Mia’s guys asked if she was going to kill them.

But the way you feel about Mia is how I feel about Louise. Mercedes??? Really????? Benedict was ROBBED!

Fletcher: I'm going to be honest with you—before I read Laura's interview with Tamaris, I felt that Casey was robbed, too. But after that interview I was 100000% on Tamaris' side.


Hassen Salum/HBO Max

Fletcher: I'm sorry to Mia, but I was betting on Peter taking the money. Same with Mercedes. They didn't make themselves out to be villains, but I don't really like them, either.

Laura: Same, re: Peter. I had thought Mercedes might be playing the long game for a reformed FBoy arc; it makes sense that some of these boys thought bigger.

Allegra: F Boys—and F Girls!—won the season, and I don’t know how I feel about that!

Fletcher: So, with this season's ending—do nice guys always finish last?

Laura: Evidently they do on this island! But never in my heart.

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