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Euphoria has been branded a “toxic” workplace by insiders who claim that background actors were denied meals and bathroom breaks during 18-hour workdays, according to a report. HBO responded saying that the well-being of the cast and crew is a “top priority.”

Euphoria “crew members and background actors” told The Daily Beast that aspects of Season 2’s production were hellish, with some describing the work environment as “toxic.

Workdays would also reportedly last up to 18 hours, and several complaints have been made to the Screen Actors Guild – American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA).

The story says a union representative was sent to the set after complaints from extras about the conditions of the shoot.

“Creatively, it must be a dream, but logistically? Come on,” one source told The Daily Beast, referring to the show’s creator Sam Levinson — son of famed Rain Man director Barry Levinson — who allegedly arrives on set without a shot list and decides what to shoot off the cuff. “It felt very privileged on that set.”

The Daily Beast’s ources added that people eventually began “dropping like flies,” with the casting agency having to constantly recruit more extras.

“I understand that I’m doing background work,” one actor told The Daily Beast. “I’m not the most important person there, I know where I am on the totem pole.”

“But it got to a point where I was like, I’m still a person, I’m still human. Please let me go to the restroom, don’t tell me I can’t go for 30 minutes or tell me I can’t get a snack when you’re not going to feed me and it’s 4 a.m.,” the actor added. “It just very much felt like we didn’t exist as people.”

Another actor told the outlet, “It was the most disorganized set that I’ve ever been a part of because I don’t think anybody knew what was going on.”

“There were times after 14 hours we were told, ‘This is the last scene, we’re done after lunch,’ we took lunch, waited around two and a half hours, and then we went back to set,” the actor added. “It felt toxic to me because I don’t think anybody was really happy to be there.”

HBO provided the following statement in response:

The well-being of cast and crew on our productions is always a top priority. The production was in full compliance with all safety guidelines and guild protocols. It’s not uncommon for drama series to have complex shoots, and COVID protocols add an additional layer. We maintain an open line of communication with all the guilds, including SAG-AFTRA. There were never any formal inquiries raised.

Euphoria has become HBO’s second-most-watched show ever behind Game of Thrones, thanks in part to the social media following of actress Zendaya — the on- and offscreen love interest of Spider-Man star Tom Holland.

The entertainment industry is no stranger to providing toxic workplace environments.

A report last year revealed that Hollywood’s culture of bullying, abusive behavior, and employee mistreatment continues unabated despite high-profile scandals that have drawn widespread attention to the problem.

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Disturbing hidden nanny cam footage shows wife ‘repeatedly poisoning husband with Drano as details of abuse emerge’

DISTURBING hidden nanny cam footage showed a woman allegedly poisoning her husband with Drano multiple times as more accusations of abuse emerge. 

Yue “Emily” Yu was arrested Thursday on suspicion of repeatedly poisoning her husband, Jack Chen, who is seeking a restraining order and a divorce after being married for 10 years. 

4Nanny cam footage catches the moment where Yue 'Emily' Yu allegedly poisoned her husband with DranoCredit: Supplied by The NY Post 4Yu was arrested on Thursday after her husband, Jack Chen, claimed she poisoned him on several occasionsCredit: AP

Chen called the Irvine Police Department earlier that day, claiming he was being poisoned by his wife and said he had video evidence to share. 

“Our officers reviewed the video,” said Lt Bill Bingham, calling Chen’s allegations “incredibly serious.”

In a statement to the court, Chen revealed a long list of alleged disturbing behavior by his wife, claiming she’d yell a Chinese phrase that translated to “go die!” to their children. 

“She also says to the children, ‘your head has a problem, your head is sick,’ ‘go f*** yourself,’ ‘f***ing idiot,’” he wrote in the court document.

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It’s alleged that Yu put Drano in Chen’s hot lemonade on several occasions until Chen caught her in the act using video from the nanny cam. 

No charges against Yu have been filed as of yet, but Chen was granted a temporary restraining order. 

Chen, a radiologist, said he met his wife in 2011 before marrying on July 4, 2012, however, he said her behavior started to change after their children were born in 2013 and 2014. 

He accused his mother-in-law, “Yuqin “Amy” Gu of joining in on the verbal and physical abuse. 

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“Almost daily I would be insulted by Amy saying I ‘act like a thug’ and I ‘don’t act like a man.’ Emily would call me a ‘f***ing a**hole’ and other insults,” he said.

“As early as two-years-old Emily and Amy were verbally and then physically abusive to [our son and daughter] which intensified as they grew older,” he continued. 

“They are both verbally and physically abusive to me.”

Some of the alleged abuse toward the couple’s children included Yu spanking her daughter when she was three years old after she wet the bed and hitting her then two-year-old son on the head and arms, said Chen. 

He also claimed the children, now aged eight and seven, could not show their father affection without Yu screaming at them. 

“Our children learned Emily’s rule is everything,” said Chen. “I am ignored and not recognized as a family member.”

Yu’s attorney, David E Wohl said his client “unequivocally denies poisoning her husband or anyone else.”

Wohl said Yu made bond after being arrested and is now living in a separate residence while working on retaining a divorce lawyer. 

“She obviously is shocked over the allegations made against her,” said Wohl. “The false allegations made in an attempt to gain an advantage in the divorce and custody case that her husband filed against her.”

Wohl called Yu an “outstanding mother,” who denied all the allegations of mental and physical abuse against her two children. 

“The video does not depict any wrongdoing on behalf of my client, and does not depict her trying to poison her husband.”

Yu, a dermatologist in Orange County, has not been back to work since her arrest. 

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She is scheduled for arraignment on November 3 in Newport Beach, California.

“We are convinced that she will get her good reputation back when this is over,” said Wohl. 

4Chen received a temporary restraining order from Yu and filed for divorce after 10 years of marriageCredit: Supplied by The NY Post 4Yu's lawyer said his client 'unequivocally denies poisoning her husband or anyone else'Credit: Providence Mission Hospital

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