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The CW network’s teen detective series Nancy Drew revealed to its viewers on Wednesday that “Margaret Sanger started Planned Parenthood to support eugenics.”

The series, now in its second season, is not exactly like the famed books from the 1930s, 40s, and 50s, and is generally as woke as the contemporary network and cable fare often aimed at young audiences.

But the CW show’s March 31 episode featured a rare moment of the dark history of Margret Sanger, who helped found the organization that eventually became Planned Parenthood.

Wednesday’s episode, entitled The Spell of the Burning Bride, featured the spooky mystery of a haunted dress that drives women to murder. The dress was magically created one hundred years ago to suppress a woman’s sexual desire so that she would walk meekly down the aisle to marriage.

However, the magic backfired, and instead of simply suppressing the desires of the women that have worn the dress, the gown absorbed 100 years of pent-up desires until now, it drives the women who wear it mad, turning them into murderers.

As the teen detectives of the show dig into the magical dress’s history, they discover that it was created by “The Women in White,” a group of women who in the 1800s used magic to further their goals. The dress was crafted “on commission from a wealthy family,” one of the characters explains.

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The news is not met with approval. “Oh, so, the badass witchy types also dabbled in female repression. Not exactly the epitome of allyship,” George (Leah Lewis) says.

But then comes the swipe at Planned Parenthood uttered by Nick (Tunji Kasim), who reveals to the Nancy Drew audience that the abortion provider has a very dark past. “Hey. Thomas Jefferson never freed his slaves. Margaret Sanger started Planned Parenthood to support eugenics,” Nick replied.

Margaret Sanger was a proponent of what she called “racial betterment” and warned, in her writing, about “the rising stream of the unfit.”

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I’m a cleaning expert – how to dry clothes without tumble dryer & old wives tale that could save you cash this winter

WITH bills soaring, using the tumble dryer is a cost many families can do without.

Here, Queen Of Clean Lynsey Crombie tells Claire Dunwell her ten money-saving drying commandments.

4Using the tumble dryer is a cost many families can do without as bills soarCredit: Shutterstock 4Queen Of Clean Lynsey Crombie shares her ten money-saving drying commandmentsCredit: Stewart Williams DO HANG WASHING OUT WHEN IT’S FROSTY

I HAVE done this for years — hanging clothes on the line even when it’s very cold will dry them.

You just need to space them out correctly — a peg length apart is ideal rather than bunching them together like we do in summer — so they get ample air. As long as clothes have air blowing through them, they will dry.

Sometimes the sun pops through temporarily at this time of year and those few minutes of drying warmth could save you hundreds of pounds per year, which you would spend trying to dry them indoors or in the tumble dryer.

READ MORE CLEANING TIPSMICRO CLEAN I’m a cleaning whizz & here’s how to clean your microwave with two ingredients DO USE YOUR SHOWER RAIL

DRYING a pair of jeans indoors at this time of year takes on average 36 hours on an airer, and by the time they are dry, they can be crispy and stale.

Instead, especially if you don’t have a garden, use your shower curtain rail and hang clothes there.

It’s also a good idea to use trouser hangers because they keep clothes in shape as they dry.

Once dry, use a spray-on de-creasing liquid.

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You can buy these cheaply in places like B&M or make your own. To do this (and avoid ironing all together) add to a 500ml spray bottle a mixture of three quarters of cold water, two heaped spoons of corn starch, and a minimum of 20 drops of essential oils.

It will last for months in your cupboard and it won’t break the bank.


IT might sound like an old wives’ tale, but touching the path will tell you if there’s too much moisture in the air for your clothes to dry outside.

If the path is dry, then your washing will also dry.


IF you are trying to dry your clothes outside and it rains, resist the temptation to wash them again, which costs more money.

Your washing machine is turning around dirty water from soiling and sweat, while the rainwater is probably cleaner.

If clothes do get wet, then bring them inside and put them on hangers.

Close the bedroom doors and hang them on the curtain rail over the window — keeping it slightly open to keep fresh air circulating.

Or invest in a dehumidifier to prevent damp air from lingering.


THINGS like jumpers and denim take longer to dry, so remember to go outside and turn them halfway through the day to change the circulation.

Hang them from the hood for the first part of the day, then turn and peg at the waistband for the remainder.

This way the sun and the wind will get through different parts of the fabric.

DO INVEST IN CLOTHES RAILS 4In a well-ventilated room, clothes will dry in no time on a railCredit: Shutterstock

THE clothes rails you often see at car boot sales cost about £15 and because they are adjustable, you can work with the space you have.

If you have a balcony, they can be wheeled out on a dry day and wheeled back in if the air feels damp.

Another option is to invest in a pop-up canvas wardrobe you can pick up at Argos, to help dry clothes in. In a well-ventilated room, clothes will dry in no time and save money in the long run.


BRANDS are cottoning on to the energy crisis and bringing out all sorts of products which claim to save you money — electric plug-in airers are one.

You are spoilt for choice but I’d suggest you try to spend as much on one as you can afford because the cheap ones simply aren’t worth the money and will take a long time to dry clothes.

DO ADD ICE CUBES TO TUMBLE DRIERS 4Adding ice cubes into the drum when running the tumble dryer will help speed up the drying processCredit: Shutterstock

IF you still have the luxury of being able to afford to run a tumble dryer, adding half a dozen ice cubes into the drum with a full load of washing creates humidity and speeds up the drying process as well as releasing creases.

Alternatively, add in a dry tea towel. It will soak up the moisture from the wet load and reduce drying time — and the cost.


FINISHING off clothes in the tumble dryer when you bring them off the line at the end of the day defeats the object and you won’t save money.

Hang out your clothes at 7am and bring them in at 6pm.

Even if your clothes feel wet, if they’ve been out for 11 hours they are probably just cold — and as soon as they are in warm air inside, they will be fine.


FIXED washing lines do the job until the garden goes into the shade — but you might have sunny spots in different places across the day.

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So invest in a rotary line — one you can pop up and move around the garden into sunny areas. This is especially handy if you’re working from home and can nip in and out to reposition it.

And just because we are now in autumn, the air still dries clothes — even very cold air — so do keep getting them outside if you have the time and space.

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