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NO dance partner, no problem. Horace has your back.

The Horace filter is trending all over TikTok and for good reason.

2Horace was created on Blender, an animation program What is the Horace filter on Tiktok?

Horace is a dancing animated character dressed up in what seems to be either a bodysuit or bathing suit.

TikTok users are creating videos of themselves dancing alongside Horace.

Users who feature Horace in their videos are using the "Horace" hashtag.

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The Horace TikTok Filter was created by Jackson Q. Gray.

Before Horace made an appearance on TikTok, he was featured as an Instagram filter in April of 2020.

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It's hard to say exactly why the Horace filter is trending on TikTok, but it's likely due to Horace's hilarious dance cameos in each video.

Horace has been featured in a variety of settings, such as clubs, bedrooms, sports games, and even with Guy Fieri as he worked out.

Horace can dance along to any song and can be made as big or small as you want.

The most popular song on TikTok that features Horace dancing is Drake's "Feel No Ways."

2TikTok filters, such as Horace, are easy to use and incorporate into your videos How can I use the Horace Filter on TikTok?
  • Tap the "Create" button on Tiktok.
  • On the right side of the screen select "Filters."
  • Find and select the "Horace" filter.
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    You will then be able to adjust the size of Horace and select the background music you would like to include.

    No matter the location or music you select, Horace is bound to make your video hilarious.

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    EVER felt miffed to discover you fit into a size 10 in one high street shop only to discover you can't zip up the same size elsewhere?

    We have some good news: you're not imagining things and your body isn't changing measurements between shops.

    4TikTok user Sophie Shakeshaft tried on several pairs of size UK 12 jeans from different shops in a viral videoCredit: tiktok / @sophieshakeshaft 4She bought exactly the same size but the measurements appear to differ greatly between storesCredit: tiktok / @sophieshakeshaft

    In fact, one TikTok user proved all our fave high street and online retailers have slightly different measurements.

    Sophie Shakeshaft modelled all her size 12 trousers in one video, setting out to prove we shouldn't look for validation in clothes sizes.

    In the clip, Sophie tries on trousers from Topshop, ASOS, Pretty Little Thing and Boohoo, all of which are a size 12 and fit her body in completely different ways.

    First, she wears ASOS Tall lilac jogging bottoms, which fit like a glove.

    But the very next shots shows Sophie in Boohoo jeans and a pair of Topshop leather trousers, both in a size 12, one of which is far too large and the other too small.

    Pretty Little Thing's size 12 trousers are a good fit on the tall blonde, while ASOS mom jeans come up large on the waist.

    Sophie concludes the video by telling viewers: "Notice mu body didn't change size once during this video!

    "Don't put value on your clothes size babygirl."

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    The 21-year-old's video has received an outpouring of support online, racking up more than 39,000 likes and hundreds of comments.

    One viewers commented: "This made me feel so much better, thank you so much for making this."

    A second said: "I needed this. Going to start buying the size that fits best in that piece of clothing. I would normally feel paranoid if my usual size doesn't fit me."

    Sophie replied to the comment saying: Yes to this! Comfort is key - no one can see the label and the label doesn't matter!"

    Someone else chimed in: "I HATE shopping for jeans. It's so stressful and makes me so sad. I literally own one pair of jeans."

    And another commented: "This changes everything, I need to start ordering multiple sizes for the perfect fit, instead of paying 'my size' will fit."

    4Sophie explained she posted the video to prove to women that sizes mean less than we thinkCredit: tiktok / @sophieshakeshaft 4She ends by urging women not to base their value on their clothes sizeCredit: tiktok / @sophieshakeshaft

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