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BANGKOK (AP) — Forest rangers in western Thailand are searching a remote jungle on the Myanmar border hoping to rescue a wild tiger with a missing leg from an area where poachers have recently been operating.

Staff from the wildlife protection organization Freeland spotted the animal earlier this week on video recorded by a remotely operated camera trap in Kanchanaburi province’s Khao Laem National Park as it was feeding on the body of a water buffalo.

Its missing hind leg was clearly visible as it paced awkwardly around the carcass on Sunday night in the thick forest. Freeland’s experts fear the slow-moving female — nicknamed “I-Douan,” which means “the amputated one” — is at risk from hunters or of starvation due to its likely long-term inability to catch prey.

Freeland, working with staff from Thailand’s Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation, hopes to waylay the tiger with a tranquilizer dart and move it to a government facility where it can be provided with adequate food and security.

“We can find her, not difficult to find her,” Freeland-Thailand’s executive Petcharat Sangchai told The Associated Press on Wednesday. “We use the body of the dead buffalo or cow and sit and wait for her to eat the remains, and we can use the sniping gun to shoot her.”

It isn’t clear how the tiger lost the limb. Freeland suspects the animal was a victim of poaching. The use of snares is common in jungles throughout Southeast Asia.

In early January, rangers arrested five men in the forest with two tiger carcasses in their possession. Three weeks later, in the same district, a man said he was attacked by three tigers that killed his two dogs. He escaped by climbing a clump of bamboo.

Video cameras were installed following reports of tiger activity in an area not previously known to support the animals.

The Indochinese tiger is in peril throughout its range, with Thailand home to the biggest population. In 2021, Thai wildlife authorities put the country’s wild tiger population at 177 individuals.

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Major update in missing Derik and Laila Woodruff case – sister fears ‘conspiracist has put her sibling in danger’

FAMILY members of two young boys and a woman who vanished in June with her "conspiracy theorist" husband are concerned that they're in danger or already dead.

Police have been searching for the boys - ages 10 and seven - since they went missing this summer after their father Derik Woodruff allegedly took them out of Ohio against a court order during a custody battle.

Police have issued an alert for Laila Woodruff and two young children, who disappeared with Laila's husband Derik Woodruff 2This picture was taken before the June arrest, family members sayCredit: Facebook 2One of the missing boys in an undated pictureCredit: Facebook

Woodruff and the boys are believed to be with his current wife Laila Woodruff, police in Valley City, North Dakota, told The U.S. Sun in early August.

More than a month later, police still have no updates on any of their whereabouts.

The boys' mom Asheley Morton told The U.S. Sun that she's worried Derik might hurt her kids and Laila if the situation gets desperate.

"If he was close to being in trouble or if police closed in, I wouldn't put it past him to kill Laila and my boys," Morton said. "That's my worry.

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"And he would do it in a religious manner like I won't let the world hurt you and the only way to protect you is to kill you."

She and Laila's sister, Amanda Harris, claimed he's a religious fanatic whose views have morphed into the conspiracy theory called "The Great Reset."

It's a growing online conspiracy that claims a global elite is using the coronavirus pandemic to dismantle capitalism and enforce radical radical social change, according to

Morton said he's resourceful, can live off the grid and may be using other radical or religious groups to hide out, get shelter and food, and avoid detection.

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Fears became sheer panic for Harris and her family after Laila missed her daughter's birthday.

Harris said her sister would never intentionally leave her children behind and not call them.

"That's assuming they're still alive and in the United States. He has connections in Mexico. That's the concern. I don't know anything and I don't know where he could be or if my boys are OK."

Then Laila's daughter's birthday came and went on Tuesday without hearing from the missing woman.

"There were no calls, no texts, nothing. Silence. It hurts. It feels like a healing wound ripped open," Harris said.

Laila's landlord has emptied her apartment because she's been gone for so long.

"I fear she's either dead or pregnant, and she's being held against her will or manipulated," Harris said. "There's no world where my sister wouldn't have called her daughter in some fashion on her birthday."


Mansfield police filed a criminal case against Laila on August 4, according to court records, but it remains sealed.

Mansfield police told the boys' mom Asheley Morton that charges were sent to the Richland County, Ohio prosecutors' office for review on August 4.

It's unclear if charges were officially filed. Prosecutors didn't return The U.S. Sun's calls and emails for comment.

Mansfield police said in an email Thursday afternoon that "Mr Woodruff is listed in multiple reports in our records system when I conducted a search, some with charges filed," but it's unclear if he's been charged in connection with disappearances.


The saga goes back to June, when Derik, Laila, Asheley's two children and Laila's two children were wanted by police after they left Ohio.

They were arrested in North Dakota on outstanding warrants for custodial interference.

Laila's two kids were returned to their fathers in Ohio, but Derik, Laila and Asheley's two boys were released and went back out on the run.

Valley City, North Dakota police told The U.S. Sun in a previous interview that they issued an "attempt to locate" the woman and two kids after a failed welfare check.

Harris said she hasn't spoken to her sister since February, and Morton said she hasn't seen or talked to her sons since a May FaceTime call.

"Laila secluded herself from her entire family and circle of friends and support system," Harris said in a previous interview.

"She also began keeping her children from everyone they have known and spent significant time with during their lives, including one of the children's fathers."


Harris had a direct message for Laila.

"Laila, whether you want us to or not, we are going to continue to look for you until we know that both you and Derik's sons are safe," she said.

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"You are loved. You are missed. And I won't stop looking until I have answers to provide your children.

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