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A married couple with five children who invited another woman into their relationship have revealed she is pregnant with their sixth child.    

Stay-at-home mom Jennifer Armstead, 34, from California, has been with her husband Larron Armstead, 33, for 16 years and together the couple have five children - Austin, nine, Aydon, seven, Aerolynn, five, Alarra, three, and Aria, two.

The couple had been happily married for nine years when Larron met Amia Munningham, 29, on Facebook, and quickly formed a friendship with her before introducing her to his wife, who also grew close to her.  

Three's not a crowd: Married couple Larron and Jennifer (right) Armstead, from California, had been together for 16 years when they met Amia Munningham (left) on Facebook 

Family: Larron, 33, and Jennifer, 34, have five children together, and now Amia, 29, is pregnant with their sixth child 

Easing in to it: When the couple met Amia, they had been married for nine years, and had never considered the idea of a polyamorous relationship

Larron and Jennifer had never before discussed the idea of opening their marriage up to polyamory - where two people begin to date the same person outside of their existing relationship - however they had previously spoken about whether or not to pursue an open marriage and decided it wasn't for them. 

Amia had already been in a polyamorous relationship when she met the couple however, and was eager to discuss the idea of forming a romantic triad with Larron and Jennifer. 

To her delight, the couple were eager to explore the concept, and just four months after they met Amia for the first time, they welcomed her into their marriage.     

'Larron and I have been together for 16 years and we got engaged in January 2007, going on to wed in September 2010. However, nine years into the marriage, Larron met a woman named Amia online,' said Jennifer.

'Larron then introduced me to Amia, where we built a close friendship and my first impression of her was that she seemed care-free and funny. We laughed, made jokes and became comfortable pretty fast. 

'We didn't know what polyamory was at the time, but Larron and I had come to a place in our marriage where we were considering many things. We had discussed open marriage, but because Larron and I are pretty emotional people, we knew that this wouldn't have been the right dynamic for us.

'As discussions progressed, we started to share thoughts of possibly adding someone to the relationship, as I had had previous feelings that I was 'bi-curious' - although, nothing had been set in stone.

'Our first few dates with Amia were at an adult arcade and bar where we started off just having fun - drinking and getting to know each other which progressed into us being in a closed triad four months later.' 

Things quickly became serious between the throuple, and they began discussing their plans for the future - with all three admitting that they would love for Amia and Larron to conceive a child together.  

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Day by day: Larron (center) met Amia (right) on Facebook and then introduced her to Jennifer (left), who quickly formed a close friendship with her 

Education: Amia had been in a polyamorous relationship before and taught Larron and Jennifer about what being in a throuple is like 

Their wish was granted and Amia is now five-weeks pregnant with the throuple's first child - who will be raised by all three parents alongside Jennifer and Larron's five other children. 

But while the throuple say they are happier than ever in their polyamorous relationship, that doesn't mean things have always been easy. 

Together, the trio has had to deal with jealousy, insecurity, and conflict - with Jennifer finding it particularly difficult to adjust to the new dynamic, and the idea of being in a romantic relationship with a woman for the first time.  

However all three have worked hard to maintain a healthy relationship, focusing on open communication and understanding, as well as self-development.       

'Amia and I spent a lot of time together and we were very close, but because we both were unsure of how to be with another woman romantically, we sometimes struggled with the romantic part of our relationship,' Jennifer said. 

'It has been a learning process, especially on how to have a relationship with a woman - being bisexual is one thing, but to have a successful romantic relationship is a little different.

'You don't really know what to expect and feelings started to arise that I hadn't expected and as the relationship got more serious, I started to let fear take over.

'I felt jealousy in a different way and so did she, where ultimately, I believe because my relationship with Amia was not where it needed to be at the time, it created insecurities.

'We struggled through this but we conquered through due to communication and understanding, as well as self development and working on ourselves.'  

Opening up: Larron and Jennifer tried to introduce Amia to their five kids slowly, referring to her as a friend, however their eldest children soon realized she was more than that 

Tension: Jennifer (front) admits that the trio has their good and bad days, and she has had to work hard to combat feelings of jealousy and insecurity 

One big hurdle that the throuple had to get over was how and when to introduce Amia to Larron and Jennifer's children - which they decided would happen naturally. 

Their youngest, Aria, met Amia when she was just eight months old, while the others got to know her gradually over the next few weeks. According to Jennifer, the kids all viewed Amia as their parents' new friend to begin with - however the older children soon realized that she was more than that. 

'About five dates in, Amia met our youngest child when she was about eight-months-old and the others ended up meeting her on random unplanned lunch dates - as our kids were on the younger side, they viewed her as our friend instead, but eventually the older kids started to notice that she was not just a friend and questions started to arise,' Jennifer recalled. 

'We sat the older ones down to explain the best way we knew how and although our oldest did have some issues with it, we eventually got him to a place of understanding and everything is now a lot better.'  

Jennifer, Amia and Larron knew the next challenge would be telling their families and although some have chosen to be supportive - even if they don't agree and are keeping their distance - the trio are grateful that the majority have welcomed Amia into the family with open arms.

'We told Larrons' parents as we were having Thanksgiving dinner and we just threw it out on the table. Although they were shocked at first, they eventually came around to the idea,' said Jennifer.

'Amia's family knew from the first date, as she was very open, but most of my family unfortunately found out through a video on Facebook. I was a lot more conservative and had fears about the backlash I'd receive, but they accepted our relationship regardless.

'Originally, having kids was a hard no for me as at the beginning, we were not in a place where I felt like kids were something to consider. 

Candid: 'I was scared that [Larron] would lose love for me and there were moments that I would get jealous,' Jennifer said

Looking ahead: Despite their rough days, the throuple say they are happier than ever being in a polyamorous relationship, and they recently decided to get engaged 

'However, about seven months into our relationship, Amia and I began to really work on our commitment and we decided that this was something that we were considering to be a forever plan, so we continued to do the work and Amia expressed that she would like to have kids, so we made that possible and Amia is now pregnant. 

'Although we still experience jealousy, it's different now as in the beginning, insecurities arise that you don't plan for and just because you're willing to give a relationship like this a shot, doesn't mean you're prepared for it.

'Being in a relationship can bring fear, abandonment issues and trauma where I often doubted my decision out of fear that Larron would leave and he would no longer love me as much anymore.

'I was scared that he would lose love for me and there were moments that I would get jealous. It came down to not feeling secure in the relationship with Amia, as well as not working through emotional issues I already had in the first place.

'There are many times where one of us feels left out, but this could be because one person tends to be a lot busier than the other two - we just try to balance and pay attention to everyone's needs.

'We have gotten comments from others on all sides of the spectrum - I've got a lot of 'I'd never let another woman be with my husband' or 'you're ruining your kids.'

'Amia has had a lot of 'that's her husband' or 'you're just the babysitter' - we have received a lot of harsh feedback, but also have received support from many.

'Relationships like this can work and when done in the correct way, they can be a beautiful thing. People tend to think that these relationships are centered around the man and that's absolutely not true, as the woman to woman relationship is just as important.'

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