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White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was chillingly asked about Russia’s attack on Chernobyl, as well as whether Vladimir Putin has issued a veiled threat to use nuclear weapons. At least one of her answers was reassuring.

Shortly after President Joe Biden updated reporters on the situation in Ukraine and took questions Thursday, the subject also dominated Psaki’s press briefing.

While much of the same ground was covered, two exchanges stood out.

First, Psaki was asked about a comment Putin made Thursday that many took as a veiled threat to use nuclear weapons. Psaki offered a marginally reassuring threat assessment:

Q This was asked to the President earlier, but I don’t think we got a full answer. Yesterday, Vladimir Putin said that — he warned if others got involved, they’ll suffer “consequences that you have never encountered in your history.” Does the U.S. understand that as a threat of using nuclear weapons?

MS. PSAKI: Well, we can’t, obviously, get into the mind of President Putin as much as he said that, nor do we know all the specific details about his strategic posture, but we don’t see any increased threat in that regard at this point in time.

Later, Psaki was asked about reports of hostages being taken during fighting at Chernobyl. Psaki condemned the attack:

Q Some of the activity that we’ve seen today in Ukraine — some of the clashes have been in and around Chernobyl. Does the United States have an assessment of the risk of a radioactive release?

MS. PSAKI: So, I do have one actual update on that as well. There’s also been — there was also a report out — so let me speak to this first, just so I don’t forget — about hos- — hostages around there as well, so let me speak to that first.

We are outraged by credible reports that Russian soldiers are currently holding the staff of the Chernobyl facilities hostage. This unlawful and dangerous hostage-taking, which could upend the routine civil service efforts required to maintain and protect the nuclear waste facilities, is obviously incredibly alarming and greatly conserming [sic] — concerning. We condemn it, and we request their release.

In terms of a further assessment, I don’t have anything more on that from here.

Watch above via NBC News.

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I go to the gym in a crop top and shorts – I know people judge me but I don’t care

A PAIR of friends shared the typical reaction that they get from people at their gym.

Sarah and Kylie, who share the TikTok page @skstrength, often feel judged for their gym outfits, but they still wear what they want and encourage other women to do the same.

5Sarah (left) and Kylie (right) posed in a Planet Fitness parking lotCredit: TikTok/skstrength

In one TIkTok video, the duo recorded themselves leaving the gym in their revealing workout sets.

Text in the video read: “Leaving our local Planet Fitness knowing how much judgement we got for our gym outfits.”

First, Sarah was seen walking out of the locker room and throwing her duffle bag over her shoulder.

She wore a pale blue sports bra and bright blue high-waisted spandex shorts.

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Then Kylie walked out of the gym's front doors wearing a black tank top style sports bra and pink, blue, and white tie-dye spandex shorts.

The carefree girls dramatically posed in their outfits in the parking lot.

“This is our formal apology,” they sarcastically added in the caption.

“‘No judgement zone’ yet it seriously feels like the most judgemental place,” one person commented about Planet Fitness and its members.

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Other people continued to support the friends and their gym outfits.

“Judgement for what? You ladies are gorgeous,” one person wrote.

“Whenever I see a gal dressed like this at PF I truly admire her! Y’all look BOMB!” someone complimented them.

Another person echoed: “The way I would kill to be one of the girls that wears stuff like that to the gym. I’m always admiring people like y’all.”

5Sarah wore a vibrant skin-baring and form-fitting workout setCredit: TikTok/skstrength 5Kylie opted for dramatic tie-dye spandex shortsCredit: TikTok/skstrength

In a follow-up TikTok, Sarah filmed a solo video of herself back in the Planet Fitness locker room.

“Wear what you want and feel comfortable in!” she wrote.

Sarah recorded herself in the mirror wearing a matching purple gym set. She wore a one-shouldered sports bra and fitted booty shorts.

“Here’s why you should still wear shorts to the gym, even if you have cellulite,” she said in a voiceover.

She transitioned to a low angle of her posing facing the back and showing off her slightly dimpled thighs.

“Because you’re f***ing hot,” she bluntly and confidently declared.

“Period,” one person commented, and another wrote: “Thank you Sarah!”

Kylie also made a solo video encouraging women to face their fears and get active.

“This is your sign to get up, put on a cute fit, and go to the gym,” she wrote over a video of herself in the locker room.

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She wore a similar outfit to the one in the first video, this time swapping out the black sports bra for a bright white one.

Kylie posed in the skin-baring outfit, which highlighted her toned body. She smiled as she confidently flexed her arm muscles.

5Sarah empowered other women to wear what they want to the gymCredit: TikTok/skstrength 5Kylie thinks putting on a cute gym outfit is motivatingCredit: TikTok/skstrength Topics
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  • Real Life
  • Style

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