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DEAR JOAN: I have a small bird feeder with room for only one bird at a time, but it’s very busy. Next to it is a large bush where birds collect and wait their turn to use the feeder.

They never try to get in the feeder two at a time or fight over getting in the feeder. Everybody is polite and patiently wait their turn.

Am I imagining this, or do they somehow know when it is their turn and patiently wait until then? I’ve never had any blackbirds or crows, but all different types otherwise.

Ron March, San Ramon

DEAR RON: It would seem your one-bird feeder attracts only the most polite of birds, but all might not be as it appears.

There are a lot of behind-the-scenes power plays and intrigue in the bird world than we might suspect. Although you don’t see them fighting or scrambling for a spot at the dinner table, there likely is a well-established pecking order at play. Males and more dominant birds get to go first, followed by the less powerful.

It would seem these birds are well aware of the order and are willing to abide. As you have a steady line of customers, you might want to add a few more tables to your restaurant.

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DEAR JOAN: My husband and I moved to the Pacific Northwest nine months ago from San Jose. I know in San Jose, we had some finches come in the spring  because we had a fountain, which they truly enjoyed, until the drought.

We now live in a house that has sliding glass doors that open onto a deck in the backyard. We have discovered the pure delight in watching the finches’ (and I think other small birds’) antics and have both a real bird feeder and a medium size cookie sheet I put their food on.

We go to the farm store and get the Audubon seeds. I’ve tried several different ones, but the one they seem to prefer is the “songbird” one, not that I’ve ever heard a song.

Now that it’s winter, and their natural food supply is not plentiful, they eat what I put out very quickly. Then I feel sorry for them and put more out. Recently, I’ve put more out three times because it seems that more birds are coming.

My question is, am I feeding them too much and if so, how much should I feed them? I generally give them the amount that completely covers the cookie sheet from end to end.

Barbara Largent, Burlington, Washington

DEAR BARBARA: There are exceptions, of course, but birds tend to eat what they need to survive and only that, so instead of feeding a few birds a lot, you’re likely feeding a lot of birds.

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If you can afford it, there’s no issue with putting out a lot of food, but it probably isn’t necessary. Birds have a lot of options, even in the winter. You should cut back in the spring and summer, when natural food is in abundance. Mama and Papa birds need to teach their children where to find food in the wild, and backyard feeders can be a distraction.

You also want to put out the most nutritious seed you can afford. Some manufacturers use a lot of filler, which is fine for the birds to eat, but they naturally look for the tastier seed, and in doing so, kick out the least tasty bits, a habit that can quickly empty feeders.

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Warriors Star Klay Thompson Called Out as Worst Value

Getty Klay Thompson of the Golden State Warriors.

For a long time, it felt like the Golden State Warriors could do no wrong. Last year was more of the same in that regard, as they managed to march all the way to their fourth championship in eight years behind the leadership of their star trio.

There have been a lot of questions this summer due to their impending financial decisions, but while the business side of things may be cloudy, they’re heading into the season with a clear goal – defending their championship. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t have any problems on the roster.

In a recent article, Andy Bailey of Bleacher Report discussed the best and worst contracts on every roster in terms of value. For the Warriors, Kevon Looney was listed as the best, but the worst was Klay Thompson, who made his return to the court last season.

“This almost feels like basketball blasphemy.

“Klay Thompson is one of the greatest shooters of all time and will almost certainly be in the Hall of Fame whenever’s he’s eligible.

“But a 32-year-old with a torn ACL and ruptured Achilles in his recent injury history brings concerns similar to those detailed with MPJ.

“There’s at least a chance durability becomes an issue in the next couple years,” Bailey wrote.

24 days until ring night.

Here's Klay Thompson hitting 24 threes in a row in

— ???????????????????? (@klaylmao) September 24, 2022

As noted, calling Thompson the worst at anything feels wrong, but with Golden State’s current contract situation, it’s not ideal to have a 32-year-old Thompson making upward of $40 million coming off of two major injuries.

That being said, while his contract may not be ideal, some believe he could take a major step this year.

Thompson Could Return to Normal

On September 19, CJ Holmes of the San Francisco Chronicle wrote an article about Thompson’s expectations heading into next year. And while he played well in his return season, Holmes thinks he could be even better in the upcoming season.

“Thompson has had plenty of time to get his legs back under him this offseason, and it should result in greater patience offensively and better efficiency.

“While it might be tough for him to match his 2017-18 splits, him shooting at least 45% from the field and 42% from deep feels possible. Defensively, last postseason proved that he can still hold his own,” Holmes wrote.

Klay Thompson on Instagram live (from the boat) one day before Warriors training camp starts: “2023, I’m not making any promises but I like our chances.”

Steve Kerr said yesterday that Klay is in a great place physically, mentally, spiritually right now. Watch out NBA #dubnation

— Kylen Mills (@KylenMills) September 23, 2022

But Thompson doesn’t just have the confidence of the media. Steve Kerr also spoke about how Thompson should be more consistent next year.

Kerr: ‘Expect Him to Be More Consistent’

For a player coming off of two season-ending injuries, Thompson looked pretty good last season. But Kerr believes that, thanks to an offseason of training, Thompson should be more consistent this season.

“Klay is just on cloud nine right now,” Kerr said during  an interview with Damon and Ratto of 95.7 The Game. “He can’t wait for camp to start, and I would expect him to be more consistent this year, just having that conditioning base underneath him, and that consistency of good health and being able to train all summer.”

While he may never get back to his peak form, the trio of Stephen Curry, Draymond Green, and Thompson is still good enough to compete for titles, especially with the elite core Golden State has put around them.

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