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A vintage fully intact Burger King from the 80s has been discovered behind a wall at mall in Delaware and gone viral after a man who stumbled upon the restaurant shared a photo. 

Twitter users received a fast food blast from the past when Jonathan Pruitt shared photos of a fully intact Burger King that looks like it was transported straight from the 80s.


This vintage Burger King in the Concord Mall in Wilmington, Delaware has been closed since 2009, but appears to have not been touched since it first opened in the 1987. 

The photos of the abandoned restaurant show pastel-colored tables and booths, 80s style vintage décor, patterned wallpaper and white wire chairs. 

A fully intact Burger King built in 1987 has gone viral after having been discovered by a Delaware man 

Jonathan Pruitt, whose first job was at a Burger King shared the photo of the vintage fast food burger-joint which he found behind a wall at Concord Mall in Delaware 

This Burger King has been closed since 2009 and its entrance is only accessible via a key and is hidden from those passing by

Pruitt shared the photo to a Facebook group and 'didn't think anything of it' and was shocked when his photo was shared to Twitter and Reddit and went viral 

Even the trash cans scream vintage Burger King as they read 'get your trash in some way'  in the signature Burger King font. 

The entrance to the hidden fast food giant is located on the first floor of the mall - hidden from those passing by and is only accessible via a key from mall staff. 

The first Burger King opened in 1953 in Jacksonville, Florida and has been serving their signature burgers, fries and milkshakes ever since. 

From menu changes to restaurant redesigns, the signature fast food restaurant has been loved by customers worldwide and this rediscovered Burger King is no different. 

Pruitt whose first job was at a Burger King, posted the photo to a local Delaware Facebook page because he thought it looked 'neat,' but never expected it would get the attention it did and added that he 'didn't think anything of it.' 

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Burger King first opened in 1953 and has been serving their iconic burgers, milkshakes and fries to customers around the world ever since 

The photos of the abandoned restaurant show pastel-colored tables and booths, 80s style vintage décor, patterned wallpaper and white wire chairs

After seeing Pruitt's post, one Twitter user shared her own video of the burger-joint with the caption  'lmao that was literally my storage room back in 2019'

The attention from the photo even reached a Burger King spokesperson who verified that the restaurant 'lines up closely' with those in the 80s including their vintage ice machine 

Local politician Matt Meyer and the mall's general manager Tom Dahlke took a deeper look into the vintage restaurant when they did a Facebook Live 

Although the space still remains empty, Dahlke hopes that someone will soon reopen its doors 

Pruitt, who now works in commercial and industrial HVAC systems was completely shocked when his family and friends told him that his photo had gone viral. 

He said he found out through text messages and phone calls that his photograph was now known worldwide and had received over 50,000 likes on Reddit and over 180,000 likes on Twitter. 

Twitter users went crazy for the photo and one user even shared her own video of the space and said: 'Lmao that was literally my storage room back in 2019.' 

The attention from the photo and video shared even sparked a Burger King spokesperson to add: 'Though we aren't able to confirm details regarding this location, we have verified that the gloriously retro design and décor lines up closely with Burger King restaurants operating in the 1980's and 1990's and this is in fact a former Burger King restaurant.'

Local Delaware politician Matt Meyer and general manager of the mall Tom Dahlke gave users what they had all been hoping for when they took a deeper look at the space in their Facebook Live. 

Twitter users loved the nostalgia of the restaurant and were shocked it was 'still up'

In the video New Castle County Executive Matt Meyer walks through the space and even picks up a bag of fries sitting on one of the tables and is seen munching on them - don't worry though, Meyer picked up the fries at an open Burger King on his way. 

Meyer said that the restaurant represents a time when 'retail was a little more human' and 'people gathered without fear.' 

The mall's general manager added that he 'would love' to see the restaurant become a 'retro space' and added that the store opened in 1987. 

The news of this hidden Burger King comes just days after the fast good giant made headlines when employee Kevin Ford shared he had never missed a day of work in 27 years and was surprised with a reunion with his family thanks to a GoFundMe set up by internet users. 

Although the vintage restaurant has received loads of attention the space still remains empty. 

The mall's general manager said there aren't any serious offers for the vintage burger-joint just yet, but would love for someone to reopen its doors. 

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The four ways China could take Taiwan: from slow blockade squeeze to 48-hour blitz ‘so fast West has no time to respond’

CHINA may choose between options to take Taiwan which includes a 48-hour blitz or a slow blockade squeeze, diplomatic sources claim.

Tensions are high after China deployed masses of military equipment to effectively blockade Taiwan during a string of war games.

5China conducted long-range live-fire drills in the Taiwan Strait on ThursdayCredit: Alamy 5China is conducting live fire drills 12 miles from Taiwan 5A Chinese aircraft carrying missiles flies close to Taiwan 5Taiwanese military personnel take part in a military exercise 5

If China decides to take Taiwan, it will plan to carry out "a lightning-fast 48-hour offensive" to leave the West scrambling to respond, diplomatic sources have told The Telegraph.

The publication understands the tactic has been a lesson learned from Moscow's invasion after Western leaders took two days to respond to President Vladimir Putin's attack on Ukraine.

It's thought the crucial window of time to act has been deduced from Russia's failure to take Kyiv and topple Volodymyr Zelensky's government.

Diplomatic sources say President Xi believes Western "significant" support could have been handed to Ukraine during this time and doesn't want to give the same opportunity to Taiwan.

READ MORE ON TAIWAN TOP GUNS Taiwan scrambles fighter jets as 34 Chinese planes & warships bear down on islandCARRIER KILLERS China ‘rehearsing sinking US aircraft carriers with hypersonic missiles'

Beijing has been ramping up military drills near the island as fears of an imminent invasion swell.

Tensions between the two nations have hit boiling point in recent days, with China continuing to flex its military muscles by launching jets into Taiwan's airspace and firing missiles in haunting drills.

Beijing has essentially surrounded the island - which it regards as a breakaway province - with 68 jets and 13 warships, Taiwan's Ministry of National Defence has said.

In recent days, more than 100 warplanes and 10 warships have been at the centre of live-fire military drills around Taiwan.

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China has issued a chilling warning to Taiwan by releasing footage of field hospital rehearsals - suggesting it is preparing for mass casualties.


Taiwan could be financially, economically and operationally drained if Beijing extended military exercises.

Forces would be able to ready themselves in the best possible positions to launch attacks on Taiwan.

China launched its largest-ever military exercises around Taiwan on Thursday in a show of force straddling vital international shipping lanes.

Taiwan has been on high alert after China vowed "punishment" ion response to a visit by US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Polosi to the island this week - the first Speaker to visit in 25 years.

The war game drills began at 12 pm (0400 GMT) on Thursday and involved "live-firing", according to Chinese state media.

Reports have emerged of small projectiles flying into the sky around Pingtan followed by plumes of white smoke and loud booming sounds.


Beijing has long held the view the smattering of small Fujian Province islands as part of its own territory.

Some sit less than 10km from China’s mainland, including Kinmen, a chain of islands just east off the coast of Xiamen city in China, and Matsu Islands, northwest of Taiwan.

At little cost, China could invade all or some of the islands, which are home to about 20,000 people, to gauge a reaction from the West.

Grim predictions about the potential war come as China has vowed to reclaim Kinmen.

Taiwan insists it is a independent nation after splitting from mainland China in 1949.


China has already sent 22 warplanes hurtling into Taiwan's airspace as the giant nation continues to flex its military muscles in a message to the US.

Communist forces sent the fighter jets hurtling across the "median line" running down the Taiwan Strait on Thursday, according to the defence ministry in Taipei.

It's believed Being may choose limited punitive attacks from above to weaken Taiwan by targeting coastal defences, radar sites and airfields.

It's thought major population centres would be avoided in hopes of tipping Taiwan to the negotiating table without may avoid reaction from the West.


China could launch a massive assault on Taiwan that could be even more devastating than Russia's attack on Ukraine, experts warned.

In the event of a wide-scale assault, China would aim to deploy troops at strategic points across the 70-mile Taiwan Strait.

Panic would be felt across the nation in the event cyber-warfare was employed if Taiwan's communications would be disrupted.

Hypersonic missiles such as the DF-17 could be used, it claimed, to hit "moving targets at sea".

Military analysts fear high tech swarms of drones, up to one million soldiers, warships and bombers could all be sent hurtling over the 110mile Taiwan Strait.

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