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Only 33% of adults in the U.S. won’t require additional nursing care, daily living support, occupational therapy or speech therapy later in life, and 20% of Americans over the age of 65 require supportive care for more than five years.

Long-term care insurance companies provide the financial assistance needed to pay for the cost of care through either stand-alone policies or riders on life insurance plans.

The best insurers offer products that pay for a wide range of services at affordable rates. They are also reliable and financially healthy, so people know they can count on them when they need to use their policies. Here are the top five companies offering long-term care insurance.

Top 5 Long-Term Care Insurance Companies
  • GoldenCare: Best Overall Long-Term Care Insurance
  • Nationwide: Best Long-term Care Insurance Customer Satisfaction
  • Pacific Life: Best Long-term Care Insurance Discounts
  • Mutual of Omaha: Best Optional Long-term Care Benefits
  • New York Life: Best Company Financial Health
1. GoldenCare — Best Overall Long-Term Care Insurance

GoldenCare Long-Term Care Insurance Pros:

  • Marketplace to search for and compare LTC policies
  • Critical Cash program option
  • Easy-to-find tailored coverage
  • Helpful information on LTC insurance on site

GoldenCare Long-Term Insurance Cons:

  • Doesn’t offer its own policy
  • Customer service depends on the company chosen
  • No guarantees of good service
  • Lowest rates don’t ensure insurer’s financial health

GoldenCare is an LTC brokerage company that helps connect people to companies that offer the products they need at reasonable rates. They have a free quote tool for easy comparison of plans and prices, alleviating some of the stress for those searching for LTC insurance.

Benefits of GoldenCare Long-Term Care Insurance: 5/5

The company works with the industry’s leading insurance companies. When you search for plans using its services, you can quickly compare plans and rates to find policies that meet your needs and budget. If you aren’t sure what you want from your LTC coverage, a comparison analysis is an excellent place to start.

GoldenCare can help you connect with critical care coverage if you don’t qualify for LTC insurance. The range of available benefits through multiple companies is one of the reasons this company made it on our list of top long-term care insurance companies.

GoldenCare Payout Options for Long-Term Medical Expenses: 5/5

As with product benefits, customers who use this brokerage have the benefit of choosing a plan with the payout option they desire. If care coverages are a primary concern, customers can choose a stand-alone plan, while those who prefer a death benefit can opt for a rider.

GoldenCare Long-Term Care Insurance Customer Service: 4/5

Though the companies GoldenCare partners with are well-known insurers, their customer services can vary widely. The same holds with customer satisfaction.

You can narrow down your choices using the brokerage’s services, but you may need to conduct your own research to determine how the companies rate in third-party customer service rankings. This extra step may still be worth the effort to ensure good customer service.

Financial Health of GoldenCare: 4/5

The financial health of an insurance company is especially important when customers may not require the benefits offered until sometime in the distant future. Here is another area where you should do a little extra work to determine financial health for the companies on your list.

GoldenCare Extended Care Insurance Overall Score: 4.50/5

Get a GoldenCare Quote for free!

2. Nationwide — Best Long-term Care Insurance Customer Satisfaction

Nationwide Long-Term Care Insurance Pros:

  • LTC riders for variable and universal life insurance policies
  • Indemnity and reimbursement benefits payout
  • Coverage for temporary care
  • Income-tax-free death benefits for beneficiaries
  • Minimum death benefit

Nationwide Long-Term Care Insurance Cons:

  • No stand-alone LTC insurance plan is available.
  • Not every state offers LTC riders.
  • Details of rider benefits are not available on the website.

Nationwide has been in business since 1925, lending it credibility and reliability. It tops our list of long-term care insurance companies because it ranks high in customer satisfaction, a good overall indicator of what you can expect from doing business with a company.

Benefits of Nationwide Long-Term Care Insurance: 4.7/5

Nationwide offers its LTC insurance as a rider to its life insurance policies. One big plus with this company’s rider benefits is that it doesn’t place restrictions on how customers use the benefit. The company doesn’t offer a stand-alone policy, so it costs more because you also have to pay for life insurance.

The company also does not offer services in all 50 states. Customers must wait 90 days before benefits take effect, and the benefit period is between two and seven years. Coverage details are lacking on the company’s website, meaning customers must contact a representative or get a quote to learn about policy specifics.

Nationwide Payout Options for Long-Term Medical Expenses: 5/5

The company allows customers to choose between indemnity and reimbursement payout options when they need to use their benefit for care. Indemnity payouts are lump-sum cash payouts that don’t require customers to pay in advance and submit receipts.

At death, any unused benefits get passed along to beneficiaries. However, even if customers use it all up, Nationwide has a minimum death benefit that ensures beneficiaries still receive a payout.

Nationwide Long-Term Care Insurance Customer Service: 5/5

Nationwide offers customers the flexibility they need to utilize their benefits in ways that work for them. Furthermore, the company ranked high in J.D. Power’s study of customer satisfaction for life insurance companies, earning a score of 813/1000 and placing it at the top of our list of the best long-term care insurance companies.

According to the National Association of Insurance Commission, Nationwide has a complaint code of 0.0 for LTC insurance and 0.36 for life insurance. A score of 1.0 is what you’d expect from similar companies, so this company receives far fewer complaints than average.

Financial Health of Nationwide: 4.8/5

The company has been around for nearly a century, so it is well-established. A.M. Best gives the company an A+ rating, just below the highest A++ rating. The outlook for the company is stable.

Nationwide Extended-Care Insurance Overall Score: 4.875/5

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3. Pacific Life — Best Long-term Care Insurance Discounts

Pacific Life Long-Term Care Insurance Pros:

  • Licensed health care practitioners available to help
  • 3 rider benefits levels
  • Discounts for couples
  • Monthly rates returned for unused portion when discontinued
  • Eligible services clearly identified

Pacific Life Long-Term Care Insurance Cons:

  • Unavailable in New York
  • Limited availability in California
  • No stand-alone policy option

Pacific Life is another company that has been around for a long time, with more than 150 years of experience providing customers with insurance products to meet their needs. This company’s primary focus is life insurance. It offers three types of LTC riders, giving customers choices in what they receive in benefits.

Benefits of Pacific Life Long-Term Care Insurance: 4.7/5

Customers can only get their long-term care insurance as a rider to a life insurance policy. Pacific Life doesn’t have the same degree of flexibility customers get with Nationwide.

They do provide three different products, which helped put them in the number-two position on our list of top long-term care insurance companies. Customers can choose an elimination period of zero to 90 days.

Pacific Life Payout Options for Long-Term Medical Expenses: 4.9/5

As with Nationwide, customers don’t lose any of their investment in coverage if they don’t use it. Customers who opt to drop their coverage get the money back they paid into their policies, less any benefits used.

Pacific Life also pays beneficiaries for any unused benefits after death. The company provides a minimum death benefit of up to $5,000, ensuring customer heirs receive money even when all benefits are exhausted.

Pacific Life Long-Term Care Insurance Customer Service: 4.9/5

The company offers discounts for couples. They also give customers the option to pay for their plans over five years, 10 years, or the policy’s lifetime. Pacific Life also ranked high in the J.D. Power study, earning a score of 801/1000.

The NAIC company complaint index for its life insurance arm and long-term care insurance products is 0.0. Customers who purchase their products seem to have little to complain about with either the products or services.

Financial Health of Pacific Life: 4.8/5

Pacific Life’s long history of providing insurance services reassures customers that they will likely continue to do so. A.M. Best agrees, giving the company an A+ rating with a stable outlook.

Pacific Life Extended Care Insurance Overall Score: 4.825/5

See what Pacific Life can do for you!

4. Mutual of Omaha — Best Optional Long-term Care Benefits

Mutual of Omaha Long-Term Care Insurance Pros:

  • Choice of optional benefits
  • No need to pay monthly rates when receiving benefits
  • Indemnity and reimbursement payout options
  • Discounts for couples

Mutual of Omaha Long-Term Care Insurance Cons:

  • LTC insurance is not available in all states
  • Only available as a stand-alone policy
  • No death benefits

In business since 1909, Mutual of Omaha is a well-known insurance company with a respectable reputation. The company provides optional benefits that give customers the option to boost their benefits, which is a big reason we chose this company as one of our top five long-term care insurance companies.

Benefits of Mutual of Omaha Long-Term Care Insurance: 5/5

Mutual of Omaha offers stand-alone long-term insurance policies but not riders. A stand-alone policy is a good option if you already have a life insurance policy and just need to buy long-term care insurance. Elimination period choices range between zero days and a year.

This company offers optional add-ons that provide added protection and savings. They have options for increasing inflation rates security, shared benefits, increased monthly reimbursement benefits and rate returns for unused portions.

Mutual of Omaha Payout Options for Long-Term Medical Expenses: 4.3/5

The company provides customers the option to receive cash payouts for benefits instead of reimbursements. There is no death benefit, unlike life insurance riders, so customers don’t get this additional payout option.

Mutual of Omaha Long-Term Care Insurance Customer Service: 4.7/5

This company’s website provides customers with a tool that estimates changes in the cost of care in the future for their location (narrowed down to the ZIP code level). The company also offers discounts to couples. Though the most significant savings are for partners who both have coverage, couples get a discount even when only one of them has a policy.

Mutual of Omaha earned 788 out of 1000 possible points in the J.D. Power analysis of customer satisfaction in life insurance policies. They also receive a very favorable score of 0.16 on the NAIC customer complaint index for their LTC insurance products and a 0.0 for life insurance, helping to secure their spot on our list of the best long-term care insurance companies.

Financial Health of Mutual of Omaha: 4.8/5

Mutual of Omaha is another well-established insurance company with a solid financial history. The company’s rating with A.M. Best is A+, and it has a favorable, stable outlook.

Mutual of Omaha Overall Score: 4.70/5

Check out Mutual of Omaha!

5. New York Life — Best Company Financial Health

New York Life Long-Term Care Insurance Pros:

  • A++ rating from A.M. Best
  • Stand-alone and LTC-life insurance hybrid policies
  • 2 stand-alone plans to choose from

New York Life Long-Term Care Insurance Cons:

  • California residents are limited in options
  • Details about stand-alone products not on site
  • Minimum elimination period is 90 days

New York Life is the oldest insurance company on this list, providing services for more than 175 years. They also have the most robust financial health, a strength that helped put it on our list of top long-term care insurance companies. This insurer also gives customers an option of choosing from multiple plan arrangements.

Benefits of New York Life Long-Term Care Insurance: 5/5

New York Life is the only company on this list that offers both stand-alone and life insurance rider options. It has two options for stand-alone coverage in every state but California, where only one plan type is available. The difference between the two plan levels is that one is customizable while the other isn’t.

The life insurance rider option isn’t available in every state, but it offers the benefits of life and LTC coverage in one policy for those who have access. The benefit period is three or six years, depending on the plan. Customers have to wait either 90 or 180 days for their benefits to kick in.

New York Life Payout Options for Long-term Medical Expenses: 5/5

The payout for a stand-alone policy is available as either reimbursement or indemnity benefits. As with other companies on the list, the rider disperses benefits when they’re needed, either for care, as a death benefit or a combination of both.

New York Life Long-term Care Insurance Customer Service: 4/5

This company receives high marks for offering its customers both stand-alone and life insurance rider products and providing a customizable plan. People who choose New York Life as their insurer have a higher level of flexibility from a single company than any other company on the list.

New York Life doesn’t rank as high in the J.D. Power customer satisfaction survey, which lowered its ranking on our list of top long-term care insurance companies. The company received a score of 777/1000. Its score of 0.03 on the NAIC customer complaint index is commendable.

Financial Health of New York Life: 4/5

The company’s long history of providing insurance products offers customers peace of mind that it is doing something right. New York Life also receives an A++ rating from A.M. Best — higher than any other company on this list — indicating the company is financially strong. New York Life’s financial outlook is stable.

New York Life Extended Care Insurance Overall Score: 4.50/5

Find New York Life long-term care insurance quotes!

The Runner-Up LTC Insurance Company

Northwestern Mutual scored almost as well as New York Life, as it ranked high in J.D. Power’s customer satisfaction study and received an A++ from A.M. Best. However, it lacks the flexibility in services offered from New York Life, bumping it down to our runner-up position.

Important Factors in Choosing the Best Long-Term Care Insurance Companies

Long-term care insurance provides essential coverage when you need skilled nursing or custodial care due to critical illness, disabilities or cognitive disorders. You need to know that the company you choose provides the coverage you can count on.

We examined long-term care insurance companies for how well they meet the needs of their customers. We looked at what kind of policies they provide, the benefits offered and payout options. We also assessed how well the company ranks in customer satisfaction and the types of services they offer.

Finally, the nature of long-term care insurance means that the person who purchases coverage may not need to draw on the benefits for years to decades. Factors such as what happens to unused benefits and company financial health were essential considerations.


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Buyer’s Guide to the Best Long-Term Care Insurance Companies What is long-term care insurance?

Long-term care insurance covers the cost of care if you become disabled or critically ill. These policies pay for many services not covered under health insurance and can pick up where Medicaid and Medicare leave off.

These plans pay for care in the home, a long-term care facility, an assisted-living facility, an Alzheimer’s care facility, an adult daycare service center or a nursing home. Coverage is available either as a stand-alone policy or a rider attached to a life insurance policy.

What do long-term care insurance policies cover?

LTC plans pay for a wide range of non-medical services: physical, occupational, rehabilitation and speech therapy. LTC insurance can cover skilled nursing services, hospice care and specialty services for people with Alzheimer’s disease.

They also pay for someone to help with daily living skills, such as bathing, dressing, transferring in and out of bed or a chair, toileting, shaving and grooming. Coverage is available for assistance in meal planning, preparations and shopping.

What is a long-term insurance rider?

An insurance rider is a benefit that is attached to a primary policy. In the case of LTC coverage, life insurance or long-term care insurance companies add them to life insurance policies for an added cost. These policies tend to cost more because they include both LTC and life insurance benefits.

LTC insurance riders provide three stages of benefits commonly known as “live, quit or die.” While you’re alive, the plan pays for qualified care. If you decide to end your coverage, you get the money you paid into the policy back, less any benefits used. When you die, your beneficiaries get a death benefit as long as your policy is still active.

How much does long-term care insurance cost?

As with other types of insurance, rates for LTC coverage vary widely. Companies use different formulas to determine their rates, but several important factors impact the cost of coverage. Your health at the time of purchase, age, marital status, and living location all affect your rates.

Additionally, the type of plan you choose, policy limits and whether you elect optional benefits contribute to how much you pay. You can use a site such as GoldenCare to compare plans and rates for LTC insurance in your area.

Is long-term care insurance necessary?

Long-term care insurance isn’t a requirement, but it is a good idea. Most people require some sort of long-term care during their lives, and it can get quite expensive.

Coverage protects you from incurring those costs all at once, so you can get the help you need without the stress of worrying about how to pay for it. It also safeguards your assets and your family’s financial and emotional well-being.

How do I know which long-term care insurance companies are right for me?

Insurance companies vary in the products they offer and the rates they charge. It’s important to have an idea about what you’re looking for before you begin your search. You have two options for LTC insurance vehicles: stand-alone policies or life insurance riders.

While rates are certainly a consideration, you want to know that the company provides the services and benefits you need and that they’re reliable. It’s also helpful to examine customer reviews, third-party customer satisfaction indicators, and financial health.

Top 5 Long-Term Care Insurance Companies Comparison Summary


  • Best feature: Compare policies and costs of multiple companies
  • Policy type: Varies
  • Benefits period: Varies
  • Elimination period: Varies


  • Best feature: Ranks high in overall customer satisfaction
  • Policy type: Life Insurance Rider
  • Benefits period: 2-7 years
  • Elimination period: 90 days

Pacific Life

  • Best feature: Offers discounts to couples
  • Policy type: Life Insurance Rider
  • Benefits period: 2-8 years
  • Elimination period: 0-90 days

Mutual of Omaha

  • Best feature: Offers multiple optional benefits
  • Policy type: Stand-Alone Policy
  • Benefits period: 1-5 years
  • Elimination period: 0-365 days

New York Life

  • Best feature: Financially strong, with A++ A.M. Best rating
  • Policy type: Stand-Alone or Rider Options
  • Benefits period: 3 or 6 years
  • Elimination period: 90 or 180 days

Closing Thoughts on Finding the Best Long-Term Care Insurance Companies
You never know when you might need long-term care, and the costs add up quickly. Insurance protects you and your loved ones from the financial stress that comes with paying high out-of-pocket costs.

Choosing the best long-term care insurance companies for you depends on your needs and preferences for a stand-alone policy versus a life insurance rider, how soon you need the policy to take effect, and the types of services you may require.

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But Twitter wasn’t focused on the Bills and their impressive road victory after the final whistle. NFL media and fans were mostly too busy tearing New England to shreds for just how beatable, just how hapless and just how miserable they looked.

New England managed 10 points, settling for a late field goal to cap a 17-play, five-minute-and-45-second drive that really only helped Buffalo run out the clock.

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The Patriots’ leading receiver tonight was a rookie cornerback who entered the game having never played offense at the NFL level.

— Keagan Stiefel (@KeaganStiefel) December 2, 2022

Last three meetings:

Bills 104
Patriots 48

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Down 14
1:52 remaining
all 3 timeouts

Patriots allow the Bills to kneel it out and end the game.

— CBS Sports (@CBSSports) December 2, 2022

Like, you gotta let (sigh) Joe Judge take over the offense at this point, right? Literally cannot be worse than Patricia. Worst Patriots offense in 30 years and this is not an exaggeration.

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The way the Patriots approached their drive before the half was the ultimate lack of preparation by the coaches. Terrible play calls and clock management. Completely out of their depth.

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This definitely isn’t what Patriot teams coached by Bill Belichick are supposed to look like.

The Bills did get their fair share of praise for the performance, particularly because of what they’ve done in their last three games.

The Buffalo Bills are the first team to beat the Belichick-era Patriots by double-digits in three straight games, including playoffs.

They are also the first to ever win at New England in three straight years.

— ESPN Stats & Info (@ESPNStatsInfo) December 2, 2022

Ive said it way too many times but what the #Bills did in 12 days isnt normal.

You rarely win 3 games on the road and in this case basically with no rest.

This team is unique and their leaders are unique.

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3 wins in 12 days (none in Buffalo) changes that real quick. There’s a scenario where they end the week as the 1 seed in the AFC

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Stefon Diggs was FEASTIN ????

Diggs is the first player in Bills history with multiple 10 rec TD seasons!

???? @BuffaloBills

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All of the sudden, the Bills are looking a lot more comfortable in the AFC playoff race, sitting second behind the Chiefs with a 9-3 record. Their winless record in the division is no more. They’re now 1-2. The dire feeling after back-to-back losses to the Jets and Vikings has evaporated.

As for the Patriots, they dropped to 6-6 with their second-straight loss. They’ve now lost three of six home games, which isn’t going to make Gillette a friendly environment. They’ll be on the road the next two weeks against the Cardinals and Raiders, so perhaps they’ll find a way to give the home crowd a good reason to welcome them back on Christmas Eve when they play the Bengals.

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