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One person has died and 22 others people have been hospitalized in a nationwide listeria outbreak spanning 10 states, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said.

The cause of the outbreak is not yet known and a specific food item has not yet been identified as the source of this outbreak, the CDC said on Friday, July 1.

Nearly all the people live in or traveled to Florida about a month before they got sick, although the significance of this is not yet known, said the CDC.

Pregnant people and their newborns, adults aged 65 and older, and people with weakened immune systems are at higher risk for severe Listeria.

The CDC is advising people at high risk who have symptoms of a Listeria infection, especially those who have recently traveled to Florida, to talk to their healthcare provider. Healthcare providers should report listeriosis illnesses to their health department. This information may help investigators solve this outbreak.

In the Northeast, two cases linked to the outbreak have been confirmed in both New York and Massachusetts, and none in Connecticut. The number of cases in Florida is now at 12.

For a breakdown of cases by state, click here.

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Parents slammed for giving child ‘unique’ baby name that ‘no one will know how to pronounce’

THERE'S nothing wrong with giving your child an uncommon name.

But in the case of one baby, people think a simple choice would have been better.

2The Facebook group That's It I'm bored And Shaming Everything 2.0 posted the unusual name of a baby girlCredit: Getty

A Facebook group named "That's It I'm bored And Shaming Everything 2.0" posted a picture of a baby's name.

Parents of a baby girl had ordered their child's name in a cursive wooden carving.

The person who posted the picture admitted they had thought the name was just a word that some seller made up to describe their work.

"Ok so at first I thought this was one of those inexistent words sellers make up to show the versatility of their work, but nay. No this was genuinely someone's order of their baby's name," they wrote.

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The picture reveals the girl's name to be "Widneily."

"As a receptionist who does phone registrations, I can *literally* hear people with "original" or "alternatively spelled" names' frustration and annoyance each time "And your first name?" followed by "...... and could you spell that for me, M'am?" comes up," they went on to say.

Other group members found this odd name triggering them as well.

A teacher gave their condolences to the little girl's future educators.

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She wrote: "As a teacher.....I'm sad for the future teachers that have to read it on the roster, and spell it correctly for them through PreK and kindergarten."

Another viewer explained that they had a unique name and was still shocked by this one.

"From someone with an uncommon name, this is embarrassing lol," they commented.

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Others were just flat-out confused about how you even pronounce the baby's name.

"What in the world!? That name is a Tragedeigh 2.0 How would you even go about pronouncing that," a viewer noted, while another said: "I'm sure the mom will get mad at you for pronouncing it wrong."

2The baby girl's parents named her Widneily and people think it was a mistakeCredit: Facebook

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