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DENVER (CBS4) – A movement to boycott Russian vodka may benefit distilleries in Colorado.

There war is thousands of miles away in Ukraine but the Russian invasion has opportunity knocking on Broadway at the Denver Distillery. There, Streeter McClure markets his vodka brand called “Streeter Flynn.”

(credit: CBS)

“The American people don’t have to buy Russian vodka.

If they want to help support the Ukrainian people it leaves a lot of open space, and we have plenty of Streeter Flynn vodka we can put there,” he said.

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The State of Colorado is going after Russia where possible. Gov. Jared Polis signed an executive order impacting the reach of the Russian counsel, reviewing any state contracts with Russian ties, protecting against cyber attacks, and welcoming Ukrainian immigrants.

(credit: CBS)

At a news conference Friday, Polis said “We’re committed to making sure the state of Colorado is not in anyway empowering the regime of Vladimir Putin of Russia, and we are looking to take every additional step we can to penalize Putin.”

Boycotting Russian vodka may be one small penalty, but at the Denver Distillery they hope it will be a lasting one.

Chris Anderson-Tarver, who makes the vodka, referred to the Russians by saying, “it’s not a good luck to have people pouring your product down the drain.”

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Emily Ratajkowski’s birth chart explained

EMILY Ratajowski, the American model, actress, podcast host, and New York Times bestselling author who has America wrapped around her finger, knows all about sex appeal.

We've decided to look at her birth chart to get a better sense of who she is on the runway, as well as when no one's watching.

2Emily Ratajowski's sun sign is in Gemini Emily Ratajowski's birth chart explained Sun in Gemini

Those with their Sun in Gemini are often known for their physical appearances, which couldn't be more spot-on for Emily, who has been named on countless "hot" lists from Esquire to Maxim.

She has also proven, however, to be multi-faceted; she's a lot more than just her looks.

If your sun is in Gemini, you're likely to be extremely witty and warm to others, making you a certified charmer, but your interest in who they are at a deeper level is genuine.

Gemini sun signs are also known to struggle with anxiety because they are like the nervous system of the zodiac, always sensing everything, even when it doesn't feel good.

READ MORE ON EMILYOUCH, KIM Pete Davidson has ‘met his intellectual match’ in Emily RatajkowskiRUMOUR HAS IT Is Pete Davidson dating Emily Ratajkowski?

Some say that Geminis are two-faced, but we prefer the term complex.

Your sun sign represents how you show up at your core.

It represents your mosevidentus and outstanding personality traits.

It can also represent your sense of purpose in life, and the ways that you experience and see the outside world.

Most read in HoroscopesMYSTIC MEG Music with a link to a famous movie can be the soundtrack to luckIN THE STARS An inside look at Pete Davidson's natal astrologyMYSTIC MEG Treat everyone you come across with your usual blend of kindness and curiosityAGE OF AQUARIUS Aquarius traits: The best and worst characteristics of this sign Moon in Aries

Those with their Moon in Aries are like the phoenixes of the astrological world; they are known for rising from the ashes.

When considering the positive traits of a Moon in Aries, we can easily count their enthusiasm, their pliability, and their flair for being bold.

On their shadow side, which every moon has, an Aries Moon has the capability of being reckless, imapatient, and impulsive-- simply their positive traits pushed to the extreme.

Emily herself has risen from the ashes, after becoming the center of speculation when she appeared nude in Robin Thicke's music video for Burred Lines.

She later set the record straight about her experience on set in her book, My Body, when she wrote of the groping that she allegedly suffered at the hands of Thicke, writing: "They were the talent; we were more like props."

Your moon represents the feminine side of your nurturing, including how you were literally and metaphorically raised by your mother, or other women in your life.

It also represents having both an illuminated side which everyone sees, and a darker side, which stays darker and holds your secrets.

Mercury in Gemini

Those with their Mercury in Gemini are known for being the stars of their social scenes, because they are genuinely interested in learning new things, especially about other people.

The downside to this is that their interest in others and in new information can lead to gossip if they aren't careful.

They are also known to be witty and humorous, which could serve as a key compatibility factor for Emily and rumored beau Pete Davidson, whether they're truly dating or are just friends.

Your Mercury sign is the way in which you communicate with others and how you think.

It also can represent how you learn and take in information.

2Whether they're dating or just friends, Emily and Pete's relationship should be a fun and intellecutally-stimulating oneCredit: BackGrid Venus in Leo

People with their Venus in Leo are the masters of beauty and art.

This makes sense for Emily, who has built a career based on her beauty and who also is known for creating art with her her body.

Venus Leos are often known for attracting colorful characters as their friends and chosen family; they simply don't have a lot of extra time for the boring or the mundane.

In a relationship, a Venus in Leo thrives with lots of attention and they love to be taken out and shown off.

Your Venus sign is tied to beauty, love, money, and art.

It is the sign of your desires, and how you express them, as well as what you find beautiful and valuable.

It also dictates how you experience pleasure and how you attract other people.

Mars in Leo

Those with their Mars in Leo are known for their self-confidence and their ability to promote themselves.

If the world is a stage, they're at the very center; many may struggle with the line between being assertive and being bossy.

According to the blog LiveAbout, "You wilt in situations where you are considered expendable, unremarkable, or interchangeable."

This echos once again of Emily's battle with strattling the line between being considered expendable as a woman, and being empowered.

Your Mars sign is strongly tied to your sexuality, as well as what illuminates you from your core and causes you to spring to action.

Jupiter in Leo

A Jupiter in Leo is known for living their life as if its an adventure, meaning a balance of work and play is necessary for them to be happy.

Leo is the sign of generosity, exuberance, and warmth, while Jupiter is a planet that brings with it expansion, meaning that these qualities are magnified when the two are combined.

Many people with their Jupiter in Leo end up in some form of media, art, or entertainment as their line of work, which is exactly where Emily excels.

Your Jupiter sign is one that shows you how you make your own luck, while also opening your eyes to the possibilities for growth and expansion in your life.

It is also tied to how you experience your life and the lessons that it teaches you.

It can also determine how someone opens up their minds when it comes to spiritual awakenings and academic lessons.

Saturn in Aquarius

Someone with Saturn in Aquarius can be seen as quirky or unconventional.

They are known for their authentic approaches to friendships and relationships.

Known for bucking against the system, Saturn in Aquarius is a group of individuals who often join forces with others for causes they care about.

In Emily's case, she's a self-reported feminist who does work as a spokeswoman for Planned Parenthood.

Your Saturn sign represents karma and the areas in your life where you may have some self-work to do.

It represents your relationships with authority and your moral obligations.

Uranus in Capricorn

Ambition and responsibility come like second nature to those who had their Uranus in Capricorn.

Emily works extremely hard, and is dedicated to the causes she holds near and dear to her heart.

She's also not afraid of rocking the boat, which she made clear in her book, My Body.

Uranus ushers in transformation, and can stand for chaos, and innovation.

This is why many Millennial-born individuals can feel like they're pushing back against the older generations of Gen X or the Baby Boomers constantly.

Neptune in Capricorn

If you're seeking an out-of-the-box approach to a challenge, ask someone who has their Neptune in Capricorn.

They are also known for helping to improve the lives of those around them, whether it be friends, or a group of people who are in need.

This placement in particular is especially likely to be tied to humanitarian causes, religion, and spirituality.

As we've mentioned already, Emily is a champion for women's health issues.

Neptune is the sign that sheds light on the areas of your life where you're not willing to compromise just for tradition's sake.

Pluto in Scorpio

Those with their Pluto in Scorpio tend to be cool and collected on their surface, even if their emotions are going haywire underneath.

Unresolved trauma can be this placement's achilles heel, and those who are unwilling to do the work to help them untangle their unsolved emotional tangles may end up in the midst of a mess.

This sign can also serve as an alechmist, and they are capable of transforming their darkness into light that will shine on them and those in their orbit.

Emily's book, My Body, discusses in great detail how she has managed to grow from her younger, more malleable self, into a fierce woman who has taken ownership of her traumas.

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Your Pluto sign is tied to your subconscious, and your deepest, darkest secrets.

Regardless of where your Pluto placement lies, often the best way to understand the dark sides that each of us has is by going through it, whether that be by journaling, talking about it with a group, or seeing a therapist.


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